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4/6 c12 10Knightowl 4183
Can we have Karin and them figure it out first and bridge the gap? Just so that it could be the kids looking at the adults with judgement for being stupid...

Seriously it would be funny to see the smarter of the Straw Hats conspire with Karin and Yuzu to defuse the situation even as their presence lights the fuse under Goat Chin, then when he is beaten up Karin beats on him for being stupid, and Yuzu and Sanji cook...
4/6 c12 KumaNoIkari
Don teaching kids how use spirit bomb is wonderful!
4/6 c12 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
The shinigami’s expectations of the Straw hats are soo out of left field, they are in a football stadium. They are jumping the gun assuming instead of investigating. This is going to bite them in the butt.
4/6 c12 scl04
Great to see this story updated again!

It seems like those who are still in Soul Society blissfully unaware of what is taking place in the "real" world are almost completely recovered, the idea of Chad of Ichigo and Rukia sparring was good indeed (he seems to be selling and the others besides Ichigo a bit short with him thinking that people are only waiting for him to return).

Rukia doesn't seem eager for her new human friends to get involved in the battle against Aizen to say the least, her calling them children feels weird but accuratefrom her perspective XD, but she can't refute any of Renji's points since Aizen is THAT much of a threat and the conversation between Ishida and Nemu was nice, not sure if it'll go somewhere but it's true that since she saved him visiting her is the least he could do.

Oh and also Kenpachi will try to use a sword with his mouth now that he doesn't have hands, that's pretty funny and I'm sure that Zoro could give him some pointers if they don't try to kill each other when they meet XD.

Meanwhile in the "real" world tension continue to rise for those who oppose Aizen and still think that this evil spirits will attack at some point when human's spirits become more strong/delicious, of course they don't know that the Straw Hats and company would rather eat Sanji's cooking which is WAY better...hell even regular food seems better even if it doesn't compare with the chef's LOL.

But nevertheless both Isshin and Urahara are prepared for the worst and now figuring out that this new variable aren't working for Aizen are eager to stop the "threat" at any cost once they're ready though also being wary of the traitorous Shinigami will use their confrontation for his advantadge...without them knowing that the group of Arrancars have six Vasto Lordes (seven if Nelliel can be considered one, I'm not sure is she is or not though likely not) and the Adjhucas are really powerful too, yeah I'm eager for them to find that out given how "sure" of themselves there are of having it under control with all of Urahara's plans...I'm also looking forward for him to learn how unpredictable Luffy and the others are XD.

But of course Karin couldn't leave the fate of her friends and family in the air so she goes to Don Kanonji with Yuzu for training and they get Lilynette and Chopper as new partners...well this is very funny in hindsight :P, they're training to defend themselves and defeat the "evil spirits" but their new friends are some of those and help them get stronger without them realizing that they're the ones they want to defeat XD.

Anyway I really liked the focus with some stuff like how they meet and Lilynette's thoughts of how she has been less hot headed thanks to the Straw Hats's influence and her being jealous of Nelliel now (or that's what I think, I also wonder where this will go or if it'll be addresed) anyway it's cool that her, Karin and Yuzu are training as well...Don Kanonji is just THAT good as a teacher huh? (and of course Chopper managing the books helped them a lot too), so now I'll wait to read how things continue and when each other will realize all of this or Yuzu and Karin will meet the rest of them besides those two and Starrk the maybe homeless older brother LOL, as well as how Ichigo, Isshin and others will feel if they learn of their identities :P.

So yeah thanks for all your hard work as always and I'll be waiting for more, hopefully a bit sooner but nevertheless I'll be here whenever the chapter is ready!
4/6 c12 samuelcaldeira76gmail.com
Thanks for the chapter after soo long
Also would you be using gear 5 for luffy first release or shifting it to the second if luffy would have a second release
If so then what would you do with the souls within luffy that he ate as kisuke said the souls are tormented within hollows and luffy's power is a representation of freedom and liberation, if his power would be similar to gear 5 that is
4/6 c12 12DarthGhengis
The "Are we the baddies?" scene at the end nearly killed me! Man, Urahara really is making up worst-case scenario's at a terrifying speed; completely in character for him though. Enjoyed Lilynette and Chopper gaining some screen time here.. and also really excited to see the crew meet Karin and Yuzu. Can you imagine Yuzu being her usual friendly self and inviting them over for dinner and Isshin's reaction to coming home to a house of Arrancar having a typical Straw Hat party in their home?
4/6 c12 Joelseph14
Another beautiful chapter I'm so glad this is still going
4/5 c12 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
4/5 c12 DraconeKing
Wonderful! Made my night!
4/5 c12 4Momentei
Glad to see another chapter. Although I’m pretty sure that Soul society can regrow limbs for replacement. They did it for Soi-fon after barragan disintegrated her arm. Though how long the process takes to grow kenpachi a new set of hands plus the surgery to reattach them could be as long of a process as you the writer wished.
4/5 c12 rhett.leonard.1
So excited your continueing this, on the edge of my seat for more.
4/5 c12 Skywolf99
any plans new plans for this story now that the true nature of the gomu gomu no mi has been revealed?
4/5 c12 1buterflypuss
good chap
4/5 c12 4Chronosign
Orihime stares at the disarmed captain and asks, "Do you think I should tell him I can fix his arms?"
Renji watches as Zaraki swings his sword in his mouth like he's having a seizure, "...No, give him a few more minutes. Just enough for future blackmail."
Kurotsuchi might be able to make Kenpachi new hands or modify his zanpakuto into a scythe he can attach to his forearm.
4/5 c11 3doraemax
hahahaha. this brings a smile to my face.

the junior squad are soo cute. need more of their shenanigans. maybe jinta and that other girl can join as well, and further gives Uruhara more headaches, and confusions. hahahaha.

So, Visored are waiting for Ichigo to come back, right? Here's hoping the Straw Hats got to Ichigo first. He could be learning so much more with the Strawhats, instead of the rigid training/abuse by Shinji and Co.

Hmm... can we kindly get snapshots at life in Hollow-town as well, now that they have been burgled sooo thoroughly? how soon will Aizen bounce back and hatch a new scheme? I am thinking he's desperate to regain his lost half of hogyoku first, before proceeding with his original plans. Shishishi...let the Chaos out.

Here's an idea, the Straw Hats will eventually help totally freed the God-King? (forget his name). i haven't read it up to there, but he was kept locked up and tussled up as sacrifice to keep the 3 realm going, right? and to keep the shinigami nobles in power? Tough. Lets free him, and revamped the whole system. Maybe the afterlife after this can be like the Grandline, complete with its own Paradise and New World phase. fufufufu...
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