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12/6/2018 c5 KyonSmith13
Great chapter. As always, Luffy seems to be the natural antithesis to logical schemers like Aizen or Urahara. I do wonder how the SHs and the Vizards will get along. Especially after it's revealed the former looted Aizen's palace.
12/6/2018 c5 DraconeKing
It's all so interesting, seeing Urahara try to plan for "Aizen's Invasion" with info that, like you said, would normally be correct but might leave him woefully unprepared. Also, the scene of them seeing the sun was really touching!
12/6/2018 c5 Hashirama 1710
shouldn't the Hogyoku give Luffy immunity to fire?
I mean Luffy genuinely believes that he is immune so shouldn't the Hogyoku act on that?
12/6/2018 c5 6Lightningblade49
Don't worry Kisuke I get the feel you will get your answer much sooner than you think lol, just perfect they live next door to the vizards and Ichigo's other friends and family are much more in the know of what's going on then canon.
12/6/2018 c5 Alrarora
Thank you for the chapter!
Hope to see more of this!
12/6/2018 c4 3doraemax
Ingenious. With all the usual luck of the Straw Hats. Hihihihihi... Aizen seemed to be in the front, but i have no doubt they will shortly attract Uruhara's and the Vizards' attention as well... though i think it will be Ichigo who will somehow encounter them first.

'Let the Lord of Chaos rule'.
12/6/2018 c3 doraemax
hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAH...this is by far the BEST One-Piece/Bleach crossover...that i've read.
12/4/2018 c2 zeyreele

Its so good for my heart to see them with the crew :’)

Harribel too, what with aizen doing her do dirty like he did skdkdf

This is v good for my heart and soul man, it heals me hahaha

also just gonna put a pre-emptive rip aizen here bc he gon’ get fucked up.

Rip him
12/1/2018 c4 musizlover2008
I'am kinda glad that Mayuri's Lab is destroyed. That guy is so creepy it make my skin crawl thinking of all the deplorable things he has done. In all of Bleach he is the sickest ******* in the whole show. I can predictably imagine how Sanji and Chopper must feel if they ever meets him.
11/30/2018 c4 lydia98724
Please update soon!
11/27/2018 c4 KuroHinata
I don't know why but I keep missing why Rangiku was hurt and Gin started to plan his revenge. Either I miss the scene in the anime or I skipped the memory rewind page in the manga. thanks for posting. first time reading this particular xover and excited how the straw hat crew be affected by that purple candy. hehehe.
11/26/2018 c3 musizlover2008
I just thought of something. Zoro being partnered with Nelliel is parallel to Kenpachi and Yachiru. This could be useful for making funny moments, him being the battle hungry fighter while she is the playful child sitting on his shoulder.
11/24/2018 c3 2Creation Teller
Hi back again with some new idea's, these are for the original arc Idea I had or maybe just some Ideas you could incorporate some other way, Original Characters!

Name: Quetzzal Maata

Species: Arrancar / Adjuchas

Appearence: Male, Long Green hair pulled back into a ponytail, green eyes and his hollow hole is in the average place, his outfit is a matador outfit, but without the hat, he still has the cape though. His hollow mask part is a smaller version of the beck part of a plague doctors mask over his nose. Specks with as slight spanish accent. Look like his is in his mid-twenties

Zanpakuto: A spanish rapier. with the hilt being a bull head figure.

Powers: He would be an expert swordsman and a good close or long range combatant. His cero would be released from his mouth when he whistles, and its power and concentration would change with how long and how loud the whistles are (green). He would have very good cero, Sonido, and Regeneration, but his Bala and Hierro won't be very good because of his fighting style.

Resurreccion: His call would be "Charge Coatal!" His mask fragement would change to being to large bull horns on his head and his hair would become loose and wild. He would lose his shirt, but gain scale like skin, and he would gain Quetzal Bird wings on his back! His legs would become more like Bull legs and his hand become more talon like. He sword would also become much larger and his transformation would drastically increase his strength, speed, and defense, but not his other skills.

Personality: He would be a more honorable Arrancar, he would have a more gentlemanly personality and have a code or chivalry like Sanji, just not as perverted. He does have the Hollow violent temperament though, he would become aggressive towards any who mock his honor or code, or those he would see break it. Very loyal to those he trusts. Hates being betrayed and traitors. People would call him Quetzzal.

Reason for joining: During his life he was a Cavalier in a Spanish army, but was killed by a comrade betraying him and his squad (reason for hating traitors even if he can't remeber), his anger was so great he became a Hollow, eventually he joined up with Aizen and the others thinking he found a place with some honor, but after Aizen revealed he was using them and betrayed them he lost his way and went rouge. He wondered Soul Society with no purpose, but he sees the Straw Hats saving a group of kids from rouge Arrancar, (this is during the phase when they are looking for the top rouge Arrancar causing trouble) he sees what they did and is amazed at their willingness to help those who might grow up to be their eniimes, Luffy spots him and he comes out of his hiding place. He explains who his is and how he feels about Aizen and what to him honor means. After hearing this Luffy invites him to join the group and give him a purpose, helping his friends. Quetzzal accepts and joins the group as its newest swordsman.

Name: Brennen Vampiro

Species: Arrancar / Adjuchas

Appearance: Hair would be like Ban's from Seven Deadly Sins, but it would be black with his tips being pure white. His outfit would be a slightly buttoned vest, but you can still see part of his hollow hole. A scarf around his neck and the regular Arrnacar army pants and shoes. His hollow mask part would be around his eyes resembling batwings. Look like he's in his late teens / early twenties.

Zanpakuto: A sabre with a pure black hilt and blade.

Powers: His cero (yellow) would be triggered when he flips his middle finger up. (just thought with all the poses the Arrancar do to activate their cero I thought it would be funny to have one activate when he flips someone the "bird" LOL ;-) His Pesquisa and Hierro would be his best powers, with the rest being average, at first.

Resurreccion: His words would be "Vezi si trage in teapa" (Romanian for "see and impale"). His vest would become a vampire cloak and his feet would become bare with the bottom of his pants being tattered. His nails and toenails would grow and become very sharp. His hollow mask would become a ring the completely covers his eyes and circles his head, though he can still see perfectly fine. His ring would give him a 360 degree field of vision, making people who believe he is now blind attack him from behind and then get stabbed . His blade would become a spear, but with a sabre blare as a tip. When he cuts an opponent his blade would become stronger either by growing longer, becoming lighter to wield, or gaining a sharp edge like a shark-tooth blade.

Personality: Very aggressive and violent, like a hollow. Crude and blunt, but he does have a soft side. He cares very much for kids and those younger than him, even though he tries to deny this. He is like a reluctant be very good big brother figure and gets very made at those who hurts kids. I think him and Don Kanoji would get along very well. People would call him Vampiro

Reason for joining: He could be present when Nnoitra attacks Nel (if that still happens) and gets angry at Nnoitra. He then sees the others, either Ichigo and his group or Luffy and his fight Nnoitro and save Nel, this leads him to rethink his loyalties and leave the army. During the rouge Arrancar arc he is found and recruited by the bad Arrancar gathering other Arrancar. When he sees the squad he is in attack a parent and child he gets angry and kills the whole squad and saves the parent and child. Luffy and his group see the whole thing and as him why he saved them, he simple says he hates seeing people attack those to young to defend themselves. Luffy and the others like this answer and ask him to join, where he becomes a brother like figure to the younger looking members of the group.

Name: Sophiaa Uuroboros

Speices: Arrancar / Adjuchas

Apperance: an old lady in her late seventies / early eighties. Gray hair pulled into a bun. Wearing a chefs jacket, a long white skirt and an apron. She has that look where her eyes are always closed, but instead of creep eyes like Gin they have a more calm Grandmotherly feels about them, with a kind smile always on her face. Her Hollow mask part would look like snake fangs on her cheeks and her mark (the tattoo thing) would look like a lotus blossom on the back of her hands.

Zanpakuto: Hers would be a Kopis, a greek blade used for cutting meat, sacrifices, or rituals. look it up for a better image.

Powers: While she has a Zanpakuto she manly fights with a long wooden walking stick made from the trees of Hueco Mundo, refined to be very durable for battle. Her Bala are very powerful and her ceros are very powerful as well. Her cero is purple and is fired from the bottom or top of her staff, she doesn't need a stance just her staff or something like it. She can do a version of the thing Pesche and Dondo did and combine two beams of ceros into one large blast. The rest of her skills are average.

Resurreccion: Hers is activated from the word "Wakagaeri" (Japanese for rejuvenation). Her body reverts to a more youthful appearance, being in her thirties, with long wavy blonde hair, open blue eyes, and her clothes become a gothic maid dress with stockings and high heels. Her blade becomes a very large and longer version of a butcher knife (its as wide as her head and almost as long as her body). Her hollow mask part becomes a necklance that looks like a snake eating its own tail. She now fights with both her blade and her staff and is even better at this fighting style than she is with her staff alone (AKA her powerful fighter). She also has the power to cut and "mold" inanimate things around her with her sword into warriors, like that other guy but it is different, the soldiers can only be made when she cuts something bigger than a human and she can only some a certain number at a time, AKA no slicing the ground and making an army. Her other skills increase as well.

Personality: She has warm grandmotherly aura about her and is usually kind to everyone, even her enemies, but she has another side to her. She is slightly sadistic and and will never hold back on any opponent and will darkly threaten those who mock her cooking skills. Loves to cook and make others happy from her cooking.

Reason for joining: She was originally the head chef of Aizen's army and was very angry at the Straw Hats for stealing her ingredients. After Aizen's fall she wondered around Soul Society in secret and got very hungry. As she was about to starve the Straw Hats find her and make her a meal, she absolutely loves Sanji's food and is amazed by his cooking skills. She asks to become Sanji Sous-chef and learn from him. He agrees as he can't say no to a lady even very old looking ones and she joins the group.

What do you think, good? These are all optional of course, but these could open up that idea of a Rouge Arrancar arc, which is sounding kinda cool now that I think about it, and eventually they are going to face a war and they will need a lot more members for that event.
11/24/2018 c4 6King of Fans
Good chapter

Behold Aizen the good luck of the strew hats.

Well yoichi is going to need a robotic leg, or visit to Dr. Orihime.

Aizen is like first "my epic escape is Ruined, almost got Burnt alive, had to take the long way home, and then when I got home instead of being welcomed by my army, I was walked by corpses and a hole in the wall. Wanted some tie to calm my nerves and grab some metals supplies, but found a 1000 years worth of food and medical equipment gone, with everything else in the lab/ computers taken or deleted. And the cherry on top the most valuable thing in my house is taken".
,but at lest he finally experienced adrenaline and has plenty of punching bags to put his anger on.

Smart move sneak away and through kenpachi into Aizen. Do to the madmans massive energy you can give it all you have and not be noticed.

Don't worry ichigo kenpachi will not let a injury like that hinder him. Especially with people with healing abilities ichigo has no idea of walking all around them.

I wonder what the weaker hogicu did to the crew?
If I had to guess it either me them stronger, visible to normal humans, need less spirt energy to live on,and/or gave them back their memories fully. Because they every single thing i just stated is doable for the item, and is something Luffy and crew would want. Anything Else might be beyond its power, or take longer to accomplish.

The funniest part is the food they took would probably last them A few weeks to months at best knowing Luffy.

I am pretty shere the first things that the crew need to do at the human world would be find a place to stay. Than get some Gigais. Because despite how cool Luffy woul think of being invisible is, and sanji and Brook sneaking into woman's changing rooms, it would eventually get old. As the crew would want to interact with the locals, and not be as easily detected by Aizen or the soul reapers.

Lastly, think the some filler and movies story lines could be interesting. They can provide some nice in between arcs, and interesting characters with no existing Aline's with any big player on board.
11/24/2018 c3 King of Fans
Good chapter

I really like the idea of Helibel being a lesbian. It's both surprising, and makes a lot of sense considering her personality. As for possible pairings I have nothing.
Nice picks for there Zanpato.

I bet Zoro will get along with Kenpachi and Kyoraku.
Zoro and Kyoraku like sleeping, and drinking. Not to mention they're both really good at welding more than once sword.
Kenpachi and Zoro both love fighting. Especially strong swordsman. They both know how to take a beating. Not to mention both have terrible direction, and by the looks of it both have little girls that pick what direction they're going. However, Zoro would find how kenpachi just swings his sword around randomly, and The state it is in appalling, and a disgrace to swordsman.

Why do I have the feeling that the Espada would freak out a little about how there's nothing left in the kitchen and medical wing. Wall Szayel is morning the loss of his lab.

Frankly is going to get even more super. And don't worry lilynettle you can be as amazed as everyone else.

Luffy like wow there's a strange energy coming from this ball. It must be candy, down the hatch. Lol

It's true that soul society could easily do more, and meaning of their actions are controversial, or over the top, like with the genocide of the Quincy's, mod souls, and Bounts. Not to mention their choice of captains, and the economic state of the rest of soul Society.
However, in their defense do to the sheer number of souls trailing to soul society with no memory of who they are good at and what they can do, or Proof of it. It makes any major recovery operation obsolete and temporary.
A massive population of any of the species listed could threaten soul reaper operations, and endangered the balance of the universe in some cases.

As for Mayuri his spearmint, and treatment of nemu is pretty bad. However in his defense, Mayuri is a brilliant scientist and has views that many scientists can agree with, like the importance of the mind, and why it's better to be not perfect rather than perfect. He also started treating Nemu at loot better at the end of the serious.
Not to mention which you rather have Mayuri running free, with no restrictions or limitations, or would you rather have that scientist actions being restrained and working towards the greater good.

Lastly I would not mind ichigo's sisters and some friends getting powers. Like Karin and Tatsuki. I like their characters and think that their potential is really good. One is Second best martial artists in the country in her age group, and the other has the same potential as Ichigo.
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