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6/18/2019 c1 8Mango Sakaguchi
This was so pure ohmygod I’m uwuing like crazy you god
6/14/2019 c5 112Rookblonkorules
This... this hit me right in the FEELS. It's fantastic to see Jason alive and happy and living a relatively normal life as a high school student (and who doesn't love daddy!Bruce?)
But the idea of Tim never actually becoming part of the family- ouch. OUCH!
But heck- his parents will still die and then Bruce will adopt him. That will happen. IT WILL!
*melts into a puddle*
6/7/2019 c8 Inthenightguest
Finally got around to reading this. And the way you described Tim playing sailor was beautiful. It painted a great picture in my mind. Just like all of your chapters do. Keep up the great work!
6/5/2019 c8 12Loftcat27
That was really sweet.
6/4/2019 c8 4perish-the-thoughtless
Aw! A little sad but also super sweet! Thanks for the update!
6/1/2019 c7 Inthenightguest
This was so good! I'm not usually a fan of AU's but this was an exception. The entire thing was so well written (as usual) I can't get over your writing it's too perfect. Keep up the great work!
5/31/2019 c7 perish-the-thoughtless
I loved this chapter! Any chance of you writing more of this sort of AU?
5/30/2019 c7 12Loftcat27
That was great.
5/30/2019 c7 10Rehabilitated Sith
I LOVED this and I think this could be a really interesting side story with a few chapters...hint hint... :-D
5/30/2019 c7 21PrettyKitty Luvs U
This chapter was just so cute. Honestly, I love your Tim so so so much. He’s so in character and he’s such a caring, sweet awkward nerd that I can’t help but love him so! This was a great take on in how Tim’ll be as Bruce’s secretary.

Your writing style is so good that I can’t help but just delve into the plot. The added humor in this was great too. Hehehe Tim cares so much about his fish, I hope Bruce remembers to feed him XD

I loved this. Thank you so much for writing this!
5/23/2019 c3 10Rehabilitated Sith
That was realllllygood
5/17/2019 c4 112Rookblonkorules
Bruce Wayne absolutely is impervious to awkwardness. Yes. I agree.
I can't believe I missed not just one, but three chapters!
Also, forgive my lack of detail, but I'm currently sleep deprived and can't come up with more than... "Timmy, you dork! I love it!"
5/13/2019 c6 21PrettyKitty Luvs U
This. Was. So. CUTE! ahhhhhh I’m so glad you did my request ;v; this was a bundle of adorableness because ahhhhh bonding time with milkshakes YAS the end part made me giggle so much hehehe cause the big ol Batman sneezes like an itty bitty kitten sooooo cute!

Thank you so much for this ;;u;;
5/13/2019 c6 Inthenightguest
Who would have thought it would be Bruce with a sneeze like that? Although I have a headcannon they all just sneeze like kittens. This was hilarious and a welcome break from angst. Which you write wonderfully. I live for these crack stories. You're doing great. School will be ending soon then you can kick more butt with your awesomeness. Keep up the great work! And stay healthy
5/7/2019 c5 Inthenightguest
So great to see this story back! I loved this chapter and it would be interesting to see this as a military chapter fic. But I know you're busy. I'm glad you're back and I hope you're doing well. Keep up the great work!
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