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for The dance of tigers

4/30 c71 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
uhuhu the dance of mortals sounds interesting
4/26 c71 seanjoshmassey
Thanks for this story. It was amazing all the way through.
4/26 c71 Arue23
It's been a ride from start to finish, seeing what twist and turns popped up was always a joy. I'm happy to see that this ended, as long as it ended on terms you wanted. Looking forward to what comes next on your other stories. Thank you for the experience and may things go well on your side of the world.
4/26 c71 2Crimson Shikyo
Thank you for the great story!
4/26 c71 1Argus456
Turk Baster...I'll admit I facepalmed myself when Jaune didn't catch on.
4/25 c71 quaker212
Great storytelling, thank you
4/25 c1 1LieFang
Thanks for the wild ride. This was certainly an enjoyable read, I can't wait to see what you write next.
4/25 c71 arnettt95
It loved it 10/10 can't wait to see your next book
4/25 c71 Cpt of the PenguinSquad
Holy shit

71 chapters it’s been a wild ride

I remember when I first started reading this wayyy back when you had just released chapter 11, thank you so much for this amazing story and pushing through all the times you were sick.

Once again thank you I can’t wait to see what stories you’ll think of next because this one certainly made me rethink my favorite pairings lol

Have a wonderful day Cyanide
4/25 c71 3Onyx Gabriel
It was a hilarious journey my friend, well done
4/25 c71 RanmaChaos
I enjoyed this story. Well done.
4/25 c71 2TheSlySage
this was a crazyyyy ride. one of the best out there.

whatcha got planned to do next? that sequel concept or a whole new story?
4/25 c71 1Guahanboy98
The end of a really good story. I love every moment. Can't wait for a new story. If you get the bug to make a sequel that's okay, but I can't wait for an entirely new storyline/plot not connected to this.
4/25 c71 buildlancer
such a great story, and a great final chapter! i love that coral got to get pregnant by Jaune, really sad to see the story end.
4/25 c71 1dustlesssea10
Yeah, it would be best if you didn’t make a sequel. You have a hefty taste for incest, and your stories, for some reason, always have it. You don’t have siblings, do you? You’re not VERY close to them, are you? And you do know that you let Jaune gets raped by his sister, you know that, right? It feels like you threw all your eggs in one basket on this ending. I hate how you tease so much from the beginning chapters to before the last chapter to get a small tiny bit of the results in the last chapter, like the whole porn thing you brought up for sooo long and only show a little bit of it by the way the entire Faunus culture thing there is a difference they are eating their people the other culture you are talking about are just eating meat not people if someone gave you a leg in a hamburger form and told you about it halfway through you eating it are you going to stop? Or keep on going? That's what you don't understand. I don’t know why you would have Blake and yang get together when Yang already said she doesn’t find Blake attracted feels like fan service on your part. Honestly, if you make another story sequel to this, you’ll probably make it incest. Seeing how you tease his kids, your writing style goes too far. I think that’s the problem with some of your stories. Sometimes you put too much real life into it.
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