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for Starfox Adventures Locked and Loaded

3/3/2021 c3 9Space Marine Productions
Is this going to be updated anytime soon?
12/6/2020 c3 AbyssWatcher0908
When is the next chapter?
6/19/2020 c3 Space Marine Productions
I do hope that this gets updated soon...
12/3/2018 c3 Guest
When are you updating?
9/22/2018 c3 SosukeAizen115
This has been an absolutely incredible story I’m so glad that there’s a fellow SFA fan and to be honest it’s my favorite in the series keep up the good work I’ll eagerly await your next chapter of this amazing story don’t give up you can do it
8/18/2018 c2 3Troy Groomes
Nice job
8/18/2018 c2 4Seattle Raccoon
Great reading so far! The game would have been so much better if Fox had his blaster, and perhaps a knife.

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