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for The dance of tigers

7/17 c59 TheWolkVip
Willow often forgets who exactly her daughters are in love with.
5/24 c13 Axccel
Huntsmen are what stands between everyone and extinction. If a school or academy turned someone away for pieces of paper and word got out, the public would go ape shit.
5/24 c12 Axccel
Faunus: “We’re oppressed despite canonically having equal rights and being the only racists around whereas the only human racists treat all races equally badly. We also are allowed to exercise racist business practices against humans without repercussions despite being oppressed. Do what we say or we’ll kill you!”

Audience: “Those poor faunus!”

Literally only me: “Am I the only person who paid any attention to the show instead of turning off my brain or gushing over the fight scenes?”

Audience: “How dare you support racism!”
5/19 c4 2TeamRWBY4Evr2346
4/21 c1 7sovietgod03
Damn, you protray BLM- I mean the White Fang quite correctly!
4/20 c16 2TheSlySage
love Viktor the Bear Faunus. I just imagine is is a mantlean native who speaks in a Russian accent. it just flowssss
4/20 c9 TheSlySage
love how at this point there wasn't an intention for Willow to join the pairing. oh how things snowball. rereading because it came to mind when I read a Jaune x Eve Taurus fic lol
2/15 c7 6jfrost22792
Honestly, I'm really not all that comfortable with how Jaune is being treated by someone that is supposed to become a later love interest. I get that it fits the characterization, I'm jus trying to figure out where you take it from here that doesn't just leave the reader feeling like Jaune is a punching bag that learned to be ok with it.
12/15/2022 c50 4Chaos Snow Kitsune
You know... It makes sense That Ruby was the girlfriend Whitley was talking about.
11/7/2022 c53 meryfcuckery
ik Jaunes a spineless mook in canon but damn do you take it to another level, hes such a fucking doormat even at this point jesus
11/1/2022 c53 Apollodorus13
As much as I’ve enjoyed reading this story I gotta give it up. Although it has been enjoyable and I understood his cluelessness and any lack of Will to take control of his life in the beginning, the fact that he’s grown so much in some ways but still remains the same while everyone just talks circles around him has killed this story for me.

To an extent I understand why he lets everyone just walk over him or ignore him in most cases due to you explaining his lack of confidence but the fact that he’s grew to the point to decide that killing some for the safety of the future or those he cares about but yet, still remains the same person as he was in the first chapter doesn’t let me enjoy the story anymore.

It was great writing however, the progress just wasn’t for me. Thank you
10/31/2022 c49 Apollodorus13
I’m greatly enjoying this fanfic but I gotta be honest, Jaunes passivity with his sister and her groups racism is really killing the story for me. The fact that he’s had righteous anger throughout different moments in the story but can’t even say a word in defense of some of his closest friends and mate is incredibly vexing.
9/10/2022 c71 juanitogaming
Thank you, thank you for writing this story, I'm just finishing it and although I wanted it to be eternal, it certainly left me satisfied, I'm really curious about this possible sequel, but even so, thank you, this story really helped me get through some difficult moments with a smile, and i'm certainly a pretty new fan because i didn't start reading your stories until recently, but still thanks because this and a grimm tale are certainly some of my favorite stories.
4/30/2022 c71 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
uhuhu the dance of mortals sounds interesting
4/26/2022 c71 seanjoshmassey
Thanks for this story. It was amazing all the way through.
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