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for Fable: The Count

2/1/2019 c1 10Little Miss Firebright
Your writing is incredible. This fic is well done in all regards, and deserves much more attention than it has received. Congrats on a job well done!
12/29/2018 c1 73One Winged A2
Hello, DPL of Writers United doing some reviewing here in my favorite fandom. If anything I say seems harsh, please know it isn't intentional and I do not mean to belittle or insult you in any way. So, let's get on with the review, shall we?

To start off, I absolutely love this. I can't recall anyone doing a story about the Count (who we know so little of), and I've been reading and writing Fable fanfiction for years. I love your descriptions about everything; you've really set the mood that the Count is someone who should be feared.

Even little detail like the Count having other alchemists and showing them to Alphonse is done well. Fable is a beautiful world, and you described just the brooding castle in such a way that makes a shiver go up one's spine. Kudos to you! :D

I also really like how you have brought in a lot of the little information we know about Leo Head. That is sadly another person of significance barely mentioned in Fable 2 like the Count, and I love that you how you've portrayed the characters. The Count gives off this sense of 'Do not mess with me'. and Alphonse...gosh, I can picture him. Poor young alchemist studying Leo's work in the dark castle and trying to not let the screams bother him...

Grammar: You get a one hundred percent on. Your structure is damn perfect. Nothing seems rushed or out of place. Seriously, you deserve a hell of a lot more reviews.

I...really don't have anything 'negative' to say about this. This fic is just awesome. It's a hidden gem buried in a dead-ish fandom, but I sure as hell am going to keep tabs on this and hopefully encourage other Fable writers to look at this.

Great pacing, descriptive, and solid charactarizations. I love it. You're earning a favorite and a follow from me. I'll be back to review the first real chapter soon! Hope you continue writing! :D

-DPL of Writers United

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