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5/5 c37 wanderingwitchelaine
Cool thanks!
4/7 c5 vera841
I like the story and premise and all, but this chapter is weird.

Why would Lisa faint from someone having red eyes?

Why would she remain unconscious for a looong time it took to get her dragged to Taylor's house?

Why would having zip ties be weird? It's like duct tape, you can use it for pretty much anything, not that weird.

Why even drag Lisa to Taylor's house only to then immediately let her go? This whole part seemed unnecessary, she could have just waited in that same alley few minutes for her to wake up. If she wanted to practice bondage so badly she could have used some random wire or pieces of cloth to tie her up right there.

Also it's a lot more suspicious to hide and whisper than just talking in the open, most people don't really pay attention to other's conversation and it's not so easy to overhear random people talking in a park unless you really go up close to them and that would be super obvious. Thrawn would know this. But fine this was sensitive topic so it doesn't matter that much.

I like how Tattletale's power isn't OP or foolproof like in most fics.

Dialogue felt a bit strange here. I like how they interact in general, but Lisa just immediately answered all questions and told Taylor everything without getting any information in return, it just doesn't feel like her character would do that. She asked Taylor all of two questions both of which she evaded (suspicious!) then just went home.
3/23 c32 Spellflame
Agent Sage

Reascercher one-shot

Codename Umbra
2/22 c36 EP
2/21 c36 Axe Hero
Question: Tequila’s power, I don’t understand the combat application, or even conflict application of it. I thought that was the main thing Scion does with the Trigger shards he gives out? He looks for people going through a suitable amount of trauma, then gives them abilities to help them fight back, letting the shards learn and grow from their actions in order to create more information that Scion can sustain himself on until the cycle begins anew in another world. I do not understand the application of Tequila’s, or why they were a vigilante in the first place with that powerset.
2/21 c36 Guest
2/21 c36 3Reishin Amara
And now she's going to use that shot to her advantage for a narrative.
2/21 c36 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
2/21 c36 Ronmr
Aahh, Cauldron schemes. Nice setup i have to say, very Contessa like.
2/18 c35 MagniThorsen
Aside from the occasional spelling error this story is excellent. I don't know Thrawn's character at all (other than in this fic) but the rest of them seem spot on. Though not the best, definitely above average. 7/10.
2/18 c27 MagniThorsen
With Lung captured and this defeat, the ABB were most likely going to lick their wounds before Kaiser smelled the water in the blood.

The phrase should be 'blood in the water.' Unless I'm missing something profound, of course.
2/17 c35 wanderingwitchelaine
PHO always fun :) thanks for the chapter
2/14 c10 Svenion
apologies for my harsh comments about taylor being a whiny B. sometimes i get impatient
2/14 c8 Svenion
whaaaaaa, I'm a monster!

i thought she was supposed to be smart? this sounds more like harry "i was the snake that bit mr weasley", whiny little B, Potter. ehat happened to the queen of escalation?
2/12 c35 Guest
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