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for Cartoon mashup: The strike of devious Diesel 10

9/7 c7 30John2851
4/22 c6 John2851
More! More! More! More! Please!. Thomas have finally figured it out at the last minute...late as ever. Lol!.
4/22 c6 John2851
More! More! More! More! please!. Thomas figured it out at the last second... late as ever Thomas. Lol!.
5/30/2019 c5 PrincessRainbowSodaPop
Updateee, and I kinda have a small, little, tiny idea
Have another battle sequence, and have another person captured.. Make it Violet pls, I have been wondering what its gonna be like

Just update pls, and also, all of your other unfinished fanfics.. Just, just, update already plzzss
5/30/2019 c5 John2851
Wow that was something else!. Good job!.
11/25/2018 c2 32643 Kirby town
I like how you did the story but I can't have a favorite . Read his story's his very good at them
11/24/2018 c1 2643 Kirby town
You try you're best and you're story's are good

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