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8/23 c15 4Chronosign
I think they should reformat the Central 46 and turn it into the Central 45. There are 360 districts in the Soul Society, it would be run more effectively if it was made from 45 people that each represent 8 districts with the condition that said representative has lived within their districts for a minimum of 20 years. Doing so would help give people a voice and limit corruption.

I just KNOW Sanji will run into Rangiku, I can imagine them missing out on everyone's fights well he just serves her tea and cookies.

Renji will probably try to chase the strongest one he could find at the time, that being Zoro, and all going to wild goose chase with the ladder being lost all the time.

Ichigo well sense people at his house and his sisters will prevent him from fighting, barrade him for being rude in front of their guests, and will have to have an awkward dinner.

Toshiro will have to deal with Luffy constantly dodging him and calling him short.

Chad will meet up with Franky.

Orihime will fawn (no pun intended) over Chopper.

That soul reaper with the afro and tambourines might come into contact with Ussop and make things worse by believing that he has over 100k arrancars at his command or some shit like that and actually buying that lie.

Yoruichi might get information that s actually useful and come into contact wth Nami and Robin.

Meanwhile, the Visords will fight with the rest.
8/23 c15 W0W13
Next chapter is in 4 months I’m guessing.
8/23 c15 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
8/23 c15 ChuLian
So much chaos! I love this chapter! Thank you for your writing!

*-See a message asking me not to be distracted by Light or ask question about him-* What about his sister? What about L? What about Mika? Just kidding. XD

Ichigo has really no idea about the mess waiting for him at home. Let's hope he doesn't kill Kon.
8/23 c15 1Ultimatrix bearer
I was not expecting the oda plot point to actually be relevant. Excellent job balancing the political games of the soul society. SO HYPE FOR NEXT CHAPTER!

though I might have missed it does rukia still have the original Hyugoku?

8/23 c15 3deathnoteno1fan-codegeasslover
I really like the mayor part and how normal people are taking the gang.
8/22 c15 Guest
Harribel’s gotten chubby, huh? I say that since while I thought it was just a potbelly, it looks like she’s gotten bigger elsewhere if she’s having trouble fitting into her pants. But maybe she will keep some of the weight, as you seem to be directing this change in a more neutral or positive direction than negative, since she just got a bit bigger from enjoying living on earth and her family within the straw hats, she just needs to know some limits and not over indulge so much.
8/23 c15 The High Avenger
I'm so hyped for the next chapter! Let's Goooooo!
8/23 c15 tearsofthings
Man I love the story, but you switch perspectives waaaay too much. The story is moving at the pace of a snail in a minefield of salt. I skipped over half of it because I don't really care what Ichigo and his friends are doing, I've already read Bleach and they aren't really doing anything different so I don't care about reading the same thing twice. The Straw Hats are who I want to read about and they have barely been involved in the story for a while now. Their interactions are great and I want to see more about them and how they deal with all the groups like the Vizord and other hollows/arrancar.
8/23 c15 10nexusplayer
8/23 c15 DeathCrawler
great chapter look forward the next one's
8/23 c15 Strlo
The tension is real. My blood is boiling, and I can't wait to see the strawhats truly in action.
8/22 c15 3SilverXSilver
First, let me just say it's glad to have you back and glad to have another chapter of Sea of Souls!

Getting to see more of the familial bond between the Straw Hats is always heartwarming, you love to see it. Getting to see them enjoy day-to-day life is nice but hilarious at the same time. Like all this shit is happening around them, and they're just chilling watching Star Wars lmao.

I really like how you handled the sparring match between Ichigo and his friends. I hope I can learn to be as detailed when writing fight scenes myself for my story.

Poor Mayor Tite and Chief Yagami, they're gotta call the Ghostbusters or something for this. It is interesting to see how you've expanded this world beyond the scope of just the main cast members of both series. But in it's own way it does make sense; after all the Straw Hats are anything but quiet. They make waves wherever they go, and everyone ends up feeling them one way or another.

Overall, great work as always! I'm excited for next chapter!
8/22 c15 Oddballzebra
So Nami is still an abusive bitch. Surprise surprise. And here I was hoping for some personal growth from the weakest and most useless member of the crew.
8/22 c15 Umbra.Venator
Loving this story, looking forward to seeing the 2 groups 'meeting' in the next chapter, also really looking forward to Isshin's reaction to his 'guests'
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