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7/5 c14 Ferocious Nightfury
Dude you gotta update this shit! This book is awesome! Please update soon! Can't wait for the next chapter! Wish he had taken divine dividing though. Would have been awesome for one person to have both longinus!
6/24 c4 Guest
6/23 c14 ZhaWarudo
Wow, this is actually pretty good. I was expecting to be fed up with a psychopathic protagonist but he finally has a goal beyond what was basically I'm gonna have fun in GTA and earn 6 stars of wanted. Nice that Seth stopped torturing and whatever for no reason, that's something I don't mind even being graphically shown if a villain does it, but it's our nature to root for the good guys and bias is not something to be ashamed of. It's no surprise there aren't many works where the protagonist is vile, no one would like that. Sure you can have even murderers as protagonists but not truly evil, not black but grey. Not sure though about 30 min to 40 days 100 time stop boost.
6/22 c1 ZhaWarudo
What an idiot, if he found his and others FB accounts don't exist, then obviously that's not his Earth, easy to conclude with the impossibility of becoming a Skyrim character, nope I don't accept panic as an excuse in case of this psycho.
6/21 c14 sevenkeller19
please more chapters
6/21 c14 sevenkeller19
please more truckers
6/20 c8 sevenkeller19
please more chapters
6/13 c13 4Anime Aikouka
I see you have read Worm. Have you given any thought to making fanfiction for it?
6/10 c10 XDBOI
Well den lmaaaao
6/9 c11 5Nonyaarb
6/7 c14 Undead Wyvern
oh how i hope this heap of golden shit is updated soon, i quite enjoy this story, and i do so hope you haven't lost the inspiration to write it, on a side note, also hoping you are keeping healthy and all that, would be a bummer if you died :/
5/28 c14 2Diaspared
This story is fascinating, because rather than just drowning in darkness as you seem to have intended, it's actually an intensely dark satirical critique of the ways human beings associate fictional beings with real moral considerations.

Or it's just a darkfic that I'm enjoying despite the blood and carnage because it turns out that presenting it as a weird fictional universe makes it pretty easy to not care about the characters beyond the human protagonist.

One of those, definitely.
5/28 c4 Diaspared
How very DxD.
5/28 c13 1Athreya
When are you going to update this awesome story?
5/24 c14 Lucz3b
Hey are you still planning on finishing this?
Love it btw 3
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