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11/15/2022 c3 Ebrahim051
Lufyy freaking ate it? Bruh Aizen wasted hundreds of years of his life to get that shit and Luffy ate it like a candy. Lol I'm picturing Aizen's and Urohara's face when they hear this that would be hilarious.
11/14/2022 c4 1WitnessofFate
Now that you mentioned power scaling I can’t help but think what all the straw hats released form is, with Luffy I’m assuming it’s his most recent gear but with everyone else I have no clue, and I’m glad with what you have for power scaling because I don’t think Luffy would be able to beat them but I am glad he’d be able to push them beyond anyone has before
11/9/2022 c2 PP
Cero can be used by all hollows that are Menos class. you dont need to be and Arrancar
11/6/2022 c13 thainacristina.covas
Amei a história , ela terá continuação?
10/26/2022 c3 15Iron M. Writer
0.o! Luffy...please tell me he didn't just eat the freakin Hōgyoku
10/26/2022 c13 Sir Da Bomb
Dude, you had me actually laughing, not the puffing-air-out-your-nose thing but actually laughing! This was way to fun! Can't believe I just scrolled past this whenever I checked out new stories to read! Good job!
10/15/2022 c6 Thekiller7
The part with Matsumoto really hammers home one of the plot holes of BLeach: There seemingly only being the Seireitei, in Japan's cultural sphere. What about the rest of the world? What should have happened is the Seireitei calling for aid from foreign counterparts for aid.
10/11/2022 c13 YCG
My guess of one the ability Choper have is is make any concoction for healing to viruses even viruses to counter other thing or even other effects. Similar with his battle of Queen viruses. Since in story chopper can make concoction for healing in jar for the Straw Hats. I don’t know if chopper still have a similar power to his transformation ability.
10/12/2022 c13 6King of Fans
Good chapter

I had a feeling Ichigo’s Kido training would be about as effective as Renji’s. What can I say based off of his Reishūkaku straining he has the power part down pat, but overall level of control and precision is practically nonexistent.

Maybe they should try some Bakudō barriers next. Sure it might sound a little insane after the destructive power ichigo showed, but it would allow them to better recycle Ichigo’s Reishūkaku training, and it’s the closest type of Kido to Blut vein. The one Quincy technique Ichigo can instinctually use to a notable degree.

I can’t argue with you about Orihime’s powers. Her powers are somewhere between that of a soul reaper and a fullbringer when it comes to typings. On one hand her fairies are similar to Zanpakuto spirits. On the other hand she is a living human who uses a specific object she is close to in combat. Her powers are similar to both, but don’t comfortably fit into either one.

That’s an excellent point on Chads potential as despite this being the second time he has fight using his powers and has only recently become spiritually aware the guy successfully defeated a decent chunk of a squad and is at a completely different level compared to your average third seats.

I like their reactions to orihimes powers. As the method she uses to heal is both extraordinary and unsuspected. Meanwhile the implications of which are groundbreaking.
Because if given enough training her healing powers alone could theoretically heal anything. Meanwhile her other two abilities uses similar principles, meaning their potential is also pretty high regardless of which of the 3 she focuses on.

I would really like that Tatsuki is been trained as depending on your perspective or overall potential might be greater than chad and orihime. As see she is really good at martial arts and is the first among ichigo’s Friends to develop powers.

I really like that you’re having Jimbei train Tatsuki as they are both notable karate masters.

Speaking of karate I can imagine Tatsuki asking Jimbei what variant of karate he uses. As Tatsuki has been training in karate since she was young, but she has never seen fishman karate.

Lastly why do I have the feeling Karin is trying to figure out how to make that spirit ball the size of a soccer ball and how she could kick it? :3
10/3/2022 c13 11LoveLifeForever
So we've established that this Hogyokou was formed with a part of Rangiku's soul. We've also established that it helped reject reality to allow the Straw Hats realize their goal of leaving the Hollow life behind. And finally we've established that both Orihime are beautiful, busty girls with hair various shades of red and a propensity for slightly ditzy behavior of varying intensities...

... Which leads me to a fan theory I don't think I've ever come across before. What if Orihime and Rangiku are related (much like Kaien and Ichigo) and Aizen took the part of her soul that lets their family reject reality? After all, the only thing we know about Orihime's old family is that her older brother took them away for her safety. And wouldn't that just be par for the course for a noble family in the Sereitei? Which still leaves the question of how Rangiku would have gotten separated, but whatever. Honestly getting some Sanji vibes the longer this thread of thought stretches out...

Also, here's an idea for if the Hogyokou becomes a part of their family.

Let the Going Merry come back to join them. After all, didn't the Merry herself embody the pursuit of their dreams almost as much as Luffy's Straw Hat? As Jack Sparrow once so excellent said it, "What a ship is... is Freedom."

(Holy crap I just got chills because "He's A Pirate" started playing those wonderful mellow chords right as I was writing this. That's a hell of a coincidence. O.O)

The only question is if she'll be a girl, a ship or a ship-girl?

Also, do Robin and Luffy have their old powers as unique Hollow abilities a la Barragan's time powers? It's been pretty neatly avoided as being a possibility or not, but given how much everyone else retained of their former selves, it would seem unfair to have it any other way.

Would it add much to their combat potential? Maybe not, but it was still a huge part of who they were. Is Robin really Robin if she isn't sneaking around everywhere and spying on the unaware? Is Luffy as much Luffy when he isn't a goofy, stretchy rubber-man?
10/1/2022 c13 Guest
is luffy shipped with anyone?
10/2/2022 c13 1Johng23
Well there’s only one thing to say to Ichigo at this moment. RUN BITCH RUN!
10/2/2022 c13 4OceanLord2017
Wait...did you just...oh my goodness! You've done God's work...having Halibel PURR! And just like that...the world's entire female-attracted population has all died happily! Hope you're proud of yourself!

But seriously...still adoring your take on her actually having a chance to let loose a bit.

Do my eyes deceive me...or is that a Tatsuki becoming relevant I see?! Hallelujah! Ichigo's going to get back and see a PLETHORA of Fishman Karate users taking out Hollows and Soul Reapers alike!
But seriously...I do appreciate Jinbe being the 'Team Dad' he is with Tatsuki!

Do like the Soul Society scenes...with Ichigo learning Kido...Rangiku getting to know the kids...Chad and Shunsui having a moment...and of course...YACHIRU UNLEASHED! FEAR the small Pink child...FEAR!

Although...on that note...I do get a kick when characters pull that 'Achievements in Ignorance'...not knowing just how amazing they are. And Orihime here was GOLD! LOL!

You's getting to the point where I'm wondering if I'll have to put Urahara and Isshin into straight-jackets, locked in rubber rooms when they finally SEE the SHP being themselves! LOL!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah yes...Zennosuke...he chose...poorly. One does not simply try and imitate the FUNK and MANLINESS!

Looking forward to what's next! Til Next Time! Have Fun! Stay Safe!
10/1/2022 c13 DraconeKing
9/29/2022 c13 1Lobisomen616
Right. So I've been bloody dead to the world for a while, but I'm starting to catch up, and it's good to see that you haven't missed a beat while I've been gone. My one misgiving with the story is how... Quiet Aizen has been, but I suppose that's to be expected when he's probably one snarky comment from Gin away from systematically murdering everything in Hueco Mundo and just saying 'Fuck it' and trying to force his way into the Soul King's Palace by himself.

Joke's aside though, I faintly recall an issue you had with the pretense of the One Piece world being present in the setting at all, and I actually have a suggestion about that, and it's one you've probably considered over the course of the last year or two considering certain... Revelations that I'm not eager to spoil for those somehow still not in the know. But my proposed solution is rather simple: The Moon.

Yhwach's presence and comments establishes that there's probably been a bit of a cycle to the creation of the World of the Living and the Soul Society. My proposal then is that the One Piece world was the previous incarnation of the World of the Living before that world's version of Yhwach became the Soul King and remade the world to be a bit more... Orderly. By that logic, the world the Straw Hats knew is undoubtedly dead and buried, but somehow they managed to become Hollows and find their way to Hueco Mundo. And there's an implication there that I've entertained, that being the notion that Hueco Mundo is an anomaly that the Soul King and Yhwach have no innate authority over, allowing it to have survived at least one universal reset, and it may very well be a permanent fixture within Bleach's cosmology that has persisted from world to world, always managing to slip through the cracks in some form or anothet. But before we start entertaining the notion of a giant crossover with Hueco Mundo being the Nexus of All Realities or some such, let us entertain the notion as it pertains to the crossover of Bleach and One Piece specifically. In short? Hueco Mundo, the 'Hollow World' or the 'Hollow Sphere' is actually the moon of the One Piece world. Or one of the moons at least. One Piece's astronomy is kind of lacking in detail in that regard...

Anyways. That is my proposed suggestion for a way to tie all of this together in a way that makes sense. The particulars, and of course whether you choose to even entertain my particular brand of lunacy to begin with, are of course entirely up to you, but regardless, I look forward to the next installment in this story, as I always have. Even if I am late to my own funeral...

Keep up the good work.
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