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9/11 c36 Conan14124869
Congratulations! And yes, this chapter is so good. I think it's because of them Angels that change Goku. Anyway, good work
8/12 c34 Conan14124869
Super Saiyan Violet...cool LOL
8/5 c34 Just a DBS fan
I’m impressed with this story, but could you add some more about Goku spending time with his wives?
7/28 c33 Elmo3273
So is the story finished
7/27 c33 Conan14124869
Damn...so touching
7/15 c32 Conan14124869
Bye bye Zamarts. I knew it! Chichi is back lol Wow, 32 reviews for this fic...so proud of myself lol. Great job and please continue. I can't wait for the next chapter, especially Goku and Chichi.
7/15 c31 Conan14124869
WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? A FUSION BETWEEN JIREN AND BROLY? Holy shit that guy will destroy the entire multiverse in an instant if he wishes to. I really love this!
7/15 c30 Conan14124869
I mean...those two will never defeat Jiren and Broly. By the way, who's stronger between the two?
7/15 c29 Conan14124869
Those Saiyan girls are just so damn amazing. I knew it! Goku never let it go, and that's why the fusion didn't want to have a relationship, or RELATIONSHIPS with them. Anyway, that's just my guess.
7/15 c28 Conan14124869
Who could it be? Wait...I haven't seen Frieza...Don't tell me...
7/15 c27 Conan14124869
Fighting over women? Seriously?
7/15 c26 Conan14124869
WHATTT?! Ultra Instinct Caulifla? SO FUCKING AMAZING MAN. Wait, so Super Saiyan White is stronger than Ultra Instinct? It rivals to Zeno, right? 13...it reminds me of the Last Supper
7/15 c25 Conan14124869
The wife of Son Goku...never imagined Caulifla would say that.
7/15 c24 Conan14124869
7/15 c23 Conan14124869
I love how Cualifla works with Gohan. Both are completely the opposite of one another, but they fight together. Beerus is so badass at the end lmao. Beautiful!
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