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8/28/2018 c8 haike.m
Hallo LadyShelley,
Thank you for a wonderful story! I loved reading it very very very much. The story was great, the team acted in character and I loved the interaction between john and rodney. Somehow I am a little bit sad that it ended. My Hope is that there are more sga-stories coming from you in the future.
So thank you very much again and hopefully until soon!
8/27/2018 c8 Guest
Great story, lovely ending. Thanks
8/27/2018 c8 quantumleap13
Love the way you ended it!
8/27/2018 c1 BookEmDanno50
Just got done reading the entire story and loved it. Can’t wait til your next story
8/27/2018 c8 Peggy
Just got done reading the entire story and loved it. Hopefully you will be doing another one soon
8/27/2018 c8 2Elise Deschat
Ah the important, recovery. more coffee, friendship and family, and the best for last...more coffee :)
8/27/2018 c8 2Var Devonshire
LOL great ending to a wonderful team building story. The whole coffee/contraband conversation was perfect. Thank you for giving a glimpse into how the team grew stronger together and letting Rodney be a hero.
8/27/2018 c7 Guest
Great story
8/27/2018 c7 Guest
Ford always treated Rodney badly.
8/26/2018 c7 4MandaScooby
I wish I could favorite this more than once. I love your writing. You have such a way with weaving a good, entertaining, unique, endearing and suspenseful story. Your characterizations are spot-on for season 1. (Teyla stands out as a good example of that in this fic.) And your OCs are well written too; I think Thompson is great, even though we don't see much of him. I'm looking forward to more installments!
8/26/2018 c7 2Var Devonshire
Yay, Rodney successfully rescued Sheppard! And now, finally, Ford understands what Kolya did to Rodney so the team will be a team again. Great chapter!
8/26/2018 c7 2Elise Deschat
He needed to know...military is trained to handle the issues of war, civilians aren't...makes them more of a hero in my book...uniforms don't make the man a hero, some even betray the trust placed in that's what man does with the gifts he is given in face of fear that makes the hero...
8/26/2018 c2 Guest 64
It's a shame Ford is still questioning McKay after all this time. The moment between McKay and the kids was a sweet moment
8/25/2018 c6 2Var Devonshire
Nice action packed chapter along with little hints of what's to come. Rodney talking even knowing Sheppard is unconscious is totally in character. Teyla trying to impart some "How to interact with villagers" lessons to Ford is classic Teyla. Always enjoy stories that include Markham (and Stackhouse). Great chapter! You do a great job of leaving the reader wanting more.
8/25/2018 c6 Guest
I just found this story...and I'm absolutely loving it! You're right-it IS code for all SG:A fanfic writers to eventually do some sort of missing scene or epilogue for the epic The Storm/The Eye episodes g. I like what you've chosen as your contribution and cannot wait to read more!
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