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for A Spider's Frozen Adventure

10/16/2018 c16 Dexter
Great job. I cannot wait for the one shots. Keep up a good work.
10/15/2018 c16 1MOVIELORD101
Grammar issues aside, you did a fantastic job here! If you ever do a sequel at some point, I woundn't mind seeing Peter and Elsa get hitched. I think that'd be fun, lol.
10/15/2018 c16 12Tiger2014
Fantastic ending, my friend. I really enjoyed the story. So, we'll be expecting Frozen Fever with Spider-Man. So, what story are you gonna continue next?
10/15/2018 c16 233gunman
Yes, you have an ungodly amount of errors, but the epilogue was great.
Especially where Spider-Man kept missing Elsa and the others when they were trying to find him.
And the additional scenes where Peter and Spider-Man were trying to get back to normal life.
But all in all, Peter is in a new relationship with Elsa, he lives in Arendelle, has a portal (I hope) that can get him to and from New York in a pinch, and everyone seemed in character.
The credits...really? I mean it would have been awesome if this was an actual movie, but this was just as good.
Look forward to a sequel.
Write on.
10/15/2018 c16 dari88i
nice story i liked it
10/15/2018 c16 Mickol93
Awesome. So this story is finished. Great job. I think you should continue the justice league and kingdom hearts Story next
10/15/2018 c16 16Phoenix Champion
If you ever do make a Sequel I hope for 2 things.

Black Cat, just for the romantical hijinks.

And the inclusion of more of the Spider-Verse heroes... Including Spider Gwen just to shake things up a bit XD
10/15/2018 c16 8SORARULES23

Seriously this was amazing!

I see that you used my idea for the lab in the castle. Or did you already have that idea?

It feels like that was going to the ending from the start.

It just made sense, Spider-Man would always watch over new york, and marvel knows how to make a dantasy of being in two places at once possible.

I really love this story and i can't wait to see what you do next!

Also I'm close to making my first chapter for my story "The Queen And The Maverick" sequel.

To give you and idea of what it's like, Aiden Elsonov AKA The Maverick meets his father.

An OOC of J'son of Spardax (since Guardians Of The Galaxy never used him. I think i can.)

If you have any ideas for what else i should put in my sequel, comment on my One-Shot series or send me a private message and let me know.
10/14/2018 c15 Dexter
For some music that appears at the end of movies before the credits end, the music I would choose is called, "Unstoppable" by "The Score". Does that sound like a good one for the end of this one? In your opinion. If you look this song up on youtube you can see how good this one sounds.
10/14/2018 c15 Mr.E
Yeah without Robin Williams it is not going to be the same, if Will Smith is playing the genie it will be cool.
10/13/2018 c15 50God of the Challenge
Let me guess, she becomes a super hero in New York to be with Peter, while returning to Arendelle for royal duties, right?
10/13/2018 c15 233gunman
Well, that was more detailed than I expected.
I wasn't expecting to see Captain America ream Jameson for his story about Spider-Man and Eternal Winter. But since he's there, where are Iron Man and the other Avengers? I'd love to see Jameson get stared down by The Hulk And Thor.
Glad the heroes have Peters back.
And when did Harry and Liz get married and have a kid? Did I miss that somewhere in the story?
Even so, it was hilarious to see Elsa and the others travel as they did, see new things and have their own adventurers doing that. Never left their homeland all their lives, but one quest to reunite two people and they get into so much new experiences.
As a final incredulous act, Anna is once again jumping the gun. First her 'marriage' and now she wants a kid?
But anyway, nice they're going to see Peter in Queens at his Aunt Mays house.
Wonder what Mays reaction to Olaf will be?
And I'm really hoping for a happy ending here.
Write on.
10/13/2018 c15 Mickol93
Very great chapter. I’m sure peter will be happy to see them. And I’m happy for Harry too. Hey, did you see venom?
10/13/2018 c15 12Tiger2014
Great chapter. I'm glad Elsa, her sister and their friends came to America to see him. He's going to be shock to see them there. And Yeah, I saw the trailer. Another one of Robin Williams' movies. It's not gonna be the same without him as Genie.
10/13/2018 c15 Prime's apprentice
i am a little bit nervous on the teaser, but i'll give it a chance until i see the movie. Will Smith may not be Robin Willams material but it's too soon to judge him, when they realese a clip of the Genie.
Review time: I am in the edge of my seat for the pair, can't hold the suspense between those two. Can't wait to see the finale.
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