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for Into the Past

3/13/2019 c4 113random-k
An interesting concept
1/17/2019 c4 1ebonypol
Oooo love the idea of this fic! Thanks for the great read :)
9/18/2018 c3 iiii
Your story is amazing! More please!
9/20/2018 c2 LectroMagnet
I enjoyed reading how each character was thinking about Riku and how he is acting a bit strange. It is also interesting that Sora is thinking about a relationship with the girl but is unsure.

You sudden flight into a fight sequence gave a nice sharp change to the story much like the game has!

Keep it up!
9/17/2018 c3 iiii
Your story is amazing! More please!
9/17/2018 c3 LilacFairy
Yay, Time travel shenanigans! Love this story so far and the different paths Kairi and Riku are taking.
Also, calling it now, that is Ven and Vanitas making commentary from Sora’s heart.
8/26/2018 c2 hcbnc
Great chapter, looks like Riku's gonna hang out with Sora - but I wonder how Roxas will show up.

I hope Aqua gets saved because she was in the realm of Darkness and with Mickey.
8/20/2018 c1 HCBNC
This sounds like a great story idea - I'll be watching this story.
8/20/2018 c1 Guest
I am glad to see more KH stories from you! I was wondering if you moved to different interests.

I think this story has great description, and color that really helps me get a feel for the environment the characters are in. I also like your concept of the accidentail time travel.

Keep it up!
8/19/2018 c1 avengedeathnote
ooooo i love the idea and you're writing! looking forward to the next update

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