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8/16/2020 c18 2PandakaiLove
Heyyyy, this was seriously great. At first I was super confused, I thought that like Tim had been drugged or was dying or something but then, well... I eventually figured it out. Poor tim though, DC saw his normal life and thought 'not sad enough' and figured that since he didn't have a tragic backstory they'd make him a tragic life. It's just ufff. Poor guy. What I think happened after Tim found his dad? I don't know. I always figured that Bruce took him back to the batcave or something, or handed him off ot the police (though that's too cold ever for Bruce, so probably the first option). Idk, I think that Bruce wouldn't have wanted Tim to stay too long staring at his father's corpse. Anyways... one of the questions that's burning inside me right now is, are you going to finish any of the stories you started all that time ago? I'd just like to know if they're dead or somthing (they being 'a whistle in the night' (cause I'm burning with the need to knkow how that confrontation ends) and 'Genesis' (cause I want to know what the joker is planning)). They're all super great, and I'm dying iwth the need to know about how they end, however I can understand how your interest in said stories can be dead by now so I won't press you. Anywyas, this episode and story are great, Keep up the good work and stay safe!
7/25/2020 c18 2ImJustBatman
I really loved the descriptions (as always) but for this chapter I really appreciated the transitions from flashbacks to the normal scene. The way you did it was very seamless and fit the whole psychological break Tim was having. Also, I love this Bruce, he's so protective of Tim and it's amazing! Keep up the good work!
7/19/2020 c17 92feathered moon wings

fhsjsjwiddiejds I don't know what to think nut FAM IT BRUCE. It's just like you to let trauma consume you like that fffggg

Dick is lovely and this is all vet bittersweet. But with some undertones of what feels a bit like horror? There's always underlining tension, which is really great.

Aaaaaaa this fuc*ed with me. But it was good.
7/19/2020 c16 feathered moon wings
Oooooooh I absolutely adore how this was written. So SO much, I knew what you were trying to do from the start but every few paragraphs you made me doubt again "What if this REALLY is a bad guy?"
I was genuinely, very woried for Tim my poor baby.

Also, great Bruce here 10/10, would recommend. He's so soft and tender while still being Bruce "how to put my live into words" Wayne.

I feel like it's been so long since I read your stuff. I'm glad I'm acting up on this story. Tough I'm afraid of the next chapter cause I read it wasn't gonna end good XD
7/15/2020 c17 litche
I'm legit crying. So Tim is Jason's clone commissioned by Bruce after the death of Jason at 16 ? It's messed up and tragic and I love it ! Will Tim meet Alfred later ?
7/14/2020 c17 2ImJustBatman
My heart! I love how descriptive you are. I really felt like I could see and feel every part of this story. Plus I love kid Tim, so sweet~ Really enjoyed the ending there where it's both heartbreaking and mysterious. Good work!
7/14/2020 c17 3SonoSvegliato
Bruh. (Great work, as always!)
5/31/2020 c16 4perish-the-thoughtless
I loved this chapter! So glad you’re back!
10/13/2019 c15 90Sophia the Scribe
I love it! Tim is the absolute best.
Sophia the Scribe
9/25/2019 c14 92feathered moon wings
Nice Setting.
Words Good.
Heart - Broken.
Cries. Dad.
9/22/2019 c14 4perish-the-thoughtless
Awwwww that’s so freaking sweet!
9/11/2019 c13 112Rookblonkorules
The pain of being forgotten- holy crap, this one was a gut punch. It reminds me of a fantasy I was reading- I think it was called The Map To Everywhere. Excellent job as always!
9/3/2019 c12 Rookblonkorules
Oh my gosh, I laughed unreasonably hard at this- especially when Bruce showed up to swipe Tim's cake. Holy wow, I honestly thought Tim would manage to get away with that one and I think I was just as startled as he was!
8/19/2019 c13 92feathered moon wings

My heart hurts a lot. Amazing narration again, love it.
But damn, this is so very sad. Did this happen in Red Robin? Or is it you own idea? It's amazing either way.

Damn, again, I feel this in my heart gosh. This idea that they can't remember him, but the pain of suffering (from both sides) them forgetting again and again and again. And Bruce's subconscious knowledge that his forgetting and letting him down and he just can't hold onto his son for long enough. Its HEARTBREAKING in so many ways.

Most of all, this must be so heavy to bear for Tim, that poor child need a break damn it ):

I really adored that line about Bruce smelling lemongrass on him and not knowing why, that was VERY good.

Also, Damian found him once? That sounds like a super interesting happening D: I imagine both Dick and Damian would've had to have prolonged contact with him, so that calls my attention with Damian.

Gosh, I loved this, so many kudos my friend.
8/19/2019 c12 feathered moon wings
Fuk, this is so sweet damn it (,:
I love how playful this feels all the time. Like they're dancing around each other. For a moment I thought Bruce knew what it was really about but then I was like "He's Bruce of COURSE he didn't notice".

Very nice.
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