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10/15 c2 2LadyAvaRushi
This is great so far, I'm loving it. And wow, your Mon edited this chapter? Now, that's lovely, you're so lucky!
8/8 c16 3Love Meliodas Dragneel
This was super cute I loved it
6/3 c16 CVBlovesu93
Awe, I really liked this chapter. I’m still curious if Vander will also be her mate or if someone else will be her mate and she’ll be in a triad coupling. Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next chapter.
5/15 c16 tory72
What a awesome story ,your very talented writer
Hope u will add to this at some point
4/24 c16 KJacket
Wow, I've missed a few chapter alerts. Thanks for the fun read! The story's jumped around a bit but still, the light heartedness is very appreciated in the hectic time of today.
4/19 c16 Guest
I like your writing style and think the story was cute and a good idea. But there is one question for you, in ch. 14 you said Lucy had a soul mate and a dragon mate. But, with you ending it here you don't explain that theory.
4/19 c16 Guest
Uh, did I miss a chapter? When did Chris and Natsu hook up?
4/17 c16 Rina
Hi.. may I know what happen to 'mate' thing since Lucy can change to draco stardress? I know Cobra has found Lucy & bring the aquarius key, so when Natsu come & mate Cristoff? Sorry asking questions, but they're loopholes in story & if there just 2-3 paragraph in between last chapters, that would be great.. just to clarify what happen between Lucy & Natsu, Natsu & Cristoff...
I like how Lucy fight Erza..
4/18 c16 2DoomMarine55
What a fucking spoiled brat Lucy is. Erza had been chained up naked and tortured no doubt bringing up painful memories from her past. What did Lucy lose? He mean bitchy spirit who did nothing but physically and mentally abuse her? Whooptie shit. It's not like she told anybody about Aquarius or her imaginary sacrifice. Erza put her life on the line many times for this self cow like when she took an Jupiter canon blast to the face to protect her in and the guild during the phantom lord arc (which was Lucy's fault btw). So no this annoying mary-sue version of Lucy can shut the fuck up because she has zero right to criticize all of her friends for needing time away to mourn, Lucy's pain is not special.
4/18 c16 LILOU20
on ne s'est toujours pas qui est son compagnon de dragon .
4/18 c16 Darkfarie3590
fuck you erza.
4/18 c16 KEZZ 1
Brilliant chapter
I am looking forward to reading more soon please
4/17 c16 4Bentears
This is fantastic! You stay safe too!
4/17 c1 MiddNightt
Plesse make the epilogue! Such a good story )
4/17 c16 Aldwyntor
Please make one chapter! Would love to see a family with Vander and Lucy!
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