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7/24 c62 M
Such a great update! So exciting and emotional! I can't wait for more... we've already arrived at TTLG :(
7/21 c62 5scripturient3201
man, I really hope kali and Sawyer have a happy ending. I am going to cry the next chapter. I know it. I just feel bad for Locke.
7/12 c62 Guest
The scene Kali/Sawyer was so good. It's such a poignant moment in his character's development that he needed to make peace with. This is literally one of the greatest hits of the show and it's awesome how you used the Kali's storyline in the episode. She's ready to sacrifice herself too. I really loved the moment between Kali and Desmond because they have a beautiful chemistry. I loved the tension overall. Beautiful work!
7/11 c62 Guest
Beautiful chapter! I really love this moment in the show. The time of the choices and the bravery of everyone. It's great how you can portray the emotions of Kali in few lines, the interactions with all the characters are so beautifully written.
I always look forward to your updates! Many thanks for writing!
7/1 c61 Elena
I literally stayed up till morning to binge read this! I love this story so much, you’re an amazing writer. I hope you updated soon, I can’t wait for the next chapter xx
7/1 c61 Elena
I literally stayed up till morning to binge read this! I love it so much, you’re an amazing writer. I hope you update soon, I’m so excited for the next chapter xx
6/15 c61 2carmelitajones
Wow, what a chapter! I liked that Kali was with Sawyer in the last scene. I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/13 c60 carmelitajones
Awesome chapter! Absolutely loved the action between Kali and Sawyer:)
6/6 c61 M
So excited about this storyline! Brilliant work as always!
5/24 c61 Guest
Aw, the brig. Such a beautiful and intense episode. Awesome update! Thanks for writing!
5/22 c61 Guest
Great chapter!
5/21 c61 5scripturient3201
oh my god, I hate Locke for that. that hurt so much to watch the first time and it hurts even more now. I'm so glad he had Kali there with him. Sawyer didn't deserve that.
5/15 c60 scripturient3201
Kali is a badass! and I love her to death... undeath?
5/2 c60 Guest
This story is great and you did an amazing job! Thank you so much for writing, looking forward to more!
4/19 c60 Guest
Awesome chapter! Very clever and beautifully done! This is such a great storyline, I love the flashes of Des, and you're exploring Kali so well. Can't wait for more!
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