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8/19/2019 c11 92feathered moon wings
Wow, sad, dark, sad at the end.
I love Joker Junior stories, I really do. Every author always has something new and interesting that they see about it. I'd love to know more of this one, that tiny small pice of hope at the end when Bruce closes his eyes and thinks maybe the smile wavered. Love that.

Really interesting this chapter, I like (well like is not the word I want really) this thing which Tim is just sort of, do this and he does, I imagine it's a coping mechanism though.

Anyway, kudos for this!
8/19/2019 c9 feathered moon wings
This is very beautiful. I've missed reading your stuff, you always have such a nice narrating style :) Lucky for me I'm having a bit more time to read sooo, here we are.

I really loved the imagery of the fields and golden days and just... the peacefulness of it all. And Tim missing all the people he's lost ): all that in contrast with Gotham's gray nights.

But Bruce was amazing here. I enjoyed this so very much, it's lovely.
8/14/2019 c13 SkyYumi
8/14/2019 c13 12Loftcat27
This was amazing and creepy at the same time! You are a great writer to give the eerie vibe.
8/11/2019 c12 Inthenightguest
Back to reviewing and can't believe how much I missed! This chapter was amazing as always. Out of all the batboys I always saw Tim as someone who would try to get away with stuff like this. Keep up the great work!
8/11/2019 c12 21PrettyKitty Luvs U
Hahahaha, this was so good! I laughed pretty hard when Bruce showed the “peace offering” lol! I was surprised just as Tim XD This was so good! Again, this was an amazing read. Thank you so much for putting so much thought and time into this story. They’re all truly wonderful and make me cry and smile at the same time :)
8/11/2019 c11 PrettyKitty Luvs U
That was just so so painful. Amazing work on it though. I just can’t put into words how beautiful your writing is and how fantastic you are with all the characters. This really hurt my heart tho. I remember seeing the movie where the Joker turned Tim into this... thing he is here now. It was so painful seeing him then, and the way you’ve described here, makes me want to cry. Fantastic job! You’re an amazing author ;A;
8/11/2019 c10 PrettyKitty Luvs U
This was so freakin cute! The daddy!bats fluff that I love so much. Thank you so much for this ;u;
7/31/2019 c9 PrettyKitty Luvs U
This is was amazing. Your writing is just beautiful and I loved this so much. Thank you!
7/31/2019 c8 PrettyKitty Luvs U
I haven’t been around much but OMG THIS IS SO CUTE SKSKSKSKSK Tim, you cutie this was so adorable ;;u;;
7/20/2019 c11 12Loftcat27
This was heartbreaking. If you want, could you do a sequel where Tim recognizes Bruce? You have a really great way of writing which relates the emotions.
7/19/2019 c10 112Rookblonkorules
I swear only you could ever write a fic about hiccups that I would enjoy. How? Shiro, how do you do this? You take HICCUPS of all things and I'm sitting here with the widest, stupidest grin there ever was the whole thing and if my mom walked in and asked me what the heck I'm smiling about I would have to tell her... hiccups. How?
Buuuuuut, on to the fic, the way you describe the refrigerator is just... the most accurate thing in the world. Why are refrigerators like that? I feel ya, Bruce, I feel ya. Also, I really like how you wrote Bruce's internal thoughts. You could really feel that the man was totally sleep-deprived.
And then Tim- oh my goodness, I had no idea that the world's longest case of hiccups lasted for 68 years. That sounds like an absolute nightmare! I actually looked it up and holy cow the man lived hiccup free for a year before he died. That's... rough, buddy. I think I now have an irrational fear of hiccups. So thanks for that, lol!
But of course, Tim would know something like that and of course Tim would be up at 4 AM in the morning worried about having hiccups for 68 years. Only Tim.
Also, Alfred watching Hell's Kitchen? Hell, yes! That's my new favorite headcanon and I absolutely have you to thank for that. Just imagine him watching it as passionately as football fans watch the superbowl.
This was superb!
7/9/2019 c9 10Rehabilitated Sith
duuuuuude. SO good. loved it!
7/8/2019 c9 4perish-the-thoughtless
This chapter was so good! Loved it!
7/8/2019 c9 2CrownedinJune
You have such powerfully descriptive prose! From Tim's injuries to the farm in Smallville. You merged the concrete details with the emotional very well. My particular favorite was Tim's recollection of those small memories of the Kent farm. You evoked such great emotion with that collection of details. Your command of description makes the story demand my attention. I've enjoyed all your vignettes thus far, but this may be my favorite.
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