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for To All the Boys I've Loved Before

10/10/2023 c44 fanfictionalcolic
So sweet
9/24/2023 c43 Lulutbo
Like all your stories, I’m sad to see these characters come to an end. You’re are a fantastic writer!
8/20/2023 c44 CynMar Rom
You finished posting this story just a few days after my baby girl had turned one. I was more than neck deep into babyhood and keeping a little human being alive so I missed it in real time, but it was such a sweet, beautiful story.
I must admit I've not read the original books or seen the movies, as I said, I was a bit preoccupied during that time lol.
But I'm not sure I want to. This was so lovely. Thank you for sharing!
6/20/2023 c44 Eric's No 1 lover
I can’t believe I’ve only just read this as I’ve been a fan of yours since Words With Friends. OMG I absolutely adored it and am so sad to have got to the end. You did an amazing job and had me laughing and swooning over them. You bring your characters to life so well and reaching the end of the story is bittersweet. This will definitely be a story I return to often much like First and Ten.
6/19/2023 c43 VryUnique
12/11/2022 c37 Guest
I hate run away Bella, so typical in FF books. This is a strong Bella or so I thought.
6/20/2022 c44 WordsMusicMagic
Just finished this fic and loved it. Funny, adorable, and ridiculously sweet. Let's not forget well written too! I highly recommend this if you are looking for something light and happy. Thank you for sharing your talent and words with us.
4/27/2022 c44 Toni L Smith
Terrific and wonderful
3/26/2022 c44 Guest
Loved it so much. Regards Toni Smith toni-smith bigpond
3/21/2022 c44 8CullenCherries
Ugh I love this story so much. I just reread again and I wanted to mention: the EPOV outtakes are definitely my favorites and if you ever wanted to give us this whole fic in EPOV I’d basically eternally be in your debt.
1/1/2022 c34 CullenCherries
I’m rereading (again) and I would so love EPOV of this chapter. I think it’d be adorable and sweet.
12/11/2021 c42 sosueme
I really loved this story and these characters. So, so good.
11/19/2021 c43 1DMBSJB18
Would also love more EPOVs from this one :) you know, if you ever have time or the desire to do so! I’m thinking maybe closer to the beginning? Maybe help us understand the whole Tanya thing to begin with? Or maybe Bella’s birthday?
11/19/2021 c44 DMBSJB18
Such a sweet story with such fun characters. Minus Tanya, she’s terrible.
I would love love love to see your take in a Bella who has more sexual experience, or who had the ex who creates the drama/or intimidates Edward. We see so much of Edwards past being an issue, I would LOVE to see your take on it being the other way around. You’re such a freaking fantastic author :) I would definitely read anything you write, but I’d love this!
11/19/2021 c40 DMBSJB18
I want a best friend like Angela! She is legit the best!
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