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4/20 c14 6King of Fans
Good chapter

Rangiku has a good point that Ichigo’s training is like the inverse of a normal soul reaper. Even Ichigo’s father quickly recognized this. The fact Ichigo learned Bankai without purposely entering his inner world should speak volumes about this fact.

Bonus points for the fact when ever Ichigo attempted to contact his Zanpakuto spirit he got the white Ichigo.

I liked Jinbie and Tatsuki's dynamic.

I also like how Tatsuki grilled the twins for information.

The fact Karin didn’t trust Sanji at first was really in character, and I liked the advice the cook gave her.

This lead’s me to her new attack. I liked how she came to that conclusion was really good, and I love everyone’s reaction to it. As Karin literally kicked the equivalent of a bomb and didn’t blow up.

Lastly, I am excited to hear the training arc is ending soon. I like a good training arc as much as the next guy, but it felt like this arc was starting to drag on.
4/20 c14 flip flip2 electric bogaloo
let's go
4/17 c14 1Johng23
I have to say the oda stuff was a little funny and I’m hoping the visoreds just end up reading one piece to better understand their hollow neighbors but end up becoming fans of it instead to the point they shout out that the ‘one piece is real!’.
4/15 c14 Techgabe
I CANNOT wait to see if Oda creating the ONE PIECE manga is what spurres their memories into fully returning. I also can’t wait to see Ichigo’s reaction and the following chaos of when Ichigo and Co. return to Karakura town to find a dozen or so HYPER POWERFUL hollows just screwing around and having fun.
4/15 c14 Techgabe
I CANNOT WAIT for the next chapter. It would be TOTALLY IRONIC if Oda creating the ONE PIECE manga is what spurred their memories into fully returning. I can’t wait to see the chaos that will happen when Ichigo and Co. returns home to find a dozen or so HYPER POWERFUL hollows in his town having fun, and screwing around.
4/13 c14 8CRUDEN
Todays chapter is brought to you by the letter R, R for resolve.
4/13 c14 Guestifer
I thought only america didn't include sales tax... for some reason, doesn't everywhere else just have it in the actual price?
4/13 c14 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapter.
Oda is real.
4/12 c14 arispuffer
Hey gosh!

I been so busy lately and it pained me so much that I saw your updates but couldn't save the time to read it, so I booked 5 days off last weekend just to satisfied my craving and this story in particular was worth a re-read no matter what you say :D

Thank you very much for the story and the update.

For the DC story I will have to wait for another 5 days weekend because damn, I need to re-read that too :D
4/10 c14 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
4/9 c14 2Qriiz
that was a very, very long training montage.
4/8 c14 Ani-Me Fanboy 123
Ichigo group is getting ready for that Aizen rematch, even Orihime surprisingly. Strawhats getting used to the world is hilarious. I wonder what crazy power up each of the four gets for constantly being around Luffy. That soul candy energy, got to start unintentionally affecting them soon, similar to Chad and Orihime. Smart limiting humans hanging around Luffy or all of Karakura town would get powers!

Aizen has to have something that drags the soul candy or locks it in Karakura town. He's got a god complex but intelligence to back it up, unlike Enel. Or he'd be hunting down Luffy psychotically fast right now. Strawhats love adventuring, so once Luffy positive crew has a grasp on the world, they leave Katakura Town. Hopefully, not soon I want to see them meet Ichigo's group. Also, their poor Visored neighbors have to be starving now not grocery shopping! I can't wait for next time to see what happens.
4/8 c14 DeathCrawler
nice chapter look forward the next one's
4/8 c14 4Le055Li0n
Well this has been fun. Jimbe and Tatsuki was a highlight for me but the rest of the chapter was really interesting especially Rangiku.
4/7 c14 2Creation Teller
This was a great chapter. It truly captured the essence of "resolve" from those featured in the chapter, whether they want to have said resolve or not. Also just a fun fact, Resolve is also the name of the 189 chapter of the Bleach manga.

I am love how all the characters are getting stronger in new and exciting ways. Ichigo is learning spells, Karin is able to use spirit energy as attacks, and Tatsuki is learning from the from the champ martial artist of the Straw Hats. All the funny moments are done really well and I can picture them in either a Bleach of One Piece style. I am curious about the Shikai / Bankai mentioned near the end and am curious to see what will come from that. I hope to see Ichigo and the others come back soon, I am so excited to see how and if they meet Yuzu and Karin's teachers and how are really Hollows.

This chapter and possibly next based on the title feel like the wrapping up of a good filler between arcs and we are about to enter the Arrancar Arcs, action, drama, and everything.

Hope things get better with the site and you keep developing the characters nicely.

Two last notes: Loved the Oda/One Piece cameo, that is just gold. And despite the changes to the story the Soul Society and Aizen's army have to send people to Karakura town eventually. That is what sets off almost everything in those arcs. Also I think it would be funny to have the "Winter War" actually happen in winter and not earlier just for irony (and the fact that both sides are hurt and need a few more months to heal epically).
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