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9/29/2023 c24 9John Smith
I love this so much. Surprisingly, I almost never see Tim's skateboarding hobby appear in stories, which is a true shame. He's such a quintessential 90s kid, and I love it. As usual, you really captured the nuanced feelings, in this case particularly of Bruce. One of the saddest things about the Contagion run is we basically never get to see Bruce's feelings on Tim being so sick. Which is crazy to me because we DO get that lovely scene between Bruce and Azrael earlier that shows how much Bruce cares. Go figure they'd drop the ball after that. It made me so happy that you decided to address it here, if even in a more removed way. It's funnyyou would think that seeing Tim feeling so much better would be a relief to Bruce, and it surely is, but you capture here his regret, his revelation that he almost lost Tim and barely spared a moment to even realize it at the time. It's so complex and beautiful. I really loved this chapter and was delighted to see you posting again. Thanks so much for writing this!
11/29/2022 c23 John Smith
What a sad piece with so much longing in it. It's also got a lot of hope and a sweet tone (toward the end especially). I LOVE your portrayal of Superboy and how he is fiercely protective of Tim, but not in the traditional sense. I also love that he's surprised about Batman's humility in the matter. It's overall just a great chapter.

Since this is your last chapter so far in this story and possibly your last one forever, I wanted to make some overall comments. First of all and maybe my greatest source of thanks, I really love how you portray Bruce as being astute if a little socially awkward when being "himself" rather than Brucie. One of the most common threads I see in stories about Bruce with his sons is that he lacks pretty much any ability to interpret their behaviors/understand their needs/accommodate them/meet them where they are... it's depressing. I like seeing that to a degree because it adds a nice area for him to grow, and in that way you do portray it at times throughout this story, showing how Bruce introspects and sees where his shortcomings are, or how he acknowledges he has them without being able to fully fix them. I wish more authors approached it like this. There would be no Brucie, no cover, no functioning Wayne Enterprises, no hiding Batman, no secret - if Bruce Wayne were as incapable of understanding humanity as MANY authors depict him. Your portrayal of Batman and Bruce Wayne and Brucie are all facets of the same person, and it shows. It's believable, understandable, and captivating without forcing me to use my suspension of disbelief. If you decide to continue this story - and I sincerely wish for that personally - I would encourage you to keep this trend going as you have because it's refreshing and nice to read.

Another thing I love about this is your depiction of the family overall. I have a headcanon (common in fic) that Damian's presence pushes Tim away, and I have yet to find a story that depicts this and shows how it is repaired in a slow-burn but believable and meaningful way. If you know of one, send it my way. But that's not my point. I mainly wanted to tell you that the time period and/or status quo you picked (most of) this fic to take place was really nice. It was like I got the chance to flesh out Tim in this family he loves to be a part of BEFORE my sad headcanon where he longingly looks at it from the outside, wishing to be a part of it again but not quite feeling adequate enough (or, in my headcanon, allowing Damian's status as the new Robin and his disparaging comments to create a subconscious undercurrent in his beliefs that he is now at risk of being 'in the way' in the Wayne family - something his parents' might have instilled since... well... if Jack and Janet had to 'worry' about him, it meant he had probably messed up in some way and caused them enough inconvenience to return from a trip early or extend time at home to ensure he was okay, etc.). Just my weirdness lol.

I love this set of drabbles a lot and enjoy how you portray everyone, especially Bruce and Tim but also Alfred, Dick, Damian, and all the others. It's just a delight overall.

Thank you for writing this. I know it will be one I come back to over and over, and I wish I could leave multiple reviews when I do that!
11/29/2022 c22 John Smith
Noooo this was so sad. I need to read this one a few more times because there's so much to it that I know I missed some things. I love that you write down what constitutes your source of inspiration. It's an awesome way to write. This one has so little overt hope but so much is there covertly. I was so sad about the knife and how worried Bruce was, but he doesn't have the view into Tim's mind that we do. Poor things, both of them.
11/29/2022 c21 John Smith
Sigh. Bruce wistfully fathering a boy who doesn't think he needs (or deserves) to be fathered has got to be one of the best things in the universe. I love this chapter so, so much. It's a delight, it's wonderful, it's got such a range of emotion... Just so good. Love this au and will never stop loving it.
11/29/2022 c20 John Smith
Wow great chapter. I'm so sad that this set of drabbles is wrapping up, but it's been so good that I'm satisfied anyway. I love how analytical Tim is of Bruce and his preconceived notions of the man, even in a time like this. It's a really neat character study of both of them. Bruce is so good lol I love him.
11/29/2022 c19 John Smith
Great chapter, nice job on portraying so many emotions in one chapter. It was wistful, sweet, heartwarming, and really deep. I loved Tim in this, he's so cute in this au. I really really love it
11/29/2022 c18 John Smith
That's so sad. Poor Tim is so out of it. I wasn't sure what part of his life this was supposed to be or if it was made up, but as it pieced together I understood more. It's sad to see him so dissociated, but you described it so well, great job capturing their personalities and especially describing the beautiful and haunting imagery.
11/29/2022 c17 John Smith
This was heartbreaking to read. I was really taken aback to find out who Tim really was, and I don't blame Dick for his response, though kind of wanting Tim to hear was wrong and hurtful. Poor kid didn't do anything wrong. The beginning had me really intrigued and was also heartbreaking in its own way, though it got sweeter as it went along. Bruce is just a dad through and through in your story, and I respect and love that a lot. Nice chapter!
11/29/2022 c16 John Smith
This chapter was so cool to read. Like, I honestly could see this being turned into a longer story (not necessarily super long but something more substantial) and fleshing it out. The beginning completely had me. You did such a good job of portraying Tim as he would be in that kind of situation - paranoia, desperation, analyzing every angle - and it took me longer than I might want to admit to realize what was going on. It was so neat to read. When Bruce came back, that was really sweet. And that question, "Who am I to you?" is so powerful, especially with Tim's first response to Bruce's answer. It struck me that his tears were because somewhere he knew that was the wrong answer and it was upsetting to be reduced that way, but I couldn't really tell if I was on the mark because of how it continued on. Either way, that quiet affirmation of what Bruce was to him was really sweet at the end. Excellent chapter, and definitely a favorite so far.
11/28/2022 c15 John Smith
Haha love this. I thought Tim really was out but you punked me good too. Nice chapter!
11/28/2022 c14 John Smith
Awww, poor Bruce. I actually would love to see Bruce get to know more about Tim's past though a story like this. It would certainly be a creative way to do it. Nice chapter! I usually don't like de-aging stuff at all, but this one is cute and well done so I liked it a lot. It's not demeaning or creepily infantilizing like most are. LOL sorry I obviously have opinions about this topic haha
11/28/2022 c13 John Smith
No... This is one of the saddest things I have ever read. It's not the sadness that's contained in the actual story, but the liminal spaces of knowing how heartbroken Tim would be to have to go through this over and over and over. This is so well done but so, so sad. Great depiction though
11/28/2022 c12 John Smith
So I know you already wrote this, but holy moly, the idea of Tim acknowledging that he wants Bruce's attention and then using both of their skillsets to his advantage to do it is LOVELY and I am in love with it, truly. If you are ever in the business of writing more things like this, I know I for one would eat it up. This entire chapter was gold from beginning to end, and its only flaw is that it ends. Excellent job, love it so so so much. So cute and sweet and funny and wonderful. Innocent, law-abiding Tim who just wants Bruce's attention is astoundingly perfect.
11/28/2022 c11 John Smith
Poor, poor Tim. I loved RotJ, but it hurt my heart so much. He deserved so much better. This was a sad but different take on the aftermath - no less haunting. You depicted it very well.
11/28/2022 c10 John Smith
Hahaha another gem. Sometimes I read so many stories about others reacting to Bruce and misinterpreting his meanings and rationale due to his stoicism that I forget he's human. It's so nice to read a chapter like this - from his perspective, of him being a human being having a human experience. The fact that Tim is unconscionably cute in this chapter helps too. Love it all, including Alfred!
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