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for Team 7's Secret Motto

12/4 c19 MSS
Literally dying of laughter. Absolutely the best Team Seven fic I’ve ever read! This type of fic is my guilty pleasure! You absolutely delivered on everything and I was so excited to see that you had updated! Can’t wait to see more

Also can we have Team Seven get different summons then in Canon? I think it’d be hilarious
12/1 c19 3Mooniecat
Just enough amount of Crack to have us all falling to the floor and rolling. Good job!
11/26 c19 Cakes85
i was almost crying, i was laughing so damn hard!
11/26 c19 5Wally991
I'm so glad that you still haven't dropped this fic! I love the way you portray that Sakura is a softie when it comes to Naruto
11/23 c19 Dmdmdm
Instant fav, laughed the whole time i was reading
11/21 c19 lisa.francis.96780
So I just giggled and snerked my way through this chapter. Thankfully I was alone well done
11/19 c19 Some Rando IDK
Ok, idk were u r taking this fic, but I just binged it and can't wait for u to post more
11/17 c19 gamingwizard43
this story is amazing, keep it up
11/17 c19 12DemiDemon99
Nooo. I want more. I was severely infested in reading this.
11/16 c19 2EatsBooks
Awesome chapter! Poor Gaara is gonna sleep for like a month straight
11/15 c19 1Lord Vaserious
I love this fic! Gaara is making up for YEARS of lost sleep!
11/15 c18 Lord Vaserious
Naruto is a badass! You are a badass writer!
11/15 c17 Lord Vaserious
This is getting extremely good. I love this fic!
11/14 c16 Lord Vaserious
I adore that Neji is finally free! Gaara is free!
11/14 c15 Lord Vaserious
This chapter is fantastic! I adore it
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