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for Re:Zero - Modernizing Another World

5/15 c9 Captain Imaginat
Finally a Re Zero crossover where Roswaal's reign has come to end and is gone for good it's just so cathartic. Not only that but Subaru's not going to make a contract with Roswaal which something that bothers me from canon and other Re Zero fanfic and fanfic crossovers and not to mention Emilia doesn't have to keep him around anymore as she shouldn't have him as a benefactor. Theo shares my exact sentiments about why screw being careful about Roswaal he nearly had all of Lugnicia killed and was willing ti both Subaru and Emilia's life why should I care if Roswaal's a noble he abused that power and neglected and ignored his duties as one not of mention weaseled his way out taking responsibility by making pathetic and lousy excuses as well as had no problems stomping on Emilia's rights, felelings and freedom for his own Gian.

Theo's right never had Emilia's best interests at heart and was exploiting her for his own interests why should Emilia be supported by guy who was plotting behind her back and saw her nothing more than a tool Why should Emilia be supported by a person whose is only in it for himself and would other a spawns. I'm really glad that Luctiana suggested solving the situation by ending the biggest instigators of the problem Roswaal and Satella and Theo deciding to do so with a Death Note is so satisfying to read about. RedoXPete I'm glad you eradicated Roswaal fork the Re:Zero universe. Also I'm really glad that Ram has overcome her love, devotion and loyalty to Roswaal and moved on form that's incredibly refreshing to read about.
5/13 c9 Captain Imaginat
RedoXPete I'm really glad that you had Theo kill Roswaal and that karma had catches up Roswaal in one of the best ways possible. Not to mention Roswaal's death was so over the top yet epic committing suicide but not of his own choice with no control. I'm also really glad that Theo doesn't trust Roswaal nor likes him in the slightest and that he managed to find out everything about Roswaal's plan before Roswaal revealed it to Subaru and told everything about it to Subaru. Also it's heartwarming to see Theo reunite with Emilia and apologize to Emilia for not protecting her from Roswaal as well as killing Roswaal to keep her safe and doing the same too Satella and Betelgeuse . It was so satisfying to see Roswaal be powerless and helpless against the Death Note and see it rid him from Emilia's world done and for all.

RedoXPete you make me proud that got rid of that sleazeball Roswaal and took care of him finally no more having to deal with that guy and it's glad that Lugnicia and Emilia's world is free form him and that he won't be around anytime soon nor threatening the world anymore now that he's dead and gone for good.
8/5/2020 c14 Rathaloski Navki Suvru
Pls update
1/14/2020 c1 XDNOVA13
you need to space everything out, as it stands this story is a nightmare for anyone with dyslexia, please get a beta reader to help you edit this into something digestible before you work on any further chapters.
9/24/2019 c1 36DewElr
i got lost what happen to Saito around the end?
6/4/2019 c1 2RedoxPete
Due to the magic that is already available, the industrial/adaption process would take only two years, rather than 10. Magic helps speeds it up quite a bit. :)
6/3/2019 c1 2semsas
Not to be the changes Saito made should've taken like 10 years? It's not like they have industrial capability
5/10/2019 c9 narwastu13
You did a good job when Subaru telling them all hiss suffering even though the wall of text still annoying
5/10/2019 c4 narwastu13
Ugh it's back being text wall again
5/10/2019 c3 narwastu13
Okay that better
5/10/2019 c2 narwastu13
Damn it so hard to read. The wall text make your story unreadable dude. Try to see some novel and see how they're written before wrote this
1/10/2019 c2 Guest
Can you please make the paragraphs smaller.
Make it so that whenever a scene changes, the name of the place would be in bold text so I don't get confused!
Piece of advice:Look at other fanfics and others franchise to see what people do in their stories like how they make a scene change and how long the paragraphs and sentences are.
It is imperative that you take a look so you can fix the problems in your writing.
10/22/2018 c4 OnePunchPlayer
Tiffania? YOU . Playing . Fortnite? NO, Become a Guardian instead! [Jokes] (I don't know how the Light would effect on the dead bodies of Elves though...[thoughtful])

(Keep up the work, although your paragraphs do need a bit of editing. [Replying not unkindly])
9/25/2018 c1 7SSJ Red graffiti
very mucho good.
but there's a thorn in this flower and i need to pull it out.
the paragraphs were long so I felt as if I was getting lost.

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