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for Lilly vs Kate

1/2/2021 c5 Jeff
I guess I’m the under dog party. I’m rooting for lily.

Or why not both?

If not both then lily, plz.
4/29/2019 c1 Guest
So I'm only like literally 4 to 5 paragraphs in but I love how the wolf in the beginning who saved the alphas was acting all cool about it, even though he was the one who caused the herd to stampede. Also, kinda weird to see Kate submissive so early and be beaten easily, but being able to do flips on dodge obstacles. Still interesting so far though!
2/26/2019 c1 4TheDarkWolf28
Honestly Kate deserves the win. She tried to reason with lily but no she ended up being a brat trying to win over a guy.
2/26/2019 c5 2KeithTheLoneWolf
Fabulous chapter Rolez and I still honestly believe Lilly is going to win Humphrey over and not Kate. No offense Kate lovers.
2/26/2019 c5 22TheRavenMocker
My eyes hurt from reading so fast because I was so damn excited to see girls fighting over a boy. AHHHHHH I think Ik who's gonna win. ITS KATE AND ALL THE EVIDENCE IS IN THE STORY! This is more entertaining than watching a fight scene from a movie or ufc fight.
1/31/2019 c4 Guest
Great story, I enjoy reading it. I can't wait for new chapters.
11/13/2018 c1 4TheDarkWolf28
11/2/2018 c1 jacksavage4731
10/18/2018 c4 1Wolfie123468
Zack I’m gonna beat your ass for that, lmao.
10/18/2018 c4 3Troy Groomes
Why do I have a feeling that Humphrey is not going to like Lilly's plan
10/17/2018 c4 22TheRavenMocker
LOL yoooo this is fucking awesome. Lilly strikes again, and then it will be Kate. HAHA, IAI IS ON THE WAY. Woops, wrong story. Hehe. Bruh, FUCKING GOOD GODLY STORY. :D
10/17/2018 c4 2KeithTheLoneWolf
Absolutely amazing Zack! I loved this chapter and how amazing it was! Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/10/2018 c3 3Troy Groomes
Awesome words of wisdom my friend.

Sounds like something my grandfather would say and train into me while I was a lil kid.
9/2/2018 c2 lilly's army
another great chapter just one thing isn't garth an alpha
8/31/2018 c2 15camxalphawolfx
Amazing story so far please continue with it.
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