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5/19/2020 c8 14Bibliophile Anya
Oh sweet sweet chaos this is wonderful! I adore this! I cannot wait for the Strawhat madness and please would you make the sequel to the previous omake too?
The reactions of the Vizards omg... Lol The poop crisis! My stomach hurts... Will you be including other One Piece Characters? I would love to see Law and Ace more Ds more chaos afterall!
5/18/2020 c8 1Johng23
YES I FINALLY FIND A GOOD PROPER ONE PIECE CROSSOVER! Also I laughed hard at Aizens reaction ESPECIALLY on the Omake (Amoke?) no but seriously after reading your story I am in love so few fics can nail all the straw hats especially the force of chaos they are not to mention ships. Tier and Jimbe is something I didn’t know I NEEDED! Also chopper and Appace(?) I greatly approve the reaction I foresee are filled with FLUFF! Though I hope Mila and Sung get a ship too.
5/12/2020 c8 Vansmoke
thank you for the chap!
5/9/2020 c8 1Not-Quite-Old Man
I really like the story so far. A bit slow but that in its own right is good too. it gives each character a little bit of screen time so that each person's "favorite" won't get overshadowed. Like how in this chapter Jimbe and Sanji don't do all that much (in general) they are mentioned doing things and that lets people know "oh, so that is what they were up to."

It would be funny if Ichigo somehow stumbles upon them instead of running into the visored or if Ichigo found out they were friendly before Urahara does and starts using them to mess with the scientist's head as revenge for being an eccentric jerk at times. The other way around would be funny too. If Urahara finds out that they are friendly but wants to train Ichigo, he could trick Ichigo into trying to fight like Zoro or Sanji or something. Either way, there are a lot of directions you can go with this idea and I'm quite interested in how you progress moving forward. :D
5/8/2020 c8 Qhaq
Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
5/7/2020 c8 Joelseph14
Dammit I need more chapters this is a brilliant fanfic
5/5/2020 c8 Ali87
your writing is the best!
4/29/2020 c7 1MysticRising
I loved this. One piece freaks me out, but I'm glad I read this. Ghost samuri vs zombie cyborg. Awesome
4/25/2020 c8 Kj12
very enjoyable!
4/26/2020 c8 176Firehedgehog
love the fanfiuc
4/25/2020 c8 5intata
So outside of 'chapter' 7, this story is pretty good.

Looking forward to more.
4/25/2020 c7 intata
Skipped this whole chapter, since it was completely pointless to the story. Goddamn I hate Omakes. Especially long ones. Only serve to confuse the plot, since if I read them, I can't keep what's canon for your story straight. I remember shit happening, that didn't apparently FUCKING happen.

4/22/2020 c8 GunSmoke2
Great story, can't wait for more.
4/17/2020 c8 MattKennedy
Very cool story! I'm really looking forward to when Ichigo gets to meet the Straw Hats. :)

I'm a little confused why they haven't just reattached Kenpachi's hands...they just got cut off, not destroyed. Also, why hasn't Orihime healed youichi?
4/10/2020 c8 castieltuang002
I literally had diarrhea when I was reading this chapter.
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