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10/23/2018 c3 SilentXD7
Amazing chapter keep the good work. Oh My FUCKING GOD LUFFY ATE THE GOD DAMN Hougyoku! Well looks like Luffy is going to become a transcending being lololololol. I also hope he gets his gears especially gear fourth.
10/23/2018 c3 25DigiXBot
Luffy just ate the Hy
10/23/2018 c3 1YeTianshi
Luffy ate the Hougyoku!
This is going to be hilarious xD
10/23/2018 c3 Kiri Kaitou Clover
Ahahahahahaha oh no! I should have expected Luffy to eat it! Hahahahah!
10/20/2018 c2 Agent Frank
Excellent chapter, you definitely managed to maintain the hype.
10/15/2018 c1 silverlion777
Hahaha this is a master piece awesome work
10/10/2018 c2 Creation Teller
Hi some new ideas for the story. I got two new people in mind to join with the Straw Hats. First the orange afro guy who fought Chad, he seemed cool and he tried to warn and help Chad before Nnoitra attacked them both. He would had some more unique skill set to the group and be one of the few Arrancar not to end up dead or desterted after the Aizen betrayal. The second is Charlotte from Baraggan's Fraccion. I think he would fit well enough with the Straw Hats because he does believe a person's beauty comes from the heart and personality of a person and he does show some respect to his opponents, qualities Luffy might like, also he could become this world proverbial Bon Clay. Both of these fighters could join the crew and work well in it. The afro guy could just get along with Luffy and the rest by sparring with them and maybe being sort of free themselves as I don't think the afro guy is part of a fraccion, but I could be wrong. (an entire plan) Charlotte would want to join as I think he would grow closer to the crew as he hanged out with them, they accept anyone who they see as O.K. He would feel more accepted among them and he could be saved by one of them before he dies in the cannon universe. He would still lose, so Barragan would want him destroyed, but Luffy could remember Bon Clay and how he save him in Impel Down and save Charlotte. After the confrontation and some words from outside people to calm Luffy and Baraggan down, Baraggan would reject Charlotte from his Fraccion and leave Charlotte with the Straw Hats. As Charlotte starts to get ahold of himself he asks Luffy "why did you save me?", and Luffy would respond with "Your my friend, thats all the reason I need to help you." Charlotte would then start to breakdown into tears and then he would bow on all fours and swear he loyalty to Luffy. You can change these how ever you want, but I think these are some solid ideas for two more Arrancar joining the crew. Interested to see who else joins after Aizen revealing he was using them. Another note just to add more content to the story, a plan for a make your own arc. After Aizen is defeated, several rouge Arrancar escaped to soul society and are running amok. The soul society still weak from the war makes a major decision, get Luffy and his Arrancar allies to help them out. This would allow the crew to see soul society, have on in-depth conversations with the soul reapers and maybe make some friends out of some of them. (They would also do all the stuff described in my other review if they went to soul society). They would agree to help Soul Society as they would not attack Luffy and his crew for long period of time and they would give them plenty of soul energy to survive on. The arc would have lots of OC arrancar's, some bad that are killed, and some good that could join the crew. On a final note I looked at the picture and Jinbe's tattoo is on his right eye not his left eye. Bye
10/7/2018 c2 K
I know that the arrancar are generally given Spanish names with all of there movesets being named in Spanish. It is primarily because they are made to mirror the shinigami, but it would be confusing with aizen going on and on about bridging the gap between hollow and shinigami if they both shared the same naming conventions.
10/6/2018 c2 6Crossovernaru
Congrats on another amazing chapter. I was not expecting Luffy to meet so many familiar characters so soon. Firstly, I rather enjoyed how ell you depicted Luffy’s character during his initial interaction with Stark and Lillynette.

Secondly, the manner in which you had Harribel interact with Luffy was really interesting. However one of the highlights was Chopper developing an attraction for Apacci. If I am being honest, I was actually expecting him to fall for Nel. Still though, I think this may actually be better. Their interactions so far have been very cute and I am eager to see more. Also curious to see what other parings you have in mind. If you are still taking suggestions, I can see sung-sun being paired with Brook, Mila Rose with Franky, and Zoro with Harribel.

I am also interested regarding the special abilities that the Straw Hats will possess. Considering that Luffy is immunity to fire, I can tell he will be quite the threat to Yamamoto. However, I am curious regarding the abilities of Pesquisa and Hierro. Theoretically, if Luffy were to focus hard enough, could he use his Pesquisa to read into the future the same way he did with Haki? Also if he were to concentrate hard enough by focusing his spiritual energy into his Hierro could he replicate the effects of armament Haki?

I did have a couple of questions regarding Luffy and Choppers resurreccion. Will Luffy develop the ability to use Segunda Etapa, like Ulquiorra? Also regarding Choppers form, which I am guessing will have some kind of Wendigo themed appearance, will he undergo a growth spurt like Nel when she regains her powers?

Finally, considering that Stark and Harribel won’t be joining Aizen, have you thought of replacements for them? Because I can see them being replaced by hardcore villains that would be ideal generals in Aizen’s Army of bloodthirsty arrancar. In that scenario, I can see characters like Doflamingo, Enel, or even Shiki joining up with him.

All in all great job and looking forward to reading more.
10/5/2018 c2 Guest
Now you got me fcking hooked to this story like damn the way you write, and tge fect everyone is somewhat into character i'll say you did a pretty good hella job with this hope you continue this book and update it
10/1/2018 c2 Guest
this is pretty cool, must be difficult writing so many characters though... still it is fun seeing luffy and the new Mugiwaras like this :·)
10/3/2018 c2 sharingankakashi007
Yeah that haki conversion makes sense
6 now 7 Vasto Lord's
Aizen's gonna be surprised
Am guessing it's either close to the time Ichigo sees Ulquiorra at the park or maybe before aizen betrays soul society
I like lots of stuff
But i do wonder about Sanji and girls
Maybe he'll be willing to fight a girl to defend his crew
I hope
Probably not

All the hollows there are gonna be in for a surprise
Though i wonder
Will Luffy allow Aizen to power them up even further?
Usually i'd say no
But in this case they all already lost their life bcos they weren't strong enough
So they might chose that
Interested to see how this goes
10/3/2018 c1 sharingankakashi007
Sanji never change
Always can couny on his perversion
And his cunning
Though i hope he got over that pesky no hitting women problems
Bcos he's a hollow now
And more Zoro plz
Luffy as always putting nakama before everything
Would love to read more
Wonder if they still have an equavalent of haki?
10/2/2018 c1 10OnihumoExplosionsInc
I now want to see all of their resureccion's(?). And know the names and abilities they might be granted.
10/1/2018 c2 Kiri Kaitou Clover
Oh dear the Straw Hats in Hueco Mundo? Aizen’s in trouble~ *sing songs* also why do i get the feeling Ichigo’s gonna get dragged in somehow?
(Question is this pre-Orihime Rescue or during it since Nel is already chibified?)
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