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12/2 c10 Wesker12
Alright, honest review.

I've been rereading this, and I must say, there are a lot of flaws here. The MC, Seth, is spoiled as hell. Not only that, he acts like a bipolar kid playing Warcraft 3 with multiple cheat codes activated. There are a lot of contradictory statements as well, like how you said he has the brain of a person who killed everybody in Skyrim as well as Ddraig's memories but he still acts like an edgy teen. The power up the hero faction got was also way too sudden, which will explained the hate that you're getting.


I did enjoy it, I really did. The way you depicted the dragon shouts and their effects was something I really enjoyed, and it was pretty damn awesome. Shame that the later chapters killed this story though.
11/25 c13 Uzeal primordial of gravity
You know reading this story made me realize how fuck up and cowardly we humans can be.
What happen to issei and his family was fuck up but then again what’s a god to a king or to be more precise what’s a immortal vampire/dragon to a human and plus more
11/19 c19 Guest
Look man, you're a great writer. Don't forget that. But that entire "MC loses everything and comes back stronger" trope got used so many times, one would think you fell in love with it!
The entire plot was all about a overpowered and aimless vampire douche throwing shit around like Overlord. You did this for over fifteen chapters, before you decided to initiate a Flashpoint.
This was a bad move, to put it lightly. You build up SO much stuff with your plot, potential scenarios and ideas for the future and then you just threw it all away into the garbage can and decided to introduce an entire OC world which only superficially resembles Highschool DxD.
I have zero interest in this new plot and the MC showed us very well just how pathetic he actually is deep down. Just some angsty moron who got to drunk on the power he got for free. Quite kind of Ajuka to give him the chance to jump out on his own.
11/18 c19 Guest
I can't genuinely tell you the reaction I had to chapter 19 the first time I read it probably sometime in February and every couple of months I come back I read it again and every time I got this dumbass smile on my face I just wish more people could have felt the same I believe I'm going to give up on waiting for an update but for what it's worth, thank you
11/13 c17 ProfesionalCartoon
Now that I read this again without the emotion from the previous chapters, I can say that I would fucking love seeing this continue. Seeing Seth's journey to either become a person worthy of his skills and abilities or his journey to become this new DxD's worlds (would love to see your unique spin on the DXD world) greatest pain in the ass would be so fucking awesome to read. Hope you come back to this and aren't discouraged from all the negative reviews your decision has caused. That's also depending on the fact that you haven't died just yet bc you haven't updated in a while.
11/3 c19 Inanis
Should just admit to a mistake and retcon the last 2 chapters
11/3 c1 venyr4686
yeah, no.
It's a shame, really, we know that the MC is cocky af and it's been stated that he can beat Maou-Class opponents, wtf happened the last 2 chaps dudu?! There was no build up or anything.
11/2 c19 sadarsa
aaaannnnddddd it ended here... I can see why. I imagine many people were pissed off.
10/24 c19 1.6180339887498948482045868
this was a fun fanfiction to read, but the last couple of chapters just kind of went off the rails. viser was my favorite character and after the heart-to-heart with levi-tan i was immensely disappointed when they just unceremoniously died.
10/24 c19 Nunami112
You should continue this story, its pretty good
10/20 c1 Nunami112
I know what that guy feel, i am playing fallout 4 survival mode, and i habe gotten bored because of how easy it is, and the only way i can have fun is by getting a bunch of mods that increases the game difficulty
10/19 c11 diazxb
The writer must be a troll, cause i cant believe anyone would write this thinking and think it was good
10/19 c10 diazxb
What the actual fuck? Were you high when you wrote this?
10/14 c15 5Nonyaarb
10/8 c11 1Nastadoa
hmmmmmmm yea this where the story died for me
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