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11/28/2022 c9 9John Smith
Oh man, this chapter was raw and visceral and so full of emotion. Everything about it, from the vivid descriptions of Tim's accidental coffin to Kon and his near death conversation to Bruce in the end. Especially Bruce in the end. I could read a thousand chapters with moments like that and never get bored. Excellent portrayal. Lovely chapter!
11/28/2022 c8 John Smith
What an absolutely adorable chapter! Once again, I loved the shift between the first half of the second half. Your description of the feeling of fever and particularly of the sensation of gravity shifting, the movement, the hair on his forehead.. all of it gave such a strange and familiar feeling, it was so vivid to read. You did such a good job, painting a picture with words. Absolutely love this chapter, nice job
11/27/2022 c7 John Smith
Love this so much. This was my very first dip into the secretary au, and I love it so much. That Tim is so smart and selfless and Bruce is parenting him without him even noticing really and... It's just perfect. Great job!
11/27/2022 c6 John Smith
LOL this is hilarious and NOT what I was expecting. "a cotton ball hitting the floor kind of quiet" is what did me in, that is a HILARIOUS description of something so gentle no matter how serious or hard you try to fling it. That is hysterical. Also, your description of how Dick reacts when Tim tells him - that's hysterical too. I could imagine it.
11/27/2022 c5 John Smith
Oh my heart. My HEART! I love that Jason's alive, but this longing, soul-searching feeling of want and loss and wishful thinking is laid on so thickly and expertly. Excellent chapter, though it hurt my feelings a bit lol.
11/27/2022 c4 John Smith
Oh poor Tim. I find myself saying that all the time when I read stories that ever explore Tim's childhood. Poor, poor Tim. I just love a domestic Bruce Wayne - he's not amply domestic in any gratuitous way, even in any easily defined way, but when he is domestic, it's just perfect. I love that Tim is so stunned to have something as simple as this, and I love that Alfred recognizes it for what it is. I suspect that Bruce does too but won't acknowledge that. Loved this chapter so much, great job capturing the characterizations so well, as well as the huge tonal shift halfway through. It's awesomely well done!
11/27/2022 c3 John Smith
Oh man, I love this so much. What a sweet, beautiful chapter. I love how well you portrayed everyone in this scene, from Tim to Bruce to even Alfred. And it was so heartbreaking to see Bruce in the throes of the fear toxin, seeing Jason of all people. It makes sense. Tim's logical reasoning always makes sense too, but he sometimes forgets to account for the fact that he's also human and it's expected for him to be human. Very sweet. I'd love to see a chapter that's based on a similar premise - of Bruce accidentally hurting Tim like he did here, but the chapter being more focused on that specifically. I think that'd be a neat dynamic to explore. That's just a suggestion because you mentioned in an author's note that you like getting them, but feel free to ignore it! Great chapter!
11/27/2022 c2 John Smith
This chapter had me feeling very sad in the beginning, but the ending really helped it out. I'm so glad that Tim was able to convince the man not to jump. His words were beautiful, but the fact that he wasn't willing to catch the man... I hope he changes his mind after what Bruce tells him in the end. Harrowing chapter that is diffusing its atmosphere throughout the piece. Nice job, especially on the ending!
11/27/2022 c1 John Smith
Great first chapter. I loved your intro note because I feel the exact same way. There are definitely not enough stories that give us sweet interactions between Bruce and Tim. The two of them are so alike and have such an interesting taciturn understanding of each other that I really think it's a shame we don't see more. But then there are your stories! I'm excited to read more of this one.
1/14/2021 c22 104feathered moon wings
Ugh, I always know you'll provide me with the sweetest angst there is (,: you never fail my friend and I treasure that deeply.

But with that out of the way, I THOUGHT FOR ALMOST 3/4 OF THIS STORY THAT THE MAN WAS JASON FOR SOME REASON. (I was probably projecting my desires XD)

AMAZING SHOT, like ALWAYS, ugh, you're so predictable hehe. I loved it. The Tim imprisonment is one of the story arcs I feel has the most possibilities in what could happen once Tim was released, but of course, because this is comics we're talking about, nobody's got time for some mental and emotional trauma. I love that you explored that here.

Also, I always really enjoy ur unreliable narrations, they feel very whimsy in a way.
When Bruce thought Tim was going for the knife? UFF, golden. But my favorite part was Tim tentatively resting his head on Bruce's shoulder, ohmyheart (,:

Anywho, I'm glad to catch your stuff again, it's always nice, have a great day!
1/6/2021 c22 3SonoSvegliato
Fantastic work (as always!)
1/6/2021 c22 2ImJustBatman
So I actually had to look up what happened with Tim and Mr Oz (as I didn't read too much of new 52) but I have to say, I prefer your version as soon as I found out what happened in that version. The shakiness of Tim, the kindness of Bruce and the whole thing with the shells was a beautiful combination. Keep up the amazing writing!
12/1/2020 c21 Guest
LOVED IT! Thank you so much!
10/22/2020 c21 ImJustBatman
The humanizing of Batman in this chapter was stupendous. When he asked Tim about the masks, I was kind of expecting some cheesy answer but that answer Tim gave really resonated with me. It is such a simple answer but its really profund and that's not something I expect in a fanfic. So excellent job (as expected) and keep up the amazing work!
10/19/2020 c21 13Loftcat27
Wonderful as always.
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