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8/8/2020 c24 Shia Rephic
Lmao, “at least we’ll die a quick death” that was such a mood! And Iida is finally starting to accept/ resign himself to the madness of Wonderland, and Cheshire you are still my favvvvv sorry Allen

Thank you for the chapter!
5/2/2020 c23 Guest
Can’t wait for what you do next
4/21/2020 c8 3Qwho
4/5/2020 c23 Shia Rephic
The Mock turtle being an absolute saint but I thought Allen’s secret weapon was going to be Izuku, just grabbing Izuku and squishing his cheeks and saying “YOU EXPECT AN ANGEL TO PAY FOR YOUR TICKETS!?”
3/21/2020 c22 Shia Rephic
1/14/2020 c18 Gabriel
I loved this and really want more. I’m surprised kogikoda didn’t say anything about doormouse
12/27/2019 c17 Guest
I'm glad you're still active, even if I waited a few weeks to months for a new chapter, so be it, your story is always worth the wait. It is fantastic. I am looking forward to another chapter whenever you update.
12/26/2019 c17 Emily
Yes you are back thank god I can’t wait for the walrus and the carpenter
12/3/2019 c10 Emily
Pleae more i need to see what is next
10/14/2019 c1 Emily
Please update I need more
8/9/2019 c21 Shia Rephic
We will miss you! Thanks for the chapter
8/2/2019 c20 Shia Rephic
Although I’m a bit sad that they won’t be shipped as long as Allen treats Izuku like glass and like a child I’m fine
7/26/2019 c18 Page
Aw man, I know how that feels. That happened to me once, though it’s a different scenario from yours. I was doing an essay for my final exam on my laptop, then the next day it got a virus and I’ve lost all my hard work because I have to get it fixed. DX I have to do it all over again but I managed. Luckily, my professor is nice enough to give me another week to work on it. From then on, I save all my stuff on a flash drive in case something like that happens again.

Unlike me, you can take all the time you need to get back where you last left off. I’ll be looking forward to more of your works after your hiatus. Take care.
7/26/2019 c7 Guest
I'm enjoying the absolute fuck outta this but please don't turn it to izuku x Allen, please. Or yaoi for that matter. Just, please don't.
7/26/2019 c19 7
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