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9/29/2018 c2 3OnePieceChaldea
After taking some time to go over this chapter several times to make sure I didn't miss a single detail or some important information, I have to say this chapter was everything that I was hoping for when I left my last review and yet it still gives me things that I never knew that I wanted in the first place.
This will probably be divided into parts so that I can properly get my words in order and properly explain my thoughts on why I feel this is an incredible follow up to the first chapter.

I loved how Starrk and Lilynette's first meeting with Luffy went with Starrk not even hesitating to beg Luffy for his help in learning to restrain his power so that he and Lilynette could finally have friends. Their dreams to find genuine friends and protect them after a lifetime of loneliness would definitely win Luffy over in allowing them to join his crew. I loved how you had Luffy admonish Starrk (and later Halibel but I'll discuss that when I get to her part) for his complacency with his power. I mean having that kind of pure, raw talent is absolutely incredible but when faced with tricky opponents that are on a level similar to his with abilities that are less than straightforward, there's an incredibly high chance he'll be taken by surprise and killed by his opponent similar to his canon fate in his fight with Kyoraku.

I also genuinely love how you can tell that Luffy is talking from genuine experience here as there's no doubt in my mind that despite the loss of most of his memories from his lifetime, his past respective fights with Crocodile, Enel, Aokiji, Lucci, Moria, Kuma, Magellan, Kizaru and his entire participation in the War of The Best in Marineford. Like the moment he touched his scar, I knew that all of the fights I mentioned up above and the terrible losses he's endured against most of his Major opponents Pre-Timeskip still deeply affect him to his core whether its physically, emotionally, or even mentally and forced him to realize that pure, raw talent cannot always compete with experience and skills his older foes have against him. It feels genuine how much he wants to prevent Starrk from suffering the same kind of emotionally devastating losses he's suffered in his life by keeping him from being complacent.

I do genuinely love how the rest of the Straw Hats introduce themselves to the Starrk and Lilynette and after a moment of just watching the crew was enough for the duo to decide the Crew was perfect for them.

The next scene with Halibel and her daughter's ambush of the crew shows how nicely Starrk's integrating himself into the crew even though he still does get momentarily surprised with Luffy's chaotic actions such as his mercy towards their attackers.

I enjoyed the next scene from Halibel and her followers/daughters/Fraccions' point of view and I enjoyed how they're sudden realization that the crew had not only one but TWO Vasto Lordes among their ranks were enough to spook Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sung enough that none of them were willing to get into their normal arguments.

Halibel's introspection on how the Straw Hats organized themselves to properly protect the weaker members of the crew during their attack gives some nice introspection into Hollow society or lack thereof functions in Hueco Mundo and why a pseudo stable army like Aizen's is such an unprecedented thing for Hollows that live there.

I enjoyed how Halibel was just so unsure of Luffy and his crew's intentions that she just kept jumping to incorrect conclusions about his decision to journey to Las Noches. It just made her decision to join after hearing Luffy's reasoning for finding a better life for his crew feel more believable despite Halibel and her daughters' suspicions about the Crew's morality.
Chopper's crush on Apacci before her transformation into an Arrancar was an unexpected but hilarious twist on how the group dynamics might change with Halibel and her daughter's inclusion into the crew. I never thought about it but I guess I should've expected that the only females Chopper would ever show interest towards would have to be Cervidae inspired humanoid. (Cervidae being the animal family that normal Deers and Reindeer would be classified under but that's just me being extra since I love animals.) I can never really imagine Chopper looking anything but his cute furry form but MasterQwertsers drawings of the Straw Hats as Arrancar helped me picture him better now. Besides Apacci's embarrassed blushing at Chopper's cuteness made me grin so kudos for that.

Now the discussion about an Arrancar's powerset may be one of my favorite moments in this entire story due to the importance you've placed on honing skills over pure raw power. It just reminds me of some of my favorite moments across both manga and anime where you see this basically weaker character defeat their much more powerful opponent whether its in terms of evolutionary stage or just raw power, not through raw power alone but through skill and techniques honed from experiences in battle or just plain wit like Usopp vs Kuroobi or Usopp and Chopper vs the Mr. 4 team.
Their discussion also addressed what I feel like was a massive weakness of Aizen's Army and more importantly the Espada in the Canon Bleach. Despite Aizen uniting them all to fight Soul Society and transforming them all into Arrancar to make them stronger, the Arrancar and the Espada were never truly united or were made stronger under his "superb" leadership. He just lied to them about their usefulness to him and sent them off to get killed in the fake Karakura Town or let them die to the invading Ichigo and captains during the Hueco Mundo Invasion. Granted that was probably the whole point since Aizen's a megalomaniacal sociopath that needed an army of fodder to weed down any remaining opposition that could kill him before his spirit marble fused with him completely.
Just thinking about that Butterfly bastard makes me glad Halibel has accepted Luffy as her leader now. He'll at least care about her well being and the safety of her daughters.

Also I loved Nami's little talk with Halibel in the chapter about having another lady to talk to. Does that mean she sees Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sung as children like Lilynette? I mean they argue over every little thing so I can understand why she would view Halibel as the only other 'lady' in the group besides Robin. Loved that brief argument between her and Lilynette about Lily's apparent status as the child of the group since she's probably the youngest after Chopper.

Glad to see Nel and her 'brothers' show up. I'm honestly surprised Dondo lasted as long as he did but he and Pesche together did better than Uryuu and Renji against Szayzel and his minions. Makes me can't wait for the reveal of Nel's true form and her 'condition'. Nnoitra and Szayzel won't know what'll hit them... Or cut them into bits Revengeance-style...

Overall this was an incredible chapter and if I could make a suggestion for the Soul King joke? Have Brook meet Rose of the Vizards and have them play music together or have a Musical Duel. If playing music doesn't cause Brook to remember his past title of Soul King then I don't know what will.

Cannot wait for the next chapter because I bet Barragan is going to show up and mock Halibel for following Luffy only for Luffy to completely brush him aside once he spots something cooler. That'll be a good blow to the former God-King's pride. I'd say more but I've been sitting at my laptop typing this review for over an hour now but you know what? This chapter was completely worth it and I cannot wait to see what will happen next since you never cease to surprise me at this point.

Keep up the awesome work!
See Ya~ :D
9/29/2018 c2 2Pandaman300
Hombre, me encanto, no, me enamore tu historia de "Justice" y saber que haras mas capitulos me hizo bastante feliz y cuando vi esta con Bleach, sabia que no decepcionaria.
Eres un de los pocos que realmente combina de una manera tan natural dos series que son tan diferentes entre el uno con el otro pero encajan de una manera tan natural y tan convincente.
Sigue haciendo que estas buenas historas. :)

Saludos desde Tijuana, México.

PD: Can I translate your stories "Justice" and "Sea of Souls" in Spanish?, It will be on Wattpad
9/29/2018 c2 1YeTianshi
This is actually REALLY good, I loved it. It's great seeing Luffy's crew grow even now, the dynamic is certainly enjoyable to watch and seeing the crew's strength every once in a while is pretty epic as well :D
9/29/2018 c1 YeTianshi
Seems pretty interesting so far :D
9/29/2018 c2 Creation Teller
Hi back again with a few extra ideas. I think if Brook got an instrument the first song he should play for them is Binks Brew (English Dub version). He listened to that song for 50 years alone with just that and the promise to Laboon to keep him sane, I doubt he would forget something that important. Second I think you should do at least one of the anime only arcs or make one of your own, just so the Straw Hats can go to the Soul Society without getting attack constantly when they arrive, they could help the reapers in an alliance, this would give great oppertunities for the Hollows (Straw Hats included) and the Reapers (and Ichigo's friends like Chad and the others with powers) to interact with one another. I also would like a scene where the Straw Hats help the bird kid Chad helped find his mother, I always didn't like that never got resolved. It would also give the Straw Hats an opportunity to remember somethings and point out several of the Soul Societies flaws (with a more powerful impact). The being unable to find family and loved ones, the amount of crime and corruption, the poor living conditions, and the stupidly strict rules of the soul reapers, (seriously the few good soul reapers, like kenji, Isane, and squad 13, didn't try to stop Rukia's funeral till the last minute, and even then most of the good ones still went along with the leaders lies and the injustice of the whole situation!) sorry for the rant, not my favorite arc. Anyway, I would also like to change a comment on my last review, I think Mila Rose and Franky would make an O.K pairing, as it says he is an Alpha male who is very manly and tough, Mila Rose is also tough and manly(kinda). Also she's a lion and Franky built the Sunny "a lion" kinda goes with out saying. Also final bit if you could have Luffy or most likely Chopper give that creepy scientist a massive beat down that would be most appreciated, the guy's the worst parts of Frieza and Caesar Clown put together. Well thanks for listening to my rants looking forward to the story and the ships and the fights, see ya soon! :)
9/28/2018 c2 shaggyzoinks
love this so much
9/27/2018 c2 Creation Teller
AWESOME CHAPTER! You did an amazing job having the Straw Hats meet the other good Hollows in this one chapter and the interactions between them were spectacular. Loved the Apacci and Chopper moments, they were so cute, hope to see more of that in the future. A pairing I thought up was Mila Rose with either Franky or Zoro. Both are extremely manly and so is Mila Rose, kinda, I think either could work well if written right. Another pairing is Halibel and Sanji, I can just see Halibel being all Tsunerde to Sanji or being all cute and shy around him. I think that pairing would work is that both might have the same enemy in Toshiro. He's ice and Sanji used fire when alive, and I think if she saw his more chivalrous side she might fall for him. For the thing with Brook, I didn't have an idea for him, I was just writing in the moment with him being more human and all. Finally I have an idea for Chopper's Resurrection transformation. He would take the best parts of his forms and combine them. His Brain points intelligence and weakness spotting, his heavy points powerful forearms, his kung-fu points flexibility, his defense point's think fur, his horn points horns and mane, and finally his monster points hands and body shape, his face would still be human just look more grown up as would his body, I can imagine Apacci seeing him like that, slack-jawed with hearts in her eyes. PS what do their weapons look like and what powers do they have with them? also I now this won't happen for some time, but whats the plan for Gin? Well see Ya, and again Awesome Job!
9/28/2018 c2 3sortakindamaybeperhaps
This probably wont happen because it will be too much of a work but imagine if Ace was reborn in the soul society, since he found peace in his death. And he’s Ace so naturally he’d be powerful and become a shinigami kshsksk headcanon imma bawl my eyes out now,, two brothers and they don’t remember each other, just carrying on with their lives without knowing the existence of each other AAAA. Thank you for the update btw I really love this story so far!
9/28/2018 c2 gabofo
I like your shit. This is some good shit.
Keep being awesome
9/27/2018 c2 hebihanshu123352
Great chapter. Keep up the good work and please update soon
9/27/2018 c2 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
I think that was intentional, seeing as a lot most high level hollows seem to have Spanish sounding name, and all hollows use Spanish for the name of their Zanpakuto, Spanish seems to be the language that comes naturally to hollows, the way German does for Quincies and Japanese for Soul Reapers (which makes me wonder if Spanish is meant to the language of Spiritually Awakened Normal Humans, hollows are all technically human, and Chad used Spanish when naming his powers, but that could be attributed to the fact that he is was from a Spanish culture) so they introduce themselves by the first names followed by their last names, the way people do in most European countries. In the case of Stark and Harribel, both of them were/are Vasto Lorde (or in Stark’s case, the larger portion of a Vasto Lorde), so refering to them by their last names could be taken as a sign of respect, Barrigan was the exception to this because he saw himself as a King and had his subordinates treat him as one, and how many kings can you think of went by their last names? For example, King John, King Richard, King Louis, and so Barragan might have had people refer to him as “King Barragan” or something similar.
9/27/2018 c2 nightmaster000
Another excellent chapter. :)
9/27/2018 c2 Speed Reader
This is wonderful. You've captured the Straw Hat's personalities perfectly (as expected from your past work), and you've created a fantastic storyline that I can't wait to see unfold. Thank you!
9/27/2018 c2 13Millennion
You are very good at creating original stories and blending different animes together. I have rarely seen crossovers that merged as well as your stories, nor follow an original story verses just a complete rehashing of canon. Great job.
9/27/2018 c2 6Lightningblade49
I really wonder what is going to happen because I see no chance in Luffy just obeying becoming a subordinate to Aizen that just isn't in his nature although if they are threatened...we'll see I suppose.
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