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8/22 c15 Techgabe
OH SHIT! THEY’RE REGAINING MEMORIES! PLEASE play on this more. I hope you use his aspect of as a way to return his DF abilities. They might point Oda in the right way, and while he creates his Manga, they regain their memories. Once Oda draws the STRAWHAT, Shanks, and the PROMISE, PLEASE have them drag in Luffy for the shock, awe, and memory BOMB. THAT HAT, SHANKS, him losing his arm, and the PROMISE TO BECOME THE PIRATE KING, SHOULD be able to jog Luffy’s memories, or at least most of them. I imagine the rest will return once ACE and SABO, and GARP are introduced. OOOOOOOOHHHHH! It makes me SO EXCITED!
8/22 c15 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :) Looks like things are ramping up!
8/22 c15 Vinny13
Ah man, cut off right when the fighting would start
8/22 c13 Techgabe
I have a feeling Luffy’s ASPECT OF DEATH ability will revolve around his freedom
8/22 c1 Techgabe
Your chapters are ALWAYS worth the wait! Sorry about commenting on different chapters. I imagine it can get confusing sometimes. We’ve got limited comment attempts per chapter, and i wanna make the most of em.
8/22 c15 Techgabe
Is this an UPDATE I SPY?!
8/22 c14 Strlo
This is a great fix. Just power read through the whole thing. Really well written, very funny, and time and care is put into each character and view point. My only two disappointments so far is being unable to see the straw hat resurrections, and that the main cast of bleach hasn't truly met the straw hats yet. Can't wait to see what happens next. Hopefully gear 5 makes an appearance, maybe as Luffys second resurrection?
8/19 c11 Lioth
...Did you forget Luffy made Aizen choke to death on some food?
8/7 c2 3bibidibabidiboom
daaam Yamamoto be sweating.
8/3 c14 4OceanLord2017 that it's Mini-Yachiru on a sugar rush that convinced Ichigo the Gotei were going easy on him! LOL!

Lord almighty...this Uryu/Nemu dynamic is simultaneously heartwarming and Ikkaku clearly knows.

You know...I'm all for more Ichigo and Toshiro time...eager to see where that dynamic goes.

Ah...another mere mortal scared out of their wits...a seamstress this time! Gotta have Halibel keeping Nami's stinginess in line! HA!

Lord almighty...I don't think it'll surprise you at all just how much I'm LOVING Jinbe's dynamic with Tatsuki. On top of the sheer FLEX of Po's water drop scene!

I this rate, Tatsuki is gonna be in all the SHP's good books before Ichigo even gets back. I'm calling it that Luffy befriending Tatsuki is gonna be why he defends Karakura against Aizen. After all, they never get involved unless it's a personal friend. But yeah...knew she'd be whacking Brook! And simultaneously being unimpressed and impressed with Luffy.

Gotta say...I was half expecting you to turn Kenpachi into a cyborg before Orihime healed him...but I do gotta appreciate his humanizing moments, like gratitude.

Hehehehe...gotta love Rukia putting that work in on Orihime!

So many people trying to get through Ichigo's stubbornness! Gotta love it!

I really do appreciate you showing just how perceptive Rangiku really is.

Man, that conversation between Tatsuki, Karin, and Yuzu was needed...and something I'd wished canon had touched on more.

Don't know what it is about Franky and Robin, but their bonding moments always seem special to me amongst the Straw Hats...don't know why. Soon, he'll be more machine than man, twisted and super!

'Sees Luffy wanting a 'Justice League''
Truly...I've entered the Twilight Zone.
Although...whenever Karin takes out a Hollow now...I will only hear the word "GOAL!".

HAHAHAHAHA! And just like that, the SHPs have created a stable time loop...or dimension loop...whatever!
Lord almighty...I shouldn't be laughing at Goda this much!
7/29 c7 61reader713
Sorry but this omake is better than the rest of the story
I try not to choke when trying to keep from giggling
I hope theres a part two
7/27 c14 Guest
Okay, NOW I’m motivated! This chapter was pretty good. But then seeing Oda getting an idea for one piece is just perfect.
7/24 c14 5MurderMA
It would be funny if that Ichiro Oda ends up writing the story of Luffy and Company in manga form before they remember their past, incredibly funny and quite strange
7/24 c12 MurderMA
I ask you, do you still hold the idea of Orihime returning Zaraki and Yoruichi's lost limbs? I don't remember now, but it took a few days before she returned Grimmjow's Arm but she still did.

PS: Damn, I'm rusty with the names of Bleach, I misspelled the name of the Sixth Espada
7/23 c7 MurderMA
Being an Omake, I can accept the absurdity of the situation without laughing at how funny and stupid it is... but as it progressed, I can't help but wonder if this would escalate to the start of the blood war, we still have fighters available but even in canon with their maximum forces they were able to "win"... although there is also the Mugiwara variable...
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