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11/6 c1 Latenightreader27
I am fascinated after reading the first 1000 words already. “Ma in English” definitely is seen here, as well as great talent
10/10 c33 Starhunter18
please please please please update this story is amazing
9/15 c33 Jane
I thought this story was lovely. Looking forward to whatever creations you come up with in the future
6/16 c8 Guest
I adore Fi’s interactions with everyone - she has the confidence and experience of a pensioner, the cheek of an adolescent, the wonder of a child all in one delightful character.
6/15 c3 Guest
Your characters are delightful
6/14 c1 Guest
This is such a brilliant read!
5/28 c33 36CharmedArtist
Ahhhh, so wonderful! What an amazing character and plot, this is definitely going straight onto my list of favorite fanfiction. Thank you so much for sharing, and I look forward to reading more!
5/24 c1 BlackStarMage
This was a rather enjoyable read, I hope you continue this at some point.
3/7 c33 Prime's Lady
I love this story. I hope you continue it when you get the chance.
2/24 c33 island.dred.insomniac
This is great. I really wish there was more. I love this character and this new death eater villain. I also love we are going so close to the story but not exactly the same. I am really enjoying this.

Thank you for sharing your work.

1/9 c33 Celty
I love Harry's POV! It's so interesting Haha What a great way to start part 2 of the story :) A perspective from the Malfoys and from Harry. Can't wait to read about your take of the Chamber of Secrets. Hope you continue writing this story! Also, if she's going to help Harry, I wonder if Harry's still going to stay with the Weasley's. Or perhaps that's how she'll help him? Anyway, great start!
12/26/2021 c33 Irusha the Kitsune
as much as I enjoy Certain Dark Things, I've fallen in love with this story- are there any plans for a continuation, perhaps? I'd love to see where it goes! Although, if you don't have any inspiration or desire to continue it, I also understand that.
12/25/2021 c33 1Tewifying
<3 I do really love this, plz write more
12/24/2021 c33 Caver Floyd
Good story, with some interesting OCs
9/20/2021 c33 Kirkegaard
I liked your story thank for it
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