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for A Spider's Frozen Adventure

10/13/2018 c15 8SORARULES23
Great chapter!

I just thought of something, what if the castle had a lab like in the spider-verse but with a portal. That can monitor crime in both cities and take Spider-Man from Arendelle to new york, when ever needed. That way he can stay with Elsa and watch over New York at the same time!

It's just an idea but it could be a win win.

Also i saw the trailer for Aladdin, it looks good but im not so sure about using Will Smith for the Genie. I mean if the Genie's going to be CGI, why not use a voice actor that's can come close to Robin Williams? Other actors like Rob Paulson or Jim Carry or maybe Gabriel Inglesias, i mean he can mimic voices and sounds in his stand up acts.

Don't get me wrong Will Smith is a great actor, but i just can't see him mimicking other actors well and coming up with the same comedic routine that Robin was known for.

But that's just me. Who knows, i might be wrong and maybe Will Smith will do well.

Time will tell. Anyway this chapter was amazing! And i can't wait to see what happens next.
10/13/2018 c15 4josephguy217
Awesome chapter keep it up :)
10/13/2018 c15 Dexter
Finale. I meant to say finale.
10/13/2018 c15 Dexter
Great job dude. I cannot wait to see what will happen in the finally.
10/8/2018 c14 josephguy217
Awesome chapter keep it up :)
10/8/2018 c14 13foxchick1
Love this fic.
10/7/2018 c14 8SORARULES23
I'd say Great chaper, but that's an understatment!

Spectacular Chapter is more like it!

BTW Have you seen Venom? What did you think of it? Did you like or dislike it?
10/7/2018 c14 4Leafeon12
Great chapter.
10/7/2018 c14 233gunman
Well, did not expect that kind of ending for Hans and the Symbiote.
Not that they didn't deserve it.
And the heroes arrive, full force, an mass, when all the fighting and the climactic battle are over. I swear, this happens so often in the comics, it's a cliche.
But still, everything was so good and fit so well, it was like reading an official script for the movie.
Great job, dude.
Look forward to more later on.
Especially how you finish this off.
(with Peter and Elsa hopefully getting together, I mean)
Write on.
10/7/2018 c14 Dexter
Great job. If you do a sequel maybe you should have Spiderman maybe fight Black Cat. Elsa and her get into a cat fight. That would be funny.
10/7/2018 c14 12Tiger2014
He did it! Spider man wins once again! Hans and Venom are dead. Hopefully, that will be the last time he'll ever see Venom again. I hope Harry will be fine. And the other heroes arrive late.
10/7/2018 c14 Prime's apprentice
OMG that was intense! Can't wait what happens next
10/4/2018 c13 Darth Power
great chapter
10/2/2018 c13 papajm43
Justice League: Journey to Kingdom Hearts
10/2/2018 c10 Dexter
What meant to say was "Peter should give them a tour around New York City someday."
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