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8/9 c1 1SneakyDevil
Maybe spend less time writing cringe-ass shit and more tie learning how to put grammar in your dialogue.
7/28 c17 17DRAGONDAVE45
Nicely done, if short for a chapter after so long. Will we meet some of these teachers next chapter? Am I also correct in guessing that a few of them may not be human?
I do sincerely hope that one of the new instructors is Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu. He could teach martial arts and chi-studies. He could have already been teaching Harry before now!
7/21 c17 6Knightwolf1875
Worth the wait! I love how this story is going and can't wait to read more.
7/21 c9 drducky
not having a separate name is kinda lazy tbh, and who would want to be known as harry the dragon
7/21 c17 nightwing27
its good to see this story back I hope it doesn't take another year for next update lol I hope the person who wrote a second chance snape return can updaye yoo snother story that its last update is almost a year lol that story is awsome too. snape saves lily and james and they stopped the attack on long bottoms
7/21 c17 dennisdaugherty1962
please update soon I love this story
7/18 c16 dennisdaugherty1962
please update soon I love this story please
5/7 c16 Demonic77
I love this version of the Harry Potter series. I can't wait for more.
4/20 c16 dragons9
This is good...can't wait for more.
4/6 c16 Harry Marshall
I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops, especially when it comes to Norbert, the Basilisk and the Horntail.
3/7 c16 1kittyranma
Oh my so much fun. I can't wait to see what happens next.
1/3 c11 Re Lovely Lover
Wait wait wait. I just caught that. That was supposed to be their original bodies and not avatars? How the hell were they killed then? Godly bodies shouldnt be slain so damned easily regardless of their memories.

Death just equals banishment back home temporarily? The hell?
1/3 c10 Re Lovely Lover
Confused why only Susan and Hannah just outright bypassed them and left while everyone else stayed.
12/31/2021 c1 Re Lovely Lover
The thing can tell he is still alive across planes?

The black children really got screwed by their family. Wonder if they will help people like Sirius and maybe Nevilles parents if they do head back in just a year like said.. though with the mentioning of Dumbles not even noticing till the letter was sent it sounds like they may not have headed back by then.
12/6/2021 c9 nicogo707070
Great chapter!
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