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4h c15 2Tobalerone
Ddammmnnn! If I had waited just a little longer to read this, I could have jumped right into the shit hitting the fan that has been set up for like the last 7 chapters!
I am so very much looking forward to all the shit that's about to go down! Isshin's daughters bringing home a few Hollows for dinner (will just Chopper and Lilly go? Everyone?)! The visored and shinigami making a move at the same time! Daaammmnn. Next, we'll have Aizen popping up out of the woodworks, too, or something. And I really can not WAIT for Luffy to get the chance to display his power, but also just his character in general
Also, I absolutely am loving how severely everyone is overthinking their motives. Two geniuses who also happen to be enemies are falling prey to the same conspiracy rabbit hole and Luffy doesn't know either of them. It's glorious. Not to mention the absolute perfect storm that was the raid and its consequences, without any real intent from Luffy. He truly is a force of nature.
I am excited to the crew to meet Ichigo. And I am looking forward to the fallout of them being friends with Ichigo's sisters

(Ps. The fact there was no audio for the afro conversation is a true, true tragedy)
9/26 c15 6King of Fans
Good chapter

All the women in the bathhouse’s eyes must’ve been like dinner plates seeing three invisible women taking a bath.

Surprisingly enough, they should ask Ussop for exercise tips. Aside from Luffy Ussop is the best on the crew when it comes to losing weight after all. It’s a shame none of them, realize/remember this fact.

I really like Nemu’s reasoning as to why Soul Society looks like futile Japan.
With the central 46 stifling progress to ensure their control and only a small handful of individuals retaining scientific knowledge after passing over, it definitely explains why Soul Society’s technological progress outside the Seireitei is moving at a snail's pace.

I also like Nemu’s answer about her hobbies, and how strange her club activities are. Then again, knowing who is in charge of their group, making secret passageways in Byakuya’s house is pretty reasonable.

Pretty good sparring match, and I like the strategy the three of them used.
Chad was the only one of the three that could keep up with Ichigo in a direct fight. Meanwhile, Ganju’s distractions, allow them to control the flow of the battle. Meanwhile, if one of the three is at risk of receiving a devastating attack Orihime could step in on defense. With this type of tag team no wonder Ichigo was being pushed to his limits.
As for who would receive the gold star for most improvement I would say Orihime. This is because of the fact she successfully took a page from Ganju and Tatsuki’s books during the sparring match in a notable way.

It appears Kon is going to be in hot water for a while when Ichigo gets back.

Lastly, I like their excuse as to why they are sending a captain as an escort. Making sure there are no other people around Ichigo’s friends' level of power back home, and getting a hands-on report of the world of the living after their systems went dark are both reasonable concerns.
Plus, I like their thought process as to which division to put Ichigo group under. It’s best to keep them together and choosing a squad that they only had positive interactions with makes a lot of sense. This only leaves squads 4, 10, and 13. Add in the fact that Toshirou can relate pretty well with Itchigo and their reasoning is flawless. The cherry on top is that they unknowingly lucked out in the fact that Toshirou would have good chemistry with Ichigo’s sister in the future and that Ishin is Ichigo’s father.
The only other squad I can argue is a better pick is Squad 13 as that is Rukia’s division.
9/25 c14 Sideways8
I keep imaging when Ichigo and co. confront the straw hats it's going to go down like this:

*Ichigo raises his sword* "get out here hollows, let's make this quick"
*Luffy opens door* "No! Go Away!" * Closes door*
9/24 c4 Dauntes
LOL, no. Vastly over-hyped pre-hogyoku Aizen. Insanely obnoxious. Thanks anyway.
9/23 c15 KenjiApex
Fun fact1: I actually didn't watch either of the show, but i check the wiki if I want context on either two fandoms.
#2: I watch more One Piece clips more often compared to Bleach.
#3: Back in the omake #1, Aizen choking on a sandwich after Luffy asked a simple but hilarious question was understandable, you can't spoil an actual Luffy vs Aizen fight.
#4: The appearance of Oda Eiichiro gave me a headcanon that the One Piece manga existed in NBFH.
#5: I actually didn't expect that you actually reply to me, THANK YOU!
9/23 c15 KenjiApex
I love how the One Piece characters was helping their author create a manga called One Piece.
Is the reason why they are helping him because Oda was a key to their past life?
9/23 c15 hellkiss
I genially love your story.
I must admit that I prefer the part in Karakura town than seireitei (personal preference)

The interaction between this new n’alarma is interesting in the sense that, yes there are a lot new people, they do get along. But as they are new to each other, they have some clash and problem that can arise.

The inevitable clash is coming
The part I was so waiting for is near. I am so excited.
9/22 c15 8The Keeper of Worlds
Ooohhhh fuck, things about to REALLY hit the fan now!
9/19 c15 Guest
Can you make a sequel to the Omake
9/9 c15 Dani1361
Hahahahehehe ahaaah, The Inevitable Clash? I can't wait for it.

Hitsugaya & company may end up blowing Ichigo's house... and his runaway excaptain house ...and the illegal mod soul that is using Ichigo's body while all of Ichigo's family is having dinner with superhollows (lilynette, Chopper, Starrk) and Don Kanonji.

The OC here where great the Mayor, and Police departments are pretty cool, I don't remember a single bleach fanfic where this scenario happens ( ͡ ‿ ͡) nicely done!

huh, I am going to reread again, thanks for writting. ( ) !
9/9 c14 dani1361
It was nice to re-read this
9/8 c15 26Cyricist001
Great chapter, can't wait to see how that dinner will unfold XD, man will it be awkward for some people.
9/2 c15 6bakezorishoes
Noooooooooooooo I cant stop reading! Its too good to look away!
8/30 c1 Colacheunion
Luffy will have gained some abilities and powers from some of those souls similar to Nightmare Luffy where he gained the abilities of those shadows, since through sheer willpower, he can resist losing his mind by absorbing shadows through the Kage Kage no Mi. Shadows belonging to strong-willed people are difficult to control, allowing them to rebel against covenant Moria who usually immediately subjugates a shadow to her supremacy and orders. Spiritual energy is contained within one's soul/life; this energy is represented by fighting power or Haki itself. Those with strong souls, which are counterparts to shadows.

So Luffy must have gained some new abilities and powers from those Hollow he devoured.
8/29 c3 Sideways8
So can Luffy, Robin, Chopper, and Brook swim because Luffy is practically immune to fire because "his brother is Fore and never hurt him" and I gotta be honest I do not remember a majority of how hollows work, but I assume that they can't swim but not because they are physically incapable of swimming but because the "rule" of them being unable to swim after eating a devil fruit is so hard wired into their brains that they became psychosomatically unable to swim
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