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4/7 c14 CrazyMax1
It'll be cool if Karin can put that flame on her leg and fight with it like Sanji's Diable Jambe.
4/7 c14 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
4/7 c14 TheGamingReader
Ooooh, I don't like the thought of ships in any fanfic featuring One Piece and the Strawhats. It just takes away from the storytelling.

Oh! What a team up. Luffy and Kanonji are silly, but still takes things seriously. How nice.

Huh, Oda-Sensei found his muse. Neat.

Ugh, as time goes by I want a fight scene to happen soon. I want it so baaaad~. Maybe a raid on the Shinigami. Their going to fight them anyway, cause Hollows and Shinigami are enemies. Maybe, Luffy makes a bored comment and Nami or Ussop makes a backhand comment about fighting the Shinigami if he's so bored. Luffy seeing merit to this idea brings Zoro and Sanji for a three man raid/training session. It results in the three strongest of the shinigami facing the three strongest strawhats. Then they tactically retreat because they got what they came there for. The answer of how strong are the Shinigami. Then they train hard. Yeah.
4/7 c14 Yohnos
Luffy resurrection might be insane, is powers are litteraly godlike
4/6 c14 Paradox
They have finally come full circle Oda has been inspired to create their world and now shall build the place their souls shall be born.
4/6 c14 N1cok
Good chapter. Enjoyed the update.
4/6 c14 Flowjam
Great chapter. Loving the teaching from the straw hats.
4/6 c14 1buterflypuss
good chap
4/6 c14 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude definitely Can't wait for the next update
4/6 c14 Dimensionador
Just to let you know, faker has been missing for a few months and hasn't updated anything in a while
4/5 c13 TheGamingReader
Hahahahahaha! Nooooo~. Not the afro bit. hehehehe. Oh my god. Truly, cowards have no right to it.

Nioooooo~! Not the two for one. Hahahahaha. Ichigo should know better that children who take sugar is all types of dangerous.

Aaaah, that was fun.
3/15 c13 hyperiumon
cool story freaking loved it kinda sucks that for like 5 chapters they go back and forth on whether to intervene with the strawhats (viz and isshin or whatever there names are i forget) id love to have a play fight with luffy vs hats and crocs were he just chilling and they think he's a weak stray hollow or something
3/9 c2 GoldQuartz
I think their Resurreccións should be their devil fruit abilities (if they had them)

Luffy: Sun God Nika Form
Zoro: 9-Sword Style (gains 6 extra arms and 2 extra faces), and King of Hell Three Sword Style
Nami: Weather control, Zeus could appear?
Usopp: Sogeking Appearance, better sniping
Sanji: Genetic Enhancements, with a possible Raid Suit-like suit on him, as well as Ifrit Jambe
Chopper: Monster Point
Nico Robin: Demonio Fleur, as well as the ability to use her Devil Fruit normally
Franky: General Franky
Brook: Yomi Yomi no mi
Jinbe: Fishman form
2/27 c13 7nexusplayer
I wonder if Luffy has Rubber Power.
I mean I haven't even seen a hint of it yet and don't remember reading anything about it either. Well Anyway, keep up the Good work! And when Luffy hears about the King of Souls maybe He'll remember about the King of the Pirates. I mean If anyone was gonna luck out and remember all about their old lives it's Luffy
2/27 c1 nexusplayer
It seem's very good.
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