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4/16 c12 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Surprised no one mentioned Orihime to him.
4/14 c12 4Le055Li0n
A'ight, this took a while to properly think up, but here goes. I like how you are putting ripples out through the story in both directions (one piece and bleach that is). The tourists line was great because Mashiro was absolutely right.

Don Kanonji and all the stuff with the Karakura characters is lovely because I feel like they could've used more screen time in Bleach. And lilynette and chopper are a fun duo.
4/14 c12 8rose7anne101
oops forgot to say about the last chapter!
Yeah, I bet the lisp was not fun to write! Congrats!

Good questions Chad! The answer lazy mangaka writer! representation matter. It’s like in Hollywood everything happens only in the USA, in manga, everything happens in Japan. :P

Karin was never afraid! Really get the description of the girl! And get the message across that something important was going on.
Wait until you find out who your daddy is.

See! They are a tourist! XD

It's kind of funny in an ironic way! And they are not wrong to think about the fact they (strawhats) waiting for big meal! Considering Luffy’s big black hole of the stomach.

Karin and Yuzu, Lilynette and chopper! Team superhero! Evil spirits run before the four power rangers stroll to town XD
Karin is the Lilynette of the bunch!
I am looking forward to Sanji and Yuzu bonding over food!

I know it's supposed to be a sad situation but God sooooooooo funny! How I am supposed to connect with people if I can’t cut them! Best logic ever!

Of course, you are not my cutie pie! You are no evil spirit! XD

Really fun chapter! Keep it up! Looking forward to what you do next!
4/13 c11 rose7anne101
Was the dig about archnemesis only to evil reviewer or also to me? Hmmmmmm
Not sure How I feel about this! What about my feeling!?


Loved how you started this chapter!
Secrets and Luffy don’t mush together!
Brother and nakam! Good touch! Yeah, for Luffy nakam and brother are both family.
Luffy whistling and Nami and Robin not noticing! Hmmm… suspicious!
Nami that was not nice. Truse children are not very bright! But hearing their voice and giving an option or the illustion of one is still important to their development ( sorry about that, my inner psychologist get loose for a bit, he is under restraint now, no worry!)

Oh… Nami finally snapped! XD

Ohhh… will Shihōin play a role here? That will be great, I felt he had potential! Yoruichi's little brother

Ohhhh.. can Brook still make his death/skull joke if he have an actual body, with a beating heart and all the jazz? Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

So who has more reiryoku? Luffy or stark?


Ichigo knows what best for him. R&R… nahhh.. light spar is his r &R. ;)

LOL … read the safety instructions XD it is what tell my students in the lab!

X do not set indoors! (I am sending you a video about this XD)

But Nami it won’t be a surprise if we tell everybody! Luffy whined! ;D

A true leader ever! Luffy no eating people, bad hollows!

Rangiku and orihime? I don’t remember seeing much of interaction between them in cannon. Interesting.
I like where you are taking this!

Zoro- doing his job as second of command. Ethpada XD

I was wondering who would rub the masochist bit in! Zoro good on you.

Saying ‘far more civilized’ and the background sanji and zorro fighting is just hilarious!

Ohhh… wait they think those are with Aizen? Oooohhh… you have no idea what kind of headache you will be dealing with. One wrong move and ehhhhhhhhhhcccccccccccc

Ooooooooooohhhh… I didn’t see that coming! What twist! Lilynette and chopper with Ichigo’s sisters! Great twist!

Keep it up
4/13 c10 rose7anne101

I did a re-read, and I actually remember much more than, I thought! I am not sure which is the rewrite parts, or what I remember.
I love Gin! Tea
And the omaka still funny as hell!

So to ch number 9!

While they were speaking about the sun rising again, kept thinking about the moon.
Shouldn’t they like the darkness and moon more? Just a passing thought

I know he can do it, but it strange seeing Franky as the ‘sensible’ one! It fun as hell too!
Of course Cola!

Always love when Franky and Robin work together, never end up being good for their enemies!

Zoro is as ever getting lost, wanna try to give another creative way to help the direction-challenged fool? Just like justice.

Loved dondochakka question! We have Luffy stop worrying. It’s never that simple! ;)

I wish I was there instead of the Visored watching all the chaos. So confused, relax bring popcorn and enjoy the show. Of course, they are tourists! What else could they be!

Apacci and chopper?! Really! Ohhhhh

Vwe have us a ‘vigilante’ tiro- men beaters!

Bench-press a freight truck! Cracked me up! XD zoro it’s the principle of the thing!

Good point about batman!
Oh, not able to enjoy the sake. Poor poor drunken heads!

Poor Keigo! It will be full of nightmares more like it!

Hollow joke! Just perfect!

Really imagine a world when Oda hadn’t written OP. NOPE!

But the other hollows don’t Nel true identity wouldn’t they tell them? Now, that they are allies.

No mystery can stop our Robin!

Its been a while but still enjoying the story, and all the small tidbits! Keep it up!
4/12 c1 Martin-di-Arcov
the fact that Arrancar fom Nuestro mundo use Given-surname is obvious, since everything Hollow and Nuestro mundo related used Spanish (like arrancar=rip off, Balabullet and Nuestro mundo itself means our world)
it was the Bleach way of making Hollows and things related to them feel truly foreign... basing it all on another language entirely
4/11 c12 Joeseph21
I ran into this story completely by coincidence, one which I’m thanking all my lucky stars for. It’s a fun romp yet it’s not completely crack. It’s definitely a comedy fic but one that knows when to put on the big boy pants without taking itself to seriously. So far I’d recommend it 10/10
4/11 c12 rimpazem
An update! was so excited to read this again
4/10 c12 9Drake G. Reaper
This could be a fun thing but have Yuzu awaken Quincy powers while Karin awakens her own Shinigami powers it could generate some decent comedy. Also looking forward to the Straw Hats meeting their Vizard neighbors.
4/9 c12 Evil Reviewer
Well, it might be interesting to see how canon Zoro reacts to this version of Kenpachi.
4/8 c12 guest
i hope the author knows Orihime can restore missing limbs...
4/10 c12 8The Keeper of Worlds
The sheer assuming that everyone be doing!-LOL. Can’t Orihime fix his hands? Plus, he’d do adopt her after that too.
4/10 c12 4Greatazuredragon
Awesome chapter, good work.
4/10 c12 TKstein
I'm so glad you're continuing this story! To be honest, after so long without updates, I nearly have up hope!

excellent chapter, but I've got one question for you. Firstly,SPOILERNow that our turns out what Gear 5 is, and what fruit Luffy really ate, I.e. Nika, and awakening, due you intend to modify his power set accordingly?

Maybe as a Segunda Etapa? Because the ability to 'modify yourself and control the environment to fight as you wish' is quite beautifully broken and had tremendous potential, even for facing Ywach in the thousand year blood war.

Please do consider it
4/10 c8 h.hadi.j
I dont know how you plan to top something like the last chapter, but i sure look forward to jt
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