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3/14 c8 Zentari2238
That was SO forced...
3/7 c34 Guest
If someone had the insight ability and the guts to kill Hitler they would have
3/6 c34 Guest
There are gangsters who pretend to be warlords and there are warlords who pretend to be gangsters

Assuming it's not a con when outlaws present themselves as alternatives to the law they become enemy combatants and legitimate targets
3/5 c34 Guest
3/5 c1 2d8rkforcen1ght7
Do we even want to know how Tequila triggered?
3/5 c1 Shinreika Yura
So leet really drink piss and want a steady supply of Hispanic dude self made piss?That's Hardcore even for a cheapskate!
3/5 c34 Ronmr
That Tequila dude made me laugh.
2/26 c24 d8rkforcen1ght7
The High Ground is a very important part of all Star Wars lore as it is almost as necessary as a strong Force connection...
2/26 c17 d8rkforcen1ght7
She took an Uber to the Detective.
2/26 c14 d8rkforcen1ght7
2/23 c33 Edale
Shaker ability? Oh no, Armsmaster, Thrawn is just that good.

And Piggot... If you think you've seen Thrawn when she wants a war... heh, well, I'm sure she'll educate you on that soon enough.
2/21 c7 tronax22
Nah, can't keep going. Way too out of character, way too naive for my tastes. Worst of all yet, is that Thrawn's supposed genius is only expressed in attention to immediate details, otherwise there are no genius thoughts, no genius conclusions, no genius plans, no genius infogathering, no genius reactions to stimuli.

Frankly, tying up Tattletale on grounds of suspecting her being criminal, only to immediately release her RIGHT IN HER HOUSE after she revealed working for a criminal, is by itself as far from genius as it can possibly get. I mean, _I_ face-palmed hard when I read that scene. And I'm certainly not a genius admiral.

I really liked the idea of this fic, that's why I gave it so many chances, but... no luck here for me.
2/21 c3 tronax22
And here is another problem. For all of his intelligence, Thrawn couldn't out-think Tattletale short term. In long term - maybe. Maybe it would even be easy. But short term he is outmatched really badly. Because tt's power isn't only about making conclusions. It also draws additional information from environment, a source independent of her own perception. Something that Thrawn simply doesn't have. That's why Tattletale would easily beat Taylor in this scene.

Besides, she developed the headache waaay too quickly.
2/21 c2 tronax22
Somehow, for some weird, weird reason, I doubt that admiral Thrawn would even consider wandering the streets to punch small time criminals of small city, instead of aiming for an angle where his intelligence could actually give him a real edge. You see, if he was prone to such stupidity he wouldn't ever make it to admiral.

For him, joining protectorate would be a snap decision. Because that's where his genius intelligence can actually hope to make a real difference. Because that's how he is used to operate. Because he would aim to develop a career, something that he spent an entire long life doing, in case you forgot. Without KNOWLEDGE of plot armor, even she, herself, would take that path after his intelligence and life experience was injected into her mind.

That's why it seems that she is aware of her plot armor. A major point of dislike right here. I'm going to keep reading for now, with hopes for more believable continuation. But seriously, consider what I wrote.
2/21 c33 Kalstorm99
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