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4/23 c15 Otsutsuki ace
just when it got to the part I was waiting for, and the story stopped updating since last year
Is this still gonna continue?
4/3 c15 UseFistNotMouth
God tier. Do go on.
3/29 c1 1Gol D. Ace of Spades
This is quite the idea, making some of our fan favorites the supposed "bad guys," but it's one I like. Interesting concept, good job! *Enthusiastic thumbs up* Also will Chad be included in this because Chad, in my opinion, is the best Bleach character.
3/7 c15 1aitor.rosell.torralba
re-readed, still amazin'
2/24 c15 4Saisaici - The Helper
This is an great story, i can't wait for the next chapter.
2/14 c15 scorpio.milo64
I don't really speak much, but this is a well written story, probably one of the better ones.
2/5 c15 Patriota1993
This story is amazing, little too slow burn for my taste but still amazin. To not only have new addition to Bleach not serve Aizen but for them to take some of his heavy hitters witch them is awesome. He has what, like 2 Vasto Lorde born Arrancars in Espada?
2/1 c11 Strlo
I was reading Nel's wiki page, and apparently she was revealed to have been a vaste Lorde in the latest bleach light novel. Just thought you should know in case no one else has mentioned it yet
1/17 c15 1BlueMoonChaos
Those poor officers. RIP sanity, you will be mourned. Also, can’t wait for the Charlie-foxtrot about to hit Ichigo and the others when they return home. Straw Hats and gang are just gonna be split between panicking about the accidental mess, cackling at the chaos, and watching from the side while munching on popcorn. Think we can all guess who will be which.
1/10 c15 Guest
Hope this story comes back its fire
1/6 c15 1Uber Ghidorah
Hope you continue with this story soon. Just got caught up and I've been waiting for next chapter.
1/1 c15 Guest
You're dispersing yourself too much, you should tell whatever story you want to tell from one or two main pov instead of 50 like you're doing now.
12/25/2023 c15 1MysticRising
Im so happy the recent chapters had more focus on the Bleach side of things! Its one of the biggest problem woth crossovers where one series or cast completely eclispes the others. Although I pity Ichigo so much for attracting the wrong attention.
One of the best parts is how the side characters are getting development. I always baffled me that Yuzu and Karin were also hybrids, but absolutely no mention of their potnetial development. Its really cool the implied Quincy powers Karin is developing.
I also think it's amazing how the whole town is becoming aware and the government is so horribly confused. It's hilarious and a realistic reaction. I can't wait for the whole town to somehow develop ass kicking power to rival gotei 13.
12/12/2023 c15 Guest
This just put a smile on my face
12/2/2023 c15 Guest
Just a thought but the prototype hogyoku is it gonna develop sentience and have luffy characteristics and be like luffy own child
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