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6/23 c12 DeathCrawler
interesting story look forward the next chapters
6/20 c3 Uncle Dork
still had me laughing the second time
6/10 c12 4fangs of death
Love this story. I can see stark and Lilynette and nel’s, harribel,s group joining the straw hats if they had met in their animes!
6/8 c2 Noice
Yo, i felt this story was very strange in the beginning. I have never heard any of the straw hats being so focused on training, except for zoro. Especially luffy, luffy never trains. The only time was skipped over in the time skip. After that the senchou thing was bothering me for a long while. I have never heard anybody ever refer to luffy as senchou. Not in any media, fanfic, movie, tv show, comic, nothing. Even when the crew does refer to him as captain, they do so sparingly. And then it hit me. You are a bleach fan, who decided to throw in the straw hats into your story. The senchou thing is because the squads in soul society refer to the captains as senchou. The reason the straw hats constantly talk about training arcs is because bleach is full of training arcs. The reason they are constantly explaining their backstory is because everybody constantly explains their backstory in bleach. Let me tell you, the straw hats hate talking about themselves. No character has ever just talked about themself. Nami never told the straw hats her backstory, zoro never told the straw hats his backstory, sanji only offhanded mentions that he is from the the north blue. If their backstory is not tied to the plot, (ie, arlong park, enies lobby, drum island, whole cake, wano, dressrosa) no main character talks about themself. I read one piece stories very rarely, because i love one piece and i have never read a one piece fanfic that does one piece justice.

Beyond my gripes with mis characterization. It also seems like you are struggling with writing for so many characters. At one point, you just listed off like 6 or 7 characters and said they were amused. Admittedly, its a large amount of characters to keep track of. Even one piece started small and expanded out its main characters. Honestly, having a chapter or two of luffy running around and finding his crew mates and recharming them to join him would have been a cool start. As a bleach fan, though i guess i shouldn't be surprised that you expanded out to a bunch of characters at the first opportunity.
6/7 c1 Noice
Luffy's sealed thing being a hat is amazing. That is an amazing idea.
6/4 c12 jdmcd3
Orohime could use here ability to reattach/regrow the limb as she did for grimjow in cannon.
6/3 c12 1KingZthe1st
Story is pretty good. This has become my Justice waiting room.
5/31 c11 1EVA-Saiyajin
A great chapter.

Considering the asspulls handed to the Arrancar after Grimmjow first beat the shit out of Ichigo and established their power, it’s nice to see a story that looks to be treating them, especially the Vasto Lordes, with some respect.
5/29 c12 3psychoman13
Just found this story and I love it. I especially love how Kenpachi has unknowingly adopted a third of Zoro’s fighting style. I do have one question though, when are we gonna see the Strawhat’s ressureccions? I know they have them since you mentioned Chopper’s a few chapters ago. I already have a few guesses for some of them as, but not the whole crew since we haven’t actually seen them really fight as Hollow’s yet, at least not in detail.
Luffy’s would give him his rubber abilities a back namely gear 2 and 3, with a possible 2nd ressureccion giving him gear fourth with the ability to swap between tank, bound, and snake on the fly.
Zoro would be nine sword style, with the arms and faces bring real this time.
Sanji would be in his Hell Memories state.
Brook would go back to his old skeletal self, and have abilities that are a mix of Ichigo and Toshiro’s bankais.

And those are all the guesses I have, are any of them close. Just a simple yes or no will be fine, so you won’t have to give anything away.
5/25 c12 15Shikaku Zetsumei
Fun crossover, not too serious, but enough changes to keep things interesting. Looking forward to where you take things.

5/4 c7 Drakolf
Ok, Aizen choking to death on a sandwich because of Luffy being an idiot was something I should’ve seen coming. Didn’t stop me from laughing so hard my stomach hurt and I almost choked myself (I had just swallowed before laughing, lucky me). Even so, I’m greatly enjoying this. Can’t wait to see what else the Straw Hat Pirates mess up!
5/2 c9 8CRUDEN
Yes other surprises, like a certain pirate not having a paramecia fruit but a mystical zoan fruit instead hehehe right
5/2 c2 CRUDEN
Hey friend, really enjoying the new stort so far! Love that you added Starrk and Haribel, and Nel to the crew
4/27 c3 MetalBatt
Luffy with the Sun God drip
4/22 c12 Ophelia
I LIVE for these kind of crossovers. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for writing/sharing! :)
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