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2h c28 fate
Esto no tiene ningún sentido se necesitan siglos para que el misterio de una leyenda cambie esto no es algo que pueda cambiar de un día para otro la división espiritual contradice todo lo que dijiste en los capítulos anteriores de como la creciente religión del cazador rojo le dio divinidad a shirou después de varios años de ella y no es una gran divinidad ya que el no es un dios ni nada además es muy diferente la forma en como admiran a shirou como cazador de rojo lo ven como un dios pero en la pelea del monte Glenn lo vieron como si fuera un mercenario no tiene sentido dividirlo y sobre todo un par de horas después del evento se necesitan décadas a siglos para que una leyenda se difuminé.

Sin mencionar que si seguimos tu lógica entonces las leyendas influenciarían mas en los sirvientes como:

arturia siendo un hombre cuando en realidad es mujer

merlín siendo un sabio honorable cuando es en realidad un sabio pervertido

mordred siendo hijo de arturia cuando en realidad era un homúnculo


los sirvientes divididos están divididos por que eran siempre dos tanto en la leyenda como en vida no puedes dividir un espíritu heroico ya convocado ni menos unas horas después del evento que inicio tal leyenda.
5h c28 2Kaiya Azure
Well, that happened. I really hope they don't end up being mistaken for the Brother Gods. Though I wonder if Shirou letting Summer behind the wheel of his Spirit Origin could have resulted in a legend of divinity that has people praying to a goddess.
6h c28 Kayen1024
Oh fucking hell, if this version of Archer is based off of people's imagination, then it's possible that he will have character traits the original Shirou didn't have. If we combine this with the fact that a darker Shirou sounds a lot like Emiya Alter and Yang is in love with him, then we are in trouble.
7h c28 Setsu
And here folks, is the start of one hell of identity crisis
13h c28 Guest
... Um...yeah I know that this is your fic so you can do whatever with it even ignoring the lore and rule that Nasu has established, but I think it unnecessary Shirou as a heroic spirit is already strong so turn him into a divine spirit with the faith of the people is unneeded (even though that shouldn't be possible since Shirou is already dead you can't alter a dead hero power and appearance). Same could be said for your Fate kill fic you nerf Shirou by letting all the danger beasts around the world absorbing all the mana... some how, yet Shirou can still kick ass in that fic so it another unnecessary plot point (the DB suck all the mana).
Don't get the wrong idea I love your stories and you yourself for writing these stories for us readers, I just pointing out some of the part that I don't like. Sorry for my bad English.
Oh almost forgot I also think splitting Shirou into two individual is unnecessary
13h c28 Rodenmar
So... would Archer 2.0 be evil then? Or act like cannon-Archer? But how would that make sense? Do they share the same mind? Would the other guy be like Shadow-Archer?
14h c28 Solitary Heart
Whaa 2 Archers aaaaaaaaaaa
15h c28 Nagisa Tr
Eyy Double the Archer double the power
17h c28 Time's Avatar
Keep Going And Thank's For The Chapter
17h c28 Ryner510
EMIYA Alter? If so then that will be interesting to see
18h c28 RabbitHaremLover24
Talk about a very unexpected development. Didn't think Shirou would actually SPLIT into two different...well...Shirou(s). 0_0 Glad Shirou gave Summer that pep talk but Shirou splitting in two. Ok, did not see that coming. I admit. I do hope the two can become one again. Next thing we know Remnant (And the Throne of Heroes) will have their own variants of the Power Rangers. That being said it was an interesting chapter, and will look forward to see where this goes. Hoping for RWBY harem and stay safe from the coronavirus. :)
18h c28 Akuma-Heika
Men, lock up your daughters, secure your wives! The Dense Harem Protagonist has budded! :p

More seriously, that is one hell of a plot twist.
18h c28 Angeles22
I don't know how I feel about this whole Pride of Vale Arc you got going...it kinda feels like you're writing yourself into a corner.
19h c28 SentinalSlice
So Shirou’s growing divinity caused him to split. I’m guessing that the earlier dust bullet was probably one of the factors that Shirou split. He probably could’ve stayed as one being, but the attack so close to his spirit core thing interfered.
I do hope this didn’t weaken him, and I’m hoping that Emiya or some version of EMIYA appeared. Although, I guess it would be some version of Shirou, so a copy of himself with the Archer persona.
I do hope Shirou can still shoot swords from a bow.
19h c28 Guest
Had to reread the last parts for a 2nd review of this chapter

I feel like the author was kinda right, but mostly wrong; To become a Heroic Spirit, one must become heroes who achieved great deeds in life, having become objects of worship after their deaths, ones whose deeds were so great they resonate throughout history, can probably not be summoned as a heroic spirit after only a day of worship.
It would take centuries of being seen as a hero worthy of song to gain the mystic weight to ascend to the throne of heros

from the wiki -
Those who existed had belief of their deeds gathered upon their deaths and were sublimated into beings of higher rank, while those who only existed in myths and legends were born from the gathering of those beliefs even if they didn't exist. Those who were not observed are those who made a contract of some sort with the World during their lives and subsequently became Heroic Spirits and Counter Guardians respectively after their deaths as compensation. Hassan-i-Sabbah is said to be one who existed, Heracles and Medusa are said to be those who existed in legend, and EMIYA and King Arthur are those who became or will become Heroic Spirits after the fulfillment of their contracts.[2]

Also, while aspect of a Heroic Spirit can be influenced by faith or a product of imagination based on their myth, I got one thing to say to that.

King Arthur is a girl...

If we played by this fics rules, Saber would be a guy and Fate would have a Yaoi route that isn't Issei
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