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for Force Without Balance

11/23 c17 MiaMorn
Interesting read
11/18 c2 Guest
11/20 c17 Purecolour
There is a lot I feel I should say, but I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll keep it simple.

This and your other fics are amazing. You build the worlds, the characters, the storys so well.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter, I can’t wait to see what you bring out next.
11/20 c11 Purecolour
Haha this fucking story. “We’ll pump heroin and platypus venom into their bloodstream”?
How the fuck do you come up with this.
You crazy motherfucker. I laughed so hard at this line, it came out of nowhere, you are insane, it shows in seths character.

I love it. I haven’t enjoyed a fanfiction story so much in a long time.
11/19 c12 2Janek Gra
I strongly suggest you focus more on the POV of Seth (latest chapter 17)
11/18 c7 JustaDK
Very disappointing chapter. Instead of getting any of the awesome DXD characters, hell even keeping with Sana is alot better, or improving on Raynare... we get Aika. Honestly I could give a rats ass if she is being bullied or not, she's like the most uninteresting character in all of DXD.
11/16 c17 Guest
A question that happened with koneko will meet with seth, because it would be his first waifu loli and seth will go to hades to kill samael at some point since he is also a dragon, as well as a dragon eater, and to prove what he said Nakamura should try Raynare's group, if she could also go after Yasaka and Kunou, since they are the non-legal milf and loli that hardly appear in fanfiction
11/18 c17 CandyMaster
long time, such a great chapter. hope you well and still alive
11/15 c17 tuscog
11/17 c1 5TheFlowerOfTheCourt
Dude, where the heII has this fic been hiding from me at all this time?
11/14 c17 Guest
Kinda hiping4for Ajuka to clone or turn himself into a girl(genderswap) and just have a child with Seth to fufill the bet he nade with Zech
11/15 c17 Chaos2020
Yo man thank you for being such an amazing writer. I have now officially read all your works. And your novel if amazing. I use hate the hole gamer power or set up but the way you Wright it doesn’t seem broken or clunky it seems do able. I love the hole worm and that his ability gave him split personalities
11/13 c17 Guest
Sera in this chapter actually made me depressed for some reason
11/15 c2 Thanos69
The name Seth reminds me of the youtuber SsethTzeentach :'D.
Hey Hey people Seth here, today i will be reviewing Force Without Balance. LOL
11/14 c17 1EVA-Saiyajin
Didn’t expect that considering several chapters ago when Serafall was envious over how well the two Super Satans seemed to synch and no each other, to the point of equal inhumanity.
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