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3h c19 mmngcamphalala
Re-skin is just a re-write with extra steps.

Should've just finished the fucking story, now it's dead, LIKE ALL RE-WRITES!
1/26 c5 mmngcamphalala
Issei deserves everything.

Vampire Hitler did nothing wrong.
1/22 c1 Lord Of Domination
I hope this author quit writing, he wouldn't know how to make a good and consistent story even if his life depended on it...
1/20 c19 Stixdude
This is basically false advertising, you realise that yes?
1/19 c1 Trevion1 Brownlee
I really loved this series until chapter 18 I feel like there were thousands of ways to get out of that fight or to win that fight easily without even thinking heck if he finished the entire Game he would have at least six shouts that would’ve instantly destroyed all of the creatures or let him escape then there was how poorly he handled it and I would get if you were just some normal guy coming from earth and then randomly got all of this power which is what happened but not at the same time he has all the experience and knowledge of Of the red Welsh dragon of domination literally one of the oldest and strongest dragons heck a pervert could not think with his head had a piece of his power and knowledge and is literally One of if not the strongest devil in the verse but like year three
12/29/2022 c19 robogamer11041
12/24/2022 c1 mrttao
The most stupid most edgelord DxD fic I have seen to date

MC uses his max level vampire dohvakin in skyrim to kill literally everything alive (using a mod to make all npc's killable). So ROB transforms him into his skyrim character and drops him in DxD verse just before the show starts. MC was affected by the character to become even more psycho and he has full setting knowledge. Also author interpreted it as him starting out as an ultimate class being. With the power of an elder vampire from fiction instead of the debilitating disease vampirsm is in skyrim, and with powers dialed up to 11. For example fire breath shout causing stone to evaporate and devastating even angels instead of dealing piddling damage.

MC immediately rushes towards issei to use dohvakin power to devour ddraig. Instead of just burning the house down to hide evidence he concocts the most edgy and idiotic plan ever.
He mind controls issei's mother into murdering the father. Then turns issei into a zombie, orders zombie issei to rape the mother and orders her to bite his dick off and choke it to death when done (he then leaves without waiting for the deed to be done, with absolute certainty that his orders will be followed).

Putting aside how choking to death is not an effective way to kill a zombie. His entire plan is based on the idea that she will "mindbreak" to the point of not being able to give coherent testimony. That people will assume issei is the one who killed his dad and raped his mom despite ample forensic evidence showing it was the mom who killed the dad. And that somehow the magical investigators will not notice the fact issei is a zombie nor bother casting any spells on the mother to get info out of her.

This shouldn't work because it is an idiotic overly complicated plan. KISS, just burn the house down... but anyways, everyone buys it, including all the magical factions who investigate since apparently they all knew he had a sacred gear.
12/13/2022 c18 Falschen
Bro, you still there?
12/13/2022 c19 ARK786
Kinda like those Chinese novels though it is obvious Ajuka was faking since Seth just happened to fall near his item.
12/12/2022 c12 ARK786
There was something oddly satisfying about this chapter .
12/9/2022 c1 22Kingdark
I read a couple of your chapters, and sorry, but your MC is just too arrogant for my liking. It seemed like an interesting setup but... Well, this story is not for me. The only criticism I have besides that is to pay attention to your, you're, there, they're and their. Despite how similar they are written and how similar they sound, they are all very different.
12/8/2022 c19 Myth0605
I always wonder what kind of person could have ideas as chaotic as this author, would b interesting to have a conversation with someone this anormal.
12/6/2022 c19 AlbinosTheSnake
You don't know how much I wish for a next chapter
11/12/2022 c19 Guest
You still alive? If so make more chapters please
11/2/2022 c19 TheUnknowableOne
For a minute there I thought that was the biggest, stupidest cop out I had ever freaking seen. And boy was I pissed. Now I don't know what to think.
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