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4/30 c9 1Sahren Athykyna
Wepa! This story is great, this is now my musical headcanon
2/12/2019 c9 102ChibiDawn23
"Watch the world wake up together." Brilliant line, it's so cute.
I really enjoyed reading this, seeing Benny and Nina's relationship progress, him wondering when he stopped seeing her as a little kid. The 'morning after' scene was hilarious..."I need to learn Spanish." "That's your first thought? I'm flattered." :D
This was great :)
9/18/2018 c9 1EvaVega
I love this chapter! They're so sweet to each other, and I love Nina's observation, that Mr Rosario hired Benny, in a way, to protect sweet little Nina from the boys on the street, now knowing Benny would fall for her instead. You write the characters really well, they're really in character and well done, so bravo! I love this pairing forreal, and this fic makes me extremely happy :) Well done!
9/10/2018 c6 EvaVega
So far, I really love this fanfic! I like the progression time, you have them nailed to a T on characterization - I love here, Nina still has a crush on Benny despite the age difference and space between them. She is desperately homesick, and she feels the distance growing. As a university student, I understand the pressure to want to do well and not let your parents down, when you are hailed as the Best. I also enjoy that Benny hasn't always seen her as a love interest like many people end up writing, but at first, as an older sibling, perhaps. Watching out for her, tutoring, it had a smile grow on my face - they're quite adoring to see progress, and I can't wait for the next chapter

8/16/2018 c4 3Nakesnotsnakes
Venessa and Nina are sister goals.
Venessa is so reckless and she's always seemed to be more outgoing and crazy, which is why Nina needs someone like her. Usnavi offering to take care of her awwww.
Usnavi is so dorky and lovable and cautious that's why Venessa needs him. Benny is protective and fun which is perfect for Nina. Good girls can go bad easily so that's why she needs him even more! Please write more I love this!
8/16/2018 c3 Nakesnotsnakes
I love them!
Usnavi and ninas relationship has always been cute, brother/sister. I love this!
8/16/2018 c2 Nakesnotsnakes
It's so cute how you made this more about benny joining the family, benny and Nina are so cute, the age difference is larger then I expected actually, this chapter specifically was adorable, benny has always admired Keven in every way. Seeing how this started was great, remembering how it ends is kinda sad though.
And now he ties the same as he does!
8/16/2018 c1 Nakesnotsnakes
Awww this was adorable!
Nina was perfect, she seems like she'd be a perfectionist even as a kid And benny being really laid back, you captured their characters perfectly.
It was so cute to imagine what they'd be like younger. And Keven helping benny with his drivers license was adorable in my opinion, and yes I know he said he did teach benny to drive in the play, good catch. They are cute (FatherXson cute)
Nina and benny are such couple goals. I loved this chapter it was purely beautiful. Keep up the amazing work.

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