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for The Huntsman of Red V2

1/7 c39 elkenn
So shiro gets split into 2, one which is similar to that of EMIYA''s appearance?
And i thought it would be beacon arc, but seems like its a whole new story huh...
1/6 c11 elkenn
yes a god damned natural eroge protagonist!
1/6 c1 Samsara2345
I’d read this but I’m a sucker for happy endings which made me quit huntsman V1 and the prelude doesn’t represent those, so I’ll wait for the final final chapter unless there’s confirmation of a happy ending .
12/26/2021 c39 RabbitHaremLover24
Looks like Weiss and Yang are gonna follow after Shirou, Raven, and co. Ruby won't be happy. Anyhow, happy to see that Qrow got used to and is on somewhat friendly terms with Shirou. Qrow is seriously gonna start odd rumors if he keeps being feely with my boi. Speaking of which, no matter how much you would deny it Shirou. Your Eroge Harem protagonist EX already worked its magic. Lol. Just need to pull in Weiss, Blake, and some others. Lol. That being said, not much to say in this review aside from I look foward the next update. Keep toasty.
12/26/2021 c38 Garisa
"I'll be the brains; you'll be the brawns. Don't you agree?"

And thus a beautiful friendship was born.
12/25/2021 c39 7triscythe59
Merry Christmas!
12/24/2021 c39 Urtoryu
"We're twins. Have you seen a mirror?" Technically they're not identical twins, otherwise they'd have the same gender, so they look as similar as normal siblings do. Still a fine joke Qrow, but if Raven was in a better mood she might've countered it, be careful.

Ruby and Yang watching them from the tent the whole time was great, the fight was already funny, but that made it so much better.

I almost forgot how off the hook Yang was, she doesn't even know about Summer.

This talk between Shirou and Qrow was amazing, the best part of the chapter for sure. The way he completely avoided the first topic is already great to begin with, and the serious part was very good too, not to mention the rest.

It was a bit weird for Raven to just leave the Maiden to die like that, because with her having a strong grudge, there would be a chance of her thinking of Raven and the powers going to her, so it's strange that she did that even though she didn't want to be a target.

That bit with Yang and Weiss' lines with nothing in between right after the transition was so perfectly in character I didn't need you to say anything else to immediatly understand who it was. In fact, I was unnable to read it in a voice other than Weiss', even when I tried to.
Them talking and planning with Weiss in the room made absolutely no sense and the only reason I didn't complain about it is because I was too busy laughing, but her getting involved is making this a lot funnier, so I have no other option than to accept it even though it's dumb.

Another great chapter as always, I'm excited for the next one, wish you fortune and see you later.
12/23/2021 c39 sieg heldr
i love this story and i'm waiting for more
12/22/2021 c39 Love-to-peace
Well, seems like Yang met all of her future teammates, she already knows Ruby being her sister, met Blake and now Weiss. All before Canon.

Huh, curious about their future.
12/22/2021 c39 Guest
Another great chapter another great story hope the next part comes out soon.
12/22/2021 c39 NoFocus
That bird fight at the beginning lmao
12/22/2021 c39 Dxhologram
Gonna be honest, nothing much happened aside from the serious talk with Qrow and Raven. I hope you do take your time in writing the stories instead of just rushing the updates. No good can come from the latter.

Still, I do hope you enjoy Christmas and the holidays with you family and friends.
12/22/2021 c39 Guest
Plot not moving much. I hope next chapter pick up the pace.
12/22/2021 c39 Ryoji Mochizuki
12/22/2021 c39 ramul
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