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for Team RWBY in Avalar

7/25/2021 c3 Guest
Where's spyro in this
5/31/2020 c16 Guest
Weiss... please stop being a blabbermouth
2/17/2020 c32 Archerdudd
Can you do RWBY in Conker’s Bad Fur Day?
12/31/2019 c32 60Sai Kunai Blade
Amazing ending to an awesome story.
12/31/2019 c28 Sai Kunai Blade
Nice chapter. I loved Jaune's goofiness and lightly teasing Pyrrha, as well as Pyrrha being op and chastising that wizard.
12/21/2019 c32 Raresanity05
Can you do RWBY in Crash Twinsanity or Conker's Bad Fur Day?
11/10/2019 c32 1R.A.B. Entertainment Inc
Wahoo now that this story is over the next is going to be awsome soon. So when you going to make the next spyro and rwby sequel are you going to put other characters from rwby into the story too?
10/22/2019 c31 R.A.B. Entertainment Inc
Neat chapter so after they defeat Ripto will they return home and still have a way to come visit Spyro and his friends?
9/23/2019 c30 R.A.B. Entertainment Inc
This is going to be awesome! But how are they going to fly when ripto's at his third stage; pterodactyl bot.
8/6/2019 c28 R.A.B. Entertainment Inc
Metropolis, I wana see how Weiss react to the Rocket Pigs and Space Cows.
7/14/2019 c26 60Sai Kunai Blade
I would love to see this fic get a sequel! Please do that!
7/9/2019 c26 1R.A.B. Entertainment Inc
After your done with this story, will the sequel be dofferent or spyro will join them?
6/3/2019 c26 Guest
Im definitely interested in this story. Please continue.
4/28/2019 c1 1J.K Rowlings trans sister
This story and all its characters are officially declared as gay by me, the official gay detector.
Here is a wee quote from star wars.

The gay is strong in this one.
- Yoda Master of gay
3/19/2019 c22 Dracus6
hey there idea Crossover for you
Rwby and The Witcher.
team Rwby finds themselves in another world call the Northern Kingdoms where they encounter a witcher. now they have to adapt evolve and survive in the world of the Witchers. team Rwby will up with the witcher to fight monsters lifting up curses and help people.
OC as the Witcher.
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