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6/15/2020 c8 8rose7anne101
You had to ruin all the emotions by adding the glare of the sun. pffttt

Ohhhh mystery!
All the above answers are correct!
GOD! Really, seriously! Luffy’s pop question was on the beli this time. Fixed all the problem! XD
Get used to being ’human’ again would be fun!
Nami you are not helping right now. Search faster!
Horror a man shouldn’t suffer! I agree with him.
Even thought maybe he could had send a cero maybe?
Once week… pleaseeeeeeeeee….
have some of them in the future experience diarrhoea! Yes, I am evil! They need to suffferrrrrrrrrrr
Robin is super goddess indeed! Not only because of the air fresher.
OMG the great Poo crisis! Cackled I did! (then my work neighbor asked me what’s funny? Where to begin to explain)
Damn, why luffy get the good stuff!

Isshin get in right! Are you going o bring him to the fold earlier.
I still find it funny whenever anyone regards Luffy and co as Aizen’s lackeys! I really would have to see their reaction to the Poo crisis. LOL
No joke about this Brook! XD

I really hope you do more of Isshin POV. It was fun to read. And Ichigo as delinquent.. my oh my! He does fit the bill appearance wise, but that’s it.
I didn’t except you to show the visord pov so soon. I am happy. At least, they are thinking this through. 80% .They still thinking the three girl are the strongest. This is going on fun surprise.
Really he should go ask for sugar, or maybe better, be a good neighbor and bring them a gift basket filled with meat.
Halible wait until you see and feel the ocean.

I wonder does Jibe able to communicate with whales and sharks here too.
Yeah, the three strongest keep leaking power ;)
You are going to wear pants and like it. You are booming some of the lines here. Usopp had become the new babysitter. Someone send help (from GOD to babysitter)
What they still want to eat after the crisis? Didn’t learn anything… shishishi
Cars that what catch their interest? Wait until you see planes!
Franky found the cola again. The poor poor man.
There is human there, staring , afraid… maybe some reaction or consideration to the poor soul! It’s his engine!
Explaining to the wife more important. Still very carless of Franky and co… it sure as hell was fun. The new gods that helped fix engine and loved cola.
Nami is about to discover money, isn’t she? Maybe gold.
Yup, called it! :D

Someone left those three alone. I am not sure this is good idea.
They think they could what they want, I think sister Robin need to have talk with them.
Back, book all the same!
Luffy still hadn’t realized that human acan’t hear him or see him… please tell me this was watched by someone from their ‘enemies’ like Isshin…
Gigai sound like a good and really bad idea in the same time. For sure, it will be fun to see.
Trivialities! Indeed!
I look forward to what you do next!
Hope it will be soon, maybe some reaction to their adventure so far, and aizen sending someone for them and they get beat up badly, and that confuse the shit of the others spying on them.
So many possibilities! Fun and more fun.
6/14/2020 c7 rose7anne101
So not the story. But if they reached after aizen had been there….. ohhhh… that should be good.
LOL aizen he thinks he can make luffy clean up. I think Sanji the only that have chance and that by holding the meat hostage.
Perfect! Yes, Luffy would do it. He would ask the question! The most necessary question ever.
I wish I could see Gin reaction to this.
That’s how you killed him. OMG! That was awesome! XDXD
I almost chocked on my water!
If I had died I would have haunted you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Ulquiorra didn’t try to even fight them… come on…
What about Gin reaction to his death?
Oh poor inoue, no one sensible around to ask if she want back home!
I think if they sent luffy , it wouldn’t be problem, he would talk to them and everything would be bananas – and fixed.
Really, Franky’s babies. Ichigo’s ‘fanboying’ about the mecha LOL
Ishida know his mecha stuff too.
I don’t know where to begin with whole conversation, it so Luffy. It was so brilliant. I was cickling like crazy. And then Ulquiorra pointed that this the boss XD this is gold.
Ori-girl -XD
I think Luffy would respect them for trying to rescue you their friend.
Kisuke having a break down is the greatest thing ever!
Gift basket! XD
Great idea, sending the empty home (with Mechas) to be used. Poor ‘cent 46’ they didn’t have enough problem before. XP

Dead man walking, Dean man walking.
XD OMG what did you do! Ghost samurai , cyborg zombie
I don’t know where to begin.
I didn’t except this! Excellent story fun and very surprising with lots of twists!
Please tell me that the ringtone was with Luffy’s voice!
Love all the details! Fun stuff!
In way I wish this was what you had planned, and the other I am looking forward more to the story!
6/14/2020 c6 rose7anne101
I do like your ‘summary’ it’s accurate.. You made it way worse than the anime, of course, things changed.
I wanna know what happened with strawhat and visored, but of course, you evil overlord would not make it easy.
LOL you are very accurate when it come to Matsumoto doing her job, but yeah things are dire so she would her part.
You did an excellent job on showing the problem here with balance, I don’t think it was this clear in the anime, maybe it was in the manga. Very cheery thoughts.
Nice going with the flashback it show us the fight for other POV, people not in the fight itself, and get way to cut it;)
Idk why – but I never liked izuru in bleach. Neither Momo, do you intend something different for her here? Or the same as the anime.
Matsumoto does have way with people, I really wish things would be different with her and Gin here.

Poor Renji, I remember how he felt after all of this.
Yachiru is my favourite vice captain. For her to take charge it means things are really bad.
I don’t know how you are going to do it but ken-chan better be in top-notch soon. I want a fight between him and zoro! YOU HEAR ME! I will arrange a riot otherwise. don't taste me.
They better hurry up with communication with human world. Or maybe this is for the better. We will see

I hope you do more of kukaku POV, she one of those character that you wish to see more of. Well done. It was fun to see things from her POV.
LOL to marry the most stuck up noble. Does seem to be the question to ask! I agree with her on rukia’s nii-sama

Yoruichi is one of the badass charchter it would made stuck with bleach. It’s kinda of hard to see her like that. Can’t Inoue heal her, reverse time and bring her limp back and to ken-chan.
Ohhhh.. comparing Ichigo to ken. :D and putting ken with the words stable is travesty!
‘mother-hen’ Yoruichi do your best! They better appreciate them!
Yup, ichigo, yo are smart, and asking the right question, u should let urahara know!
Ishida did say it or thought as it is. It one of things that struck me with bleach , that even the afterlife wasn’t equal, in ways it was worse than the living world.
Yup, Ichida did always underestimated Ichigo, and yeah, sometimes when you can’t change something or do anything about it, it better not fixates only on it, you can come to it back later and there something you could do.
Oh poor Ichigo, I don’t think you have any reputation know that kon had taking over your body.
Are you going to do Kon POV? it could be so fun!

LOL for the quote! Good one!

Ohhh… you had to say he won’t care about the town. The irony.

I kinda forget about the strawhat here, it felt so canon to the manga. Like I can see it happen.
Good job on showing the effect of Aizen attack and depurate, different pov are not easy, but I love them, and they tell the story better. Good build up!
6/13/2020 c5 rose7anne101
I still see that the reviews are not shown. Stupid FF site.
I will post and send by mail.
So basically you are continuing the Bleach story with strawhat in the mix!
I love that you showing us what’s happening all over the verse.
Don as superhero LOL with cape! ;)
When you took many things with you and don’t know what hold.
Yep, it’s all because of what you eat LUFFY! The candy!
Starrk is learning fast!
The fact that the other can’t hide their powers either would bite them in the ass or would hel them met ….urahara?
LOL yeah, Luffy driving would be hmmmm… fun (not for humanity)
Yeah Nami is navigator, she would appreciate the wind, temperature etc..
I wonder what their reaction to the sea, or if they would try to build a ship at one point.

Yup, kisuke is in for surprise.
Luffy *ucked everyone plans! Very typical from him.
LOL! Yup, not suppressing their powers! Made them the target or the leader.
Yeah, I ddi feel the stark and robin would get along swimmingly.
I like hie insight to why luffy is the leader.
I can imagine Brook, Sanji and Franky enjoying this too much, walking through walls, the peeping toms!
Poor susmu! Yeah, just keep walking it all a dream.
Ohhh.. nel trying to decide which is cooler, is precious! Maybe have Luffy make her drink to swear he as his ‘little sister’ like he did with Ace and sabo.

Good idea to observe, I wonder what he would think of their antics LOL, that would be fun, trying to find the sinister objective of their activities.
Franky always get emotional. It is the bro’s way to show how you feel!
Good job on kisuke pov, and all his thought and plan, it’s very like him. His mind is fun place to be in.
Bengin hallows, you have no idea.

Aizen experiencing headaches! He better get used to them!
Robin taking charge is making me happy, she like to give other time to shine, but she is scary efficient when she want to be.
Seriously! Really the visoreds right beside them! Excellent cliffhanger!
6/12/2020 c4 rose7anne101
I wonder would the soul king have role to play in this story… what we learned in the final arc..
Yeah, Aizen does like to ‘showoff’ even if he want to be looked as ‘humble’ evil genius, that doesn’t show his hand too soon, he does it few times, and those small mistakes were his downfall in the manga...here it will be worse.
Great moment to have Jinbe’s attack appear. Acting all cool, taking his glasses off and bam!
I love Jin! Yup!
Believe me you would wish it was traitors! It will be easy then.
Great action and fight, glad he was having hard time, wish it was harder. Very detailed, and you have great grasp on aizen way of thinking.
I can see Aizen killing someone for stating the obvious, especially when things are not going his way.
Zakrai is all instinct! Probably the most that can piss off aizen, where is his cute vice captain?
Low kaname , really low… something akainua would approve of.
It’s good move by aizen to destroy the science department, wait until he find out to his.

Ichigo’ pov was well done! And yeah Ichigo acusally smarter than given credit I feel, and yeah his father doctor and other thing! So yeah! He knows where the heart is.
I am curious if you are going to do Ichida or Chad or even inoue in the future.

Kaname feel a bit out of character here, well, he was always very unreasonable, feel like he will be killed with aizen any sec now.
What dwells in the evil mind! Yeah, aizen may not like to admit it, but he kind of liked that things didn’t go as plan, maybe just a little bit

Yup, you catch aizen insane mind beautifully.

Ohhh… glad you did Gin POV! Always love his prescriptive and his humor! And you don’t have to do it alone.

Aizen morpid sense of humor still funny, only he would use a hallow against devision0 for entertainment purposes.
Gin with Tea LOL
Uncivilized XD
I almost, almost feel sorry for the mad scientist!
Refuse as much as you want. Dumb luck it is. This is luffy’s luck after all.
Poor Gin, excellent actor!
Yup! I like how are you doing Gin!
Even we didn’t see much of strawhat, the reaction to everything was worth it. Have to go out in bit, I wanna see what happens next, maybe at night!

6/12/2020 c3 rose7anne101
We made a cake this morning so I am eating cake while reading this, I have a feeling I should have made popcorn ;)

LOL … of course Luffy is not going to search for the entrance like normal Hallow ;)

Yeah, Zoro would prefer cutting, on using other attacks, but I can see Sanji getting better in them rubbing in Zoro’s face, and well, things can get interesting then.

Not to invade XD Nami, you are so naïve!

So, yeah, I thought that was it, so Aizen already here, how long? Just arrived? have they already kidnapped Inoue? I guess we would find out.

A good way to remind of the Espada, and the others. Really, I almost forget that there were more than the top ten.
BTW, I really, really hope you have different thing planned for Gin. He felt like really ‘lost potential’ character, he waited too long to take Aizen down. He had so many chances, I hope he take the chance with the Strawhats here.

Oh, damn, damn, so it was when he run away LOL! The master is about to arrive home, I wonder if the house would be standing when he arrives!
The god king- does know his stuff about aizen.

Zoro did put it right. They would try to put Luffy as the ruler, and the thought is exhilarating and out of mind terrifying at the same time.
I understand Halibel anger, but hey you joined a group of ‘weirdos’, get over yourself and get with program. XD

Nice building up, Espadas looking down, thinking they are flies, can’t wait for their reaction when the ‘truth’ is revealed ;)

LOL Nel biting Zoro, typical Sanji!
Oh Pesche! You are trying too hard. This is definitely not the right audience.
Zoro and Sanji getting along, the apocalypse upon us! RUN!
When Luffy make better overall decisions than you than you are shit!

You are so right! Pesche! You are so right! I wonder what catch Luffy’s attention could it be the Hougyoku?!

I loved that you did Pesche’s character POV, he is not easy to write! Good job.
Revenge is best served cold!
Zoro would recognize the smallest bloodlust, he get you Pesche!
Really, a cooking knife! Will they eat actual food in the future? Will Sanji cook again?

Perfect! Zoro was playing his food! XD.. his mother is goingggggg to be sooooooo disappointed.
Smart Franky, SUPER smart. I miss the fingers hidden inside his robotic hand.
Franky 1, Mad scientist – (minus)100

Lily said it best! Very complicated :D
Missing what in front of you, is kind of funny but understanding.
Sanji and Food!
I wonder of they still have the same taste buds!
Aizen called classy guy. Please tell me there a scene when aizen appear and Franky goes “oh, you are the classy guy, ripping people!”
Zoro being zoro, I am pretty sure you would get your wish soon!
Yes, Franky is SUPER awesome. I want him to do the pose unconsciously one time, and then like be what was that? I don’t care cause it’s awesome, and he get back to doing it.

Mecha rules babhabahababahahaha
Oh Sanji! Yup! We will see what you can do with kind of food.
Nel and zoro together are just precious!
The skull joke are back! Works as hallow too! Please tell me no one try to imitate him too as they are all’ dead’
Chopper would never agree to such thing, not even as hallow.
I am bad person, that I don’t want them to hurry up. Take your time, please take your time.
The sink LOL
Come on Luffy ask for meat!
Com one what did Nami and Luffy found? No one is going to ask!
I am surprised Grimmjow didn’t do that before.
Yes, please do! Jinbe, answer back and in time for aizen return.
LOL .. does that mean aizen can’t get back!
I was right! And Luffy eat it. I wanna say I am surprised but then again XD

I do understand that I want them all dead , just to stop writing their name.
Do they go to earth or to soul society… I wonder it’s going to be fun either way..
Love the title of the next chapter! (I didn’t watch the movie) Yup, looking forward to aizen’s reaction!
6/10/2020 c2 rose7anne101
Not going to check your answer to my review. I don’t trust that I wont give me spoilers * squint suspiciously *
Amazing work by MasterQwertster! The art work rocks!
Lonely and boredom! Can ‘kill’ someone.
I never thought about their motivation for splitting. It does make sense. Good job how you present it.
Luffy still had the scars under his eye. Now, that I think about did only the strawhat ‘die’, come here, or others?
Like maybe Brook’s crew? Ace? Whitebeard? Or are the Strawhat special and come here in different way.

LOL … Luffy blunt as always! You seem weak!

Oh, I am happy that Luffy get to met those two first. I hated their ending in the manga, please tell me its different here.
It always warms my heart when Luffy explain nakama.
Damn, you had to have him scratch the x, didn’t you.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I had to mention Ace and Fire. If you want me to forgive you, you better have him in this world.

Wringing water from his afro! Had me pause, read it again and the cackle. XD
Franky have to had drill somewhere, or it won’t be SUPER!
Why a dollar sigh? I can’t remember but what kind of money they use in bleach? Beli in OP look a bit like dollar but different.
Luffy does have special insight sometimes, and of course he would find telepathy cool, because it is!
LOL, I wonder if Luffy is going to try to split himself now.
If it isn’t a fight or sake don’t expect him to be enthusiastic.
Never change Sanji and Zoro, never change. They are the best ice breaker ever.
Its kind of funny that strawhat just become hallow, but they know better than others. To try and hide their power, it’s like the other never considered it.
This is the kind of ‘outside’ POV that we like. Yeah, you didn’t ambush them, they ambushed you.
Even in the afterlife women are targeted, how infuriating.
Yup, it was a training exercise.
Even as hollow! Luffy fail! He cares! He does it his way!
Well, he was bored! (it’s the first thing he had said) But a quest to a better life is the way to go.
XD really, chopper with hormones! This is genius! Awkwardly genius.
Now, that I think about it, I am not sure if I want Chopper to met Mayuri Kurotsuchi or not! He would probably want to ‘examine’ chopper, but the two of them working together, hmmmmmmmm
Strawhat inspire us with their action and words, glad they took the mask out.

I know that the girls very loyal to Halibel, but how dare you scream at Luffy, take chill pill!
It’s all about the tone of the voice and brook does it (unfortunately) perfectly.
Good idea to have Luffy sensitivity to haki still here in different way!
No doubt it, Robin is awesome no matter what.

Great analyze by Nami on the difference between Starrk and Lily!
From everyone to chose to fight it had to be Sanji huh LOL

Of course he would picking his nose in that moment. It just hat to be!
As I said love outside POV, it is fun to see how Halibel see them, and how that would change as she get to know them better.
Awwwww She accepted him as senchou. Would luffy not ask her about her dream?
Usopp! you had to mention portal, didn’t you!
YES! NEL! I SAY NEL and friends are here!
….As if they had danced around screaming lol .. I expected Franky to have a lot to say about ‘bros’

Finally there! let the fun begin! :D
6/9/2020 c1 rose7anne101
Yo! I saw that my idea of just finding time and relax and read it wasn’t working, so I decided to go for it and I had breaks!

So, for what I know, is bleach and OP crossover, Strawhats are dead? I wonder if you are going touch on that, how? And Why?
Will the strawhat become like Ichigo or hallows? Or something in between.. I wonder when would they arrive to the bleach timeline? Aizen showed his true color or not…
(just to remind ignore my question, and give me no spoiler, no matter how I beg)
Here we go..
Luffy cutting into the narrator! Typical, and Hallows to answer my question.
Ohhhhhhhh… they changed, Nami as cat… at least they all together. Tell me someone had done pictures.
Not surprised that Luffy is monkey! Vasto Lorde is. But then again Luffy. Is he the only one?
Soul reapers were either attack or flee if they knew who it was.
OP don’t work “with what is done” . known you (and hoping) that their personalities don’t change too much as ‘hollows’.
I know how to chose! Usopp as chameleon.
Ohhhhhhhhh… so sad! Dreams! I wanna know what happened! How brook died?
I am happy that they at least remembered captain (and I like that you used it in Japanese).
Please, protect each other! Please do!
Sanji as Ram! LOL oh, poor him, losing his womanizer ways!
What is Chopper? WHAT? Reindeer or did you something else?
Loved the flashback!
Sanji and Zoro still fighting here!

I don’t know how to feel about eating souls! My cute chopper. But you made the point clear that they had changed.
Ohhhhh… yeah, that word. Adventure. The magic word.
Loved how their old abilities and new ones match.
Ohhhhhhhhh… I see Luffy had transformed, wasn’t like that from the beginning.
Ok, so Luffy first, and the other fallowed as Vasto Lords, will all the crew become like that?
Well done with How sanji remembered and ‘become human like again’ .. the mask he was forced to wear as child and now the hollow mask. Pretty awesome connection.
Love what you did when their memories returned. Chopper still running around worried.
Would zoro try to find swords here?
Weapons! Luffy’s strawhat!
Noooooooo .. did you have to return Sanji womanizer ways LOL.. it was funny!

I am going to check the art later, I may try to read the next chapter in my next break, see ya!
6/3/2020 c8 Lee
Maan this fic is awesome.
Hope you'll update this soon.
5/24/2020 c8 3charm13insomnia
cool fic looking forwards to the next chapter
5/19/2020 c8 14Bibliophile Anya
Oh sweet sweet chaos this is wonderful! I adore this! I cannot wait for the Strawhat madness and please would you make the sequel to the previous omake too?
The reactions of the Vizards omg... Lol The poop crisis! My stomach hurts... Will you be including other One Piece Characters? I would love to see Law and Ace more Ds more chaos afterall!
5/18/2020 c8 1Johng23
YES I FINALLY FIND A GOOD PROPER ONE PIECE CROSSOVER! Also I laughed hard at Aizens reaction ESPECIALLY on the Omake (Amoke?) no but seriously after reading your story I am in love so few fics can nail all the straw hats especially the force of chaos they are not to mention ships. Tier and Jimbe is something I didn’t know I NEEDED! Also chopper and Appace(?) I greatly approve the reaction I foresee are filled with FLUFF! Though I hope Mila and Sung get a ship too.
5/12/2020 c8 Vansmoke
thank you for the chap!
5/9/2020 c8 1Not-Quite-Old Man
I really like the story so far. A bit slow but that in its own right is good too. it gives each character a little bit of screen time so that each person's "favorite" won't get overshadowed. Like how in this chapter Jimbe and Sanji don't do all that much (in general) they are mentioned doing things and that lets people know "oh, so that is what they were up to."

It would be funny if Ichigo somehow stumbles upon them instead of running into the visored or if Ichigo found out they were friendly before Urahara does and starts using them to mess with the scientist's head as revenge for being an eccentric jerk at times. The other way around would be funny too. If Urahara finds out that they are friendly but wants to train Ichigo, he could trick Ichigo into trying to fight like Zoro or Sanji or something. Either way, there are a lot of directions you can go with this idea and I'm quite interested in how you progress moving forward. :D
5/8/2020 c8 Qhaq
Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
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