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for The L-Force: A Terror in Time

8/18/2020 c3 52RCurrent
Nice chapter, I m glad to see this story again. I honestly thought you had forgotten it.
8/17/2020 c3 Guest
I think it’s pretty obvious now that Future Lincoln is Infared
8/17/2020 c3 31ironlegion
Great work writing those action scenes. Future Lincoln is definitely skeevy. Nice work Zexo.
8/27/2018 c2 Guest
... Hm. I'm not sure what to make of Future Link. I wonder how he'll be with the sisters in one-on-one interactions. And what about Infrared?
8/27/2018 c2 ironlegion
Nice new chapter. Seriously excited to see just what kind of power Lincoln will gain. I will say, future him seems a bit too cool telling his younger self about the future.
8/17/2018 c1 JR32
O-M-Gosh... Future Lincoln? (Then imitates Clyde when he sees Lori)

Clyde: Take 2


F-F-F-Future Lincoln? (Same Clyde imitation)

Clyde: Eureka

Lori: You gotta be kidding me

Clyde: But it works! Also... L-L-Lori? (Passes out and nosebleeds)

Lori: Curse this natural beauty!

Luan: And thaaaaaats a wrap! Hahahaha, get it?
8/16/2018 c1 5Ink-Dub
Nice way of displaying action scenes, bud.

Let's see what's next!
8/16/2018 c1 31ironlegion
Nice work so far. I'm excited to see exactly who this villain is and just what exactly he came back to do. Let see what Lincoln thinks about his future.

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