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8/13/2018 c1 14Ringcaat
I was there when the author was writing this story! In the same bakery cafe, anyway.

German-influenced punctuation? Heh, I wonder what that is. I didn't notice that the punctuation was especially German! It was Latvian if anything. (no just kidding)

I like the idea and I like the way Ellie and the Cannons treat Ronnie. As for his point of view, I'm skeptical that a six-year-old would convince himself that he's not really as scared as his dad is... but maybe with enough sibling pressure, that line of thinking would be front and center. Otherwise, I have no trouble enjoying the point of view.

Cute the way Arthur deals with Fred and George teasing Ronnie.
8/12/2018 c1 2morring star
Pure sugar I loved it.
8/12/2018 c1 21notsing
I enjoyed this. I thought you did a good job with the kids; sweet without being too cloying. Thanks for sharing.
8/12/2018 c1 11chemrunner57
well done... what an excellent fill in of a canon backstory...
8/12/2018 c1 purple-lightening
This was great! It certainly provides an interesting take on why Ron is a die-hard Chudley Cannon's fan!
I liked the little touches you added to this: Ellie, the scarf, the Sonorous charm etc it was fab!

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