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9/2 c14 shirzadym
I found this fic yesterday and finished it today, and I loved it. It has been ages since i've read a good overpowered MC and it being an SI was just the cherry on though I haven't watched high school dxd (and have no intension of watching it) and i've only recently started playing skyrim and getting familiar with it's lore, I absolutely loved this, look forward to the future chapters and REALLY hope you don't abandon it, and aside from some grammatical errors here and there and some insignificant inconsistencies it was (almost) perfect.

Please update soon

9/2 c14 4Mr. Grumpy the Depraved
I'm a simple man.

I see DXD. I read, I see no sexsu with big oppai waifu's.

*Sigh*... I leave.
8/31 c14 4Nonyaarb
8/31 c13 Nonyaarb
Hell yessssss. This is a power fantasy 11/10
8/31 c11 Nonyaarb
Yesssssssss. This is beautiful
8/31 c10 Nonyaarb
Lol. That’s ticking genius and I love it
8/30 c5 Nonyaarb
8/30 c2 Nonyaarb
Hahahaha. That character development is fucking great
8/26 c14 Guest
Keep going I know you can do it
8/27 c4 4CruelRuin
I'm actually kinda saddened by this one. It's well written, even funny on occasion, but it isin essencea C-rate edgefest. There is nothing redeeming about this story except the fact that it reads like something a Nine inch Nails groupie wrote after a three day amphetamine binge which they spent memorising an advanced comprehension guidebook.

So much talent, so much potential, wasted on so much edgy trash.
8/21 c14 Guest
Chop chop
Do your job and update. Wasting my free time here.
8/21 c14 Guest
Just noticed that the one year anniversary for this story's publishing just passed by a few days ago. Hope to see more chapters one day. Good luck on your published books.
8/20 c14 4doomqwer
Oh I am loving this really hoping to see what the we brings
8/20 c13 doomqwer
Oh wow a joy completely sociopath character from you and interesting and welcome change
8/20 c8 doomqwer
Oh I am liking this quite a lot
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