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4/8 c12 Guest
Remember that Japan take care of there children differently than other places. Like a time I saw a kid riding the train for a great distances with no adults and other people where ok with it. But also hope Don talk to the dad first for no misunderstanding similar what teacher there parents before any mayor event just in case.
4/8 c12 Reptil
So when are yorouichi and Kenpachi gonna realize orihime can heal them. Also love that ending kenpachi moment was beautiful keep up the great work
4/7 c12 3OceanLord2017
Hehehehe...fun as always!

You know when Mashiro heard the SHP were ACTUALLY tourists...I imagined her quoting Brooklyn Nine-Nine...

Anywho...always do appreciate Ichigo and Chad having quiet time.

Also do appreciate the time with Uryu and Nemu...they really do have a fascinating dynamic.

And of course, Isshin and Urahara...I'm just counting down to when all their preconceptions and plans just...flutter away...

Oh Lord...Karin and Yuzu are going on an ADVENTURE! Oh...how I wished for active plot involvement from Ichigo's sisters...and lo and BEHOLD! I'm loving their development!

And of course...who'd have thunk that Lilynette would be the spirit to win over the gentle townfolk?! LOL! Well...I'm sure Chopper was the more lovable one...but Lilynette is winning...with her 'homeless older brother' of course!

Oh...my...Goda...Kenpachi is getting back in the saddle! A bloody, diced-up saddle! But yes...this should hold him over until Franky gives him some new swiss-army hands!

Lord almighty...I was LAUGHING at Lilynette basically asking "Are we the Bad Guys?"...and Chopper's "NAH!"

Til Next Time...Have Fun!
4/7 c12 26Cyricist001
Great chapter.
4/6 c12 3Danny Takuto
Huh, so "smorgasborg" is an actual word. TIL.

Anyways, reading this chapter has been a treat, and a hilarious one at that. Keep up the good work.
4/6 c12 ocomolinaehain
Oh god, Zaraki is gonna get tips from Zoro ain’t he?
4/6 c1 Axel Fones
It's so wholesome, if sad, that not even death can separate this crew.
4/6 c12 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
4/6 c12 Ani-Me Fanboy 123
Thanks for new chapter this story is nice to read. I see it's more Bleach character focused chapter. Happy you still gave us some of the Strawhats group in it with Chopper, Lilynette, and Stark. Interesting to see how their neighbors The Visored and Ichigo family will interact with entire Strawhats group if they meet. The scary part is read up on Bleach to remember stuff for sure Aizen hunting hard for Luffy. The soul candy Luffy ate is actually needed for Aizen big bad plan! It's absolutely hilarious Aizen with all his god complex ways plan messed up cause a guy was hungry! Still worried cause Aizen going to rip that thing out of him probably. It's fun though any humans Luffy around for a long period of time will accidently get supernatural powers cause the candy in him does that to humans like Orihime and Chad. Can't wait for next time have fun writing.
4/6 c12 1Johng23
I feel like Ishin has his work cut out for him when his two little girls end with a group of arrancar level hollows that are so powerful that they can hide their reitsu and control it to stupid god levels.
4/6 c12 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Zoro will meet a kindred spirit in Kenpachi and I wonder how they will react when they realize that Orihime’s powers can bring his hands back.
P.S. Can Reiatsu replicate coating with Conqueror Haki?
4/6 c12 Laser Crusader
Brilliant chapter you have written here. It was a great read. I’m a little sad that there wasn’t a confrontation between the Straw Hats and anybody else. But I’m sure that will happen soon enough. Also hope the Orihime can heal Zaraki. He is one of my favorites.

Thank You for the update. I look forward to more chapters of this and most definitely “Justice”. Good luck
4/6 c12 4Azaira
The 12th Division could just regrow Kenpachi's hands...
4/6 c12 Speed Reader
Love the chapter. Everyone has so much energy and it really helps move things along.
4/6 c12 10Knightowl 4183
Can we have Karin and them figure it out first and bridge the gap? Just so that it could be the kids looking at the adults with judgement for being stupid...

Seriously it would be funny to see the smarter of the Straw Hats conspire with Karin and Yuzu to defuse the situation even as their presence lights the fuse under Goat Chin, then when he is beaten up Karin beats on him for being stupid, and Yuzu and Sanji cook...
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