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10/23/2018 c3 10ultima-owner
Luffy just royally screwed over Aizen's plans because he wanted candy. That is so luffy.
10/23/2018 c3 Guest
Give Lillynette her robots!

And they have managed to ruin Aizen's plans on pretty much every level.

A lot of Aizen's plans are probably just him saying that he perfectly planned everything when he went in with a bunch of possible plans and went with what worked, or like Ichigo where something happens and he claims credit even when he only played a minor part in it.

The shiny ball being what people may think it means fits with canon as Aizen was using his own incomplete version for a while. Luffy may have managed to resupply it for a bit or use the last of it in a new way or something.

Aizen's going to be having a *Fun* time next chapter it looks like.
10/23/2018 c3 3OnePieceChaldea
God I know I'm going to sound like a broken record but I don't care. You have no idea how surprised and excited I was to see alert for this story in my inbox when I woke up today.

And that chapter proved to be everything I could've hoped for and more with the Straw Hats ransacking Las Noches for everything its worth while the Espada and every Arrancar of some significance were forced to wait for Aizen's arrival out of fear of his wrath for them slighting his massive ego by not waiting for him to make his grand entrance into Hueco Mundo.

I genuinely loved how every member of the crew went about stealing everything they could while Luffy had gone off somewhere with Nami. Seeing cuts of Brook and Sanji tearing through the place to get their hands on cooking materials and tea was great and I'm glad to see that everyone is starting to regain more of themselves as they remembered their personal passions from their time among the living.
It was funny to see everyone from Franky to Halibel contemplate why Aizen or anyone would really build Las Noches the way it is with random pillars everywhere and a massive skydome over a large stretch of unaltered desert. Seems incredibly wasteful of all that space when you could do something to fill it up. I know Franky would find some way to improve Las Noches' bizarre architecture whenever he finds the time if the place is still standing later that is...

Genuinely loved how Pesche directed the crew towards Szayzel's lab as the main place to wreck and temporary base of operations in order to get indirect revenge on the mad scientist for his role in Nel's condition and his and Dondo's fractured mental state. The fact the Espada couldn't bring himself to leave his spot out of fear against Aizen was the whip cream upon the cake of vengeance!

So the Crew is now heading for the Human World now, huh? I wonder if they'll end up anywhere near Karakura town or somewhere else since that place is Kisuke's Home base along with the Vizards'. If they do end up there, They'd probably be spotted by Ichigo's non superpowered friends or noticed by his Dad instantly considering the sheer amount of power the entire group is packing.

And finally the last scene of the chapter, now that just left me in stitches and left me wanting more now! I cannot wait to see Aizen's face when he learns that not only the Straw Hats ruin his grand villainous exit from Soul Society but they also stole the very thing he needs to grow even more powerful~

What an incredible chapter! Now I cannot wait for the next chapter! Keep up the awesome work!

See ya later~ :D
10/23/2018 c3 10inouekurosaki26
OMG! HAHAHAHAHA Luffy ate the hogyuko! that killed me hahahahahaha i loved it! it's so him
10/23/2018 c3 Creation Teller
Awesome chapter! wonderfully done and so many possibilities! I understand about the issues with my recruitment and going to soul society ideas, but I still have hope for them in some way or another. Understand about the no Sanji and Halibel shipping, I can see how that might not work. Do hope to see Mila rose and Franky though. Hope to see more Chopper and Appachi stuff in the future. Thanks for describing some of the Straw Hats zanpakutos realy glad about that fact. for the anime arcs I never really watched them, but the zanpakuto revolution arc might give way to possibilities. Ichigo got a cool transformation and if the Straw Hats sword spirits appear then they could resemble people they once knew or that are like them. Gold Roger for Luffy's hat, Tom or a famous inventor or craftsman like hephaestus for Franky, and Zeff or a fisherman(all blue) for Sanji. These are just ideas that haven't had a lot of thought put into them, so don't mind if they don't make it. can't wait to see Aizen's reaction in next chapter! Also can't wait to see what new powers and abilites you give to the Straw Hats old and new! See Ya.
10/23/2018 c3 Guest
this is hilarious -DHEHEHEFHEFHEFT
10/23/2018 c3 Guest
Only Luffy would think of Aizen's Hogyouku as candy. Looking forward to seeing Aizen's reaction next chapter. For maximum irony, I hope the Negacion cut out right when he was boasting about becoming the new god. Guess the new god is a little behind on his lighting bills, then.

As for your AN re Wonderweiss, I thought Wonderweiss hadn't been created yet?
10/23/2018 c3 Agent Frank
Yeah, this was incredible. It's left me eager and ready for more. I was really interested to see some of the zanpaktou's for characters who I am assuming will not use them regularly for battle (Sanji's knife) and I am eager to see what ability you're going to give them. It looks like the last three updates have been monthly, is that going to be standard for this story?
10/23/2018 c3 1Payokumbuah
eating hougyoku, very luffy of him.
10/23/2018 c3 shaggyzoinks
great chapter mate and loved the ending for it too plus spot on characters
10/23/2018 c3 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Okay, that actually raises a serious question, who built Las Noches? I very much doubt any of the hollows we see in the series could have ever built up an army large enough and organized enough to do something like that. If there was, I can’t see Yamamoto being pariticullarly play with their continued existence or at the very least being unaware they existed. Barragan was the closest thing Hueco Mundo had to leader before Aizen showed up, and I always thought the reason he was never confronted by soul society was either A.) Aizen incepted and edited any information acquired about Hueco Mundo so no one would ever notice the existence of so many strong hollows, with his Zanpakuto it wouldn’t be too hard, B.) Because Barragan was unlikely to ever be able organize the hollows in cohesive group (because of the nature of hollows making infighting very common), Yamamoto, or more likely, Central 46 thought he would never pose a real threat to soul society as a whole and thus never allowed for an expedition to Hueco Mundo to take care of him.

But if a Hollow was powerful enough to create and control a force of that size, long enough for this theoretical army to build them a city cized castle, I feel like we would have eithe seen or at least heard of them, even if it was only an offhand comment like “the only time the hollows were ever a serious threat to soul society as a whole was x number of thousands of years ago when that one Hollow appeared and no other has appeared that is even half as powerful as they were” or something or other.

The only explanation I can think of would be there was once a Vasto Lorde Hollow with some sort of telekinetic power, or perhaps something like Full Metal Alchemist’s Alchemy and decided to make themselves actual home, and they just kept making it bigger and bigger for thousand of years just to give themselves something to do.

Heck, maybe they could still be doing it, it’s just they decided to start building a basement and have been building more and more sub-levels, it would be kinda funny if they just decided to take a break one day for the first time in fucking eternity and (after remembering where they put the stairs) come up to find a bunch of squatters living in their house and blowing things up. Now, that I think of it that kinda sounds like something that would happen to a Minecraft player.
10/23/2018 c3 AnimeA55Kicker
The straw hats are acting more like pirates in death than in life.
10/23/2018 c3 4Loldino
waiting for zoro to get lost to soul society
10/23/2018 c3 hebihanshu123352
This chapter was amazing. Keep up the good work and please update soon
10/23/2018 c3 1buterflypuss
good chap
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