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5/11 c17 4Wing Zero Alchemist
Always weird to me how much people hype up Hinata in Team 7 focused fics. Especially when there's really nothing happening that would make her have changed much from canon. She wasn't all that great pre-shippuden. Sure, she wasn't untalented and her meekness held her back... but it still held her back. And it's not like thats some sort of off switch. Her whole skillset would be held back from not training as efffectively.

And even when she tried going all out against Neji, she still wasn't at the level of the big hitters in the Genin group. With how much better this Sasuke is to canon, Hinata shouldn't be a threat at all, certainly not someone able to nearly land hits.

So, yeah. Much as I love the "Team 7 bond" centric fics and as great as this one is in the category, this desire to make Hinata more relevant out of left field always feels really off and it's jarring how often it shows up.
3/12 c13 FrostyKat
I love this so much
3/10 c20 halberd101
can't wait to see the next ch
2/23 c20 SonofSet
I honestly think this is now one of my favorite stories in this fandom. Solid top ten and that is saying something. Hope to see more of it at some point. Thanks for sharing!
2/15 c9 Axccel
Threatening to cut Anko just makes her want to drag you to her bed.
2/15 c8 Axccel
Women are way more perverted and lustful than men.
2/4 c20 36CharmedArtist
I would LOVE more of this - it’s gone straight onto my list of favorite fan fictions! Excellent plot, wonderful writing, and so much fun that I cackled out loud multiple times. Thank you so much for sharing.
1/26 c12 Gliychra
I've been waiting for this since she was introduced
1/22 c20 Azza
I need moremore more
12/28/2023 c1 Hellibleri
Yeah, awesome! Team 7 doing pranks?!
12/27/2023 c1 shinghidorah
I hope this story is being worked on. It's very entertaining and amusing.

Impeccable writing despite minor errors. You are doing a wonderful job.
12/16/2023 c20 DrJhonnylol
10/18/2023 c20 2Andersen1989
This is absolutely brilliant.
10/17/2023 c11 JellyBeansxyz
Wtf is this—this fic started out okay. Its becoming bad and it keeps getting worse by chapter.
10/11/2023 c10 iTyncWithReality
Go! Oh my GOD this fic is sending shivers of joyful mirth up and down my spine every three paragraphs or so! Its such a gift of a fic and im so grateful to you author-san! Aaaaariiiigaaaatooooooo! *tears of joy stream down my face as i sit before a blazing sunset; the wind blows sakura blossoms and leaves about my unkempt self, my clothes wrinkled and hair a mess from rolling out of my hammock and onto the ground in uncontrollable laughtermy phone did not break though so i can continue this glorious masterwork of comedyfluff! You’re AWESOME!
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