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for It's A Wonderful Life: One Piece Edition

6/5/2020 c13 Nami4Life
Oh well at least they forgave him ,for them making him want to take his own life ,but hey I knew it would end with him saying sorry .these garbage stories always end the same way ,because heaven forbid he does anything to offend his precious crew .pointless story indeed
6/5/2020 c12 Nami4Life
Great ,he gets back and gets slapped by sanji,so fucking dumb
6/5/2020 c11 Nami4Life
So the moral of the story is ,take your beatings and the verbal abuse ,the very reason he wanted to end his life ,because it’s better than the alternative.
6/5/2020 c7 Nami4Life
Luffy wanted to commit suicide because of the nastiness and violence towards him ,now this stupid angel is giving him a lecture on how not everything can be solved with violence and harsh words ,his crew should be on this journey,not him ,they need to see what it would be like if they were never recruited not him,it makes no luffy had not met zoro ,zoro would have been executed
6/5/2020 c1 Nami4Life
I bet luffy ends up apologising at the end of this shit ,that’s how this kind of story goes
4/3/2020 c13 Guest
Awesome ! Magnifique !
Really I love so much this story ! It was heartbreaking but at the same time warming because we know how Luffy is a great learder/captain but also a beautiful soul ! He also could learn how to cook and all of the other skills ! So cool !
Luffy is the one of best caracter !
1/9/2020 c3 6medchan
Constructive criticism: Coby wouldn't have been in this chapter at all because he would still be on Alvida's ship as her errand boy. He hadn't fully given up but even if he did manage to get that scrap piece of junk of a ship floating, he was deathly afraid of Zoro and advised Luffy to avoid that island, too.
12/31/2019 c14 Guest
The worst instance for me , and the point I stopped watching the anime was after wci on way back to sunny nami tells them to hurry luffy turns round and tells her she can’t say anything cos she is on Jimbeis back , out of nowhere sanji fly kicks him in the face and sends him through a tree , after everything that just happened and not 1 crew member said anything at all , I just thought I’m done with this shit , and I just want sanji to go die a horrible death , but it won’t happen because luffy will save him again ,talk about fucking irony
12/31/2019 c12 Guest
And the angel should have shown the fucking crew what it looks like with out him , and he’s the one to apologise I mean seriously what the fuck
12/31/2019 c12 Guest
sanji was the same old piece of shit eh , luffys been back what 10 mins and already the pervert creep has got mad at him twice and slapped him , way to ruin the reunion dumb fuck!
12/31/2019 c1 Guest
This is what I would love to happen in canon , fucking sick to death of the way he’s treated by his crew , and twenty years later it’s the same situation
5/30/2019 c6 3Ryan Mashall
Okay bt tht still doesn’t change how with him in their lives, they dnt want him, u shoulda had th angel show wat would happen if he died
5/29/2019 c2 Ryan Mashall
Well zoro is most likely dead so..i woulda saved him for last
5/29/2019 c1 Ryan Mashall
His crew’s gonna regret~ it
10/8/2018 c1 67Mar 'Darry' Darren
I watch both One Piece and Spongebob Squarepants. This chapter is definitely from Its A Wonderful Life and it also reminds me of the episode of Spongebob called 'What Happened to Spongebob?' In it, the title character has the worst day of his life that involved ruining everyone else's day. So much that he actually runs away while chanting his new mockname, Idiot Boy. He even left a note to be found much later than it actually did where he called himself Idiot Boy. Too bad that no one cried for him, Spongebob only came back because a town threatened him to leave. This story definitely ended much better than a kid's cartoon of course.
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