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for My Son, Templeton

4/6 c2 20HowlynMad
Just a suggestion... the term boyfriend/girlfriend is a modern one. Seems a bit out of place in the story. You might consider gentleman friend, lady friend, companion, suitor etc. Terms that have been around for awhile. It's not a big deal but I thought I would mention it:)
4/6 c1 HowlynMad
The A-Team, so bad it's good. I loved the show as a kid.
5/17/2019 c3 80peppe1951
You got to wonder why Becker wants to keep the boy and what happened to Temp’s mom. The story us getting interesting.
10/3/2018 c2 peppe1951
Getting closer to saving Templeton
8/27/2018 c1 Tania
Update soon, loving this.
8/26/2018 c1 2Hucklebarry
I'm excited to see how this turns out!
8/25/2018 c1 mmmdixie
MORE PLEASE...MORE...I like H/F family.
8/25/2018 c1 80peppe1951
Good start...look forward to how this continues

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