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8/18/2018 c1 12Loftcat27
Cute and loveable.
8/17/2018 c1 21PrettyKitty Luvs U
I totally agree with you on the lack of fluffy Tim and Bruce bonding fics. So what you're doing right now makes me really happy! This was really cute and I loved it. Your writing is amazing too~ :D

Mhmm, maybe you can do a chapter in which Batman and Robin (Tim) go for milkshakes after patrol? That's be sweet to read :)

Update soon!
8/17/2018 c1 ONOBOCOCOPO
T_T , yes and no at the same time I was craving a bruce and Tim fluff for so long but god this was bittersweet, loved that it was from Bruce’s point of view as well it made it more reall for some reason, thank you so much, as for possible recommendations, I had one that I loved from the bottom of my heart on fanfiction a while back it was about when Bruce has left for a mission and Tim was responsible for Gotham at the time, it was literally a piece of art , amazing amazing writing, however last year or the year before that it kind of disappeared from fanfiction, I had it in my reading list for quick access and just like that gone and I have been searching for it since then , I really want to find it again, I can’t remember the name as well I’m so stupid!, this turned into a rant but another possible on is called “Tim” in my favorite, it’s not straight up fluff but amazing dynamic between the a nice day
8/17/2018 c1 112Rookblonkorules
YES, SHE'S DONE IT AGAIN! You are a blessing! *bows deeply to you*
I agree. There aren't enough Tim stories. I was trying to find some a while back. I still lack confidence in my Tim writing skills, which I why I haven't contributed, but YOU ARE A BLESSING! I can't get that down enough. Not only do you have Tim's character down, but your plots are legit the GREATEST and the most unique- or you manage to take clichés (amnesia, talon!fics) and you put an entirely new spin on them that makes them so fresh that it's like they've never been done before and just... your stories are like a breath of fresh air.
I love Dick and all, but... it feels like the majority of fic is about him and... don't get me wrong, he has some incredibly talented writers, but Jason and Tim seem to get overlooked a lot. Tim moreso than Jason. I'm so glad that someone has taken it upon themselves to give Tim the love he deserves.
And now that I am done ranting about literally everything BUT this chapter, let me begin the actual review... *cracks knuckles*
Alrighty, let's begin... your descriptive language is, as always, flawless. I know you've complimented mine before, but you, m'dear, are the queen. You are the queen of descriptive language and your writing is a joy to go over again and again with a fine tooth comb and just enjoy all the little similes and metaphors and easter eggs and just... oh, this is paradise. Have I died and gone to heaven? No, seriously, never stop writing. Tim needs you.
Anyways, some of my personal favorites were. "and the door skirts aside, skittish, like it's been startled by the growl of its own hinges." Personification of inanimate objects! Yes! I like! 100% approval rating!
"... encased in the pillows like it's a casket waiting to be put under." This really hits home with Tim's grief. It's almost like he's just... waiting to join his parents. Another thing I particularly like about this passage is that... I've always seen Tim as the most mature out of the Batboys (some grant Damian that title, but his temper tantrums and constant tirade of, "Me, me, ME! I'M the best!" suggest otherwise to me) but this way of handling his grief, burrowing under his blankets- it's what you would expect of a little boy and it's kind of a reminder that Tim, for all he's been through, is really just a kid. And I honestly appreciate that? So much?
Speaking of which, this Bruce-Tim bonding... they're both so similar in pretty much... everything. Including grieving. Which makes it interesting to see how Bruce is able to predict how Tim is handling things because they're just so alike. It takes one to know one, I guess.
And I love that Bruce is just... sticking through this and refusing to leave even though Tim is feigning sleep and not cooperating. Stubborn love. I like it.
All in all, this was just... a really solid one shot and I'm thrilled to see it out there.
Recommendations... Ooh! OOH! *jumps up and down waving hand in the air* I'mma gonna just recommend Minimum Height Requirement by Drag0nst0rm. It's not solely Bruce-Tim fluff- more like Bruce-legit entire Batfam bonding/fluff/angst (including Cass, Steph and Babs) but it really is worth a read.
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