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9/19/2018 c6 2Beedle
The exploration of the chaos of the wizarding world after the battle is also well done. Everything in disarray, the Floo network down, little things like all the chickens dead...again, something we were shortchanged on in the books! I also liked how you had Ron pull down his kid decorations from his room - showing how much he has changed from his experiences.
And poor, poor George :(
9/19/2018 c5 Beedle
Argh. I am really enjoying reading this. I always felt JKR didn't explore the aftermath of the battle enough. It was like, bang, oh yes, half your favourite characters are dead, epilogue, the end. Or nearly. I felt cheated. It is really lovely to read these missing bits
- the conversations with McGonagall and Hagrid, the honouring of the dead (though the reading of the names was so sad). Thanks for writing this.
9/19/2018 c4 Beedle
This is such a comforting fic! I found this chapter very sweet and readable. You don't often see Ron looking after Hermione, she's so strong and independent, but I loved this.
And cute ending, with the muffliato :D
9/19/2018 c3 Beedle
Aw. It is like you are rebuilding Hogwarts stone by stone...mending the cracks! I think next time I read Deathly Hallows I'll have to read this again after it to stop myself blubbing again over Fred and everyone.
9/19/2018 c2 Beedle
Oh, Robert Creevey's mingled pride and sadness is heartbreaking. Poor Colin.
Am I going to be really annoying if I mention that Colin said his dad was a milkman, not a sniper? Not that he couldn't have changed career, of course :)
And you have Colin spelt Collin at one point. (Sorry, I have no idea if you welcome nit-picking. Little things tend to jump out at me and I always think it's helpful to mention them so they can be changed. By all means tell me if you'd rather I didn't.)
I really like the way you have Ginny tenderly looking after Harry. I'm a big Harry/Ginny fan, so this is lovely. Feeding him the stew laced with sleep potion is a very sweet nursing scene.
9/19/2018 c1 Beedle
This is a lovely beginning, I'll be interested to see where this fic goes. You write well, and I enjoyed reading about Ginny's gentle administrations.
Just to let you know, you spelt Gryffindor Griffindor in the first paragraph, if you wanted to change that. And there are a couple of instances of wrong formatting after dialogue which would be a bit smoother to read if changed - one example is:
"Because I know you." Came her quiet answer...
This should be "Because I know you," came her quiet answer. Comma rather than full stop/capital as it's still the same sentence.
9/18/2018 c4 PuffTheMagicDragon1
This is a lovely deep story.
9/17/2018 c8 scrappy8
great chapter
9/11/2018 c7 scrappy8
great chapter
9/9/2018 c6 scrappy8
great chapter
9/5/2018 c5 2white-rose701
I loved this whole story! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity <3
9/3/2018 c5 scrappy8
great chapter
8/31/2018 c3 scrappy8
great chapter
8/28/2018 c1 scrappy8
great job
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