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for Rita Writes a Book

10/9/2020 c1 136WargishBoromirFan
So the line "Rita dealt in truth, not in facts" just got 4000% more topical and chilling... But echoes from history aside, this is a really compelling look into the dirty puppet strings between journalism, politics, money and power, and what truths are actually told. Nicely done.
7/20/2019 c1 Lillalay
Your portrayal of Rita was really good! I'd never given why she didn't include that in her book, just figured it was another of those things JK Rowling did to stay relavent. But I liked your reasoning.
6/25/2019 c1 Guest
yes! its perfect! And people tend to forget how clever she is!
8/14/2018 c1 3charbrown226
This was a fun read! It’s incredibly well written, it didn’t drag anyone through unnecessary detail, and it painted Rita in a light that didn’t make me want to leave her in pieces. (Which, let me tell you, is quite rare). Bravo! I’m excited for another installment, if there is one?

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