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for The Huntsman of Red V2

1/26 c52 naufalrakha0104
What an unexpected fic heh.
1/25 c52 jericlawas4
Loving the story so far and i cant wait for more...

Keep up the great work Author-san!
1/23 c52 kusanagi29
Y con esto se cierra un arco
Buen capitulo seƱor autor
1/23 c49 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
combat class should be violent
1/23 c8 WaterfallsFireflys
I really hate that Shirou is tied to Ruby. He can't break off and do his own thing because he needs to watch over his poor little master.
1/22 c52 1noblevampire1071
ngl it seems like the writer has changed in the middle of the story. Like what exactly is happening here? Random stuff like Shiro showing the students magic doesnt really do much in terms of logic or plot. Even the genres seem to have turned into comedy?! and not the good kind. I thought this was a story about Shiro and Ruby and their adventures. Not whatever this is
1/22 c41 Guest
So after they red handed caught bandits at kidnapping people they leff them without any punishment
It looks like shirou morals are really flexible
People can do any crime as Long as they are family or friends
1/22 c40 Guest
Wow hero wanted to help bandits to murder their victim
Whats more chapter earlier didnt want to kill leader of murdering beast.
I am dropping this
1/22 c36 Guest
Come on
They are f bandits, bad guys. I mean they even kidnapp people. Is shirou really going to help them?! Wtf
1/22 c52 1PersonaNinja Lux
OKAY OKAY OKAY its like 11:35 PM and i just had an idea I need to tell, Neutral champions or spirits like jack and Nursery Rhyme would be a banger lesson. Would also add in alot of mystery concerning Archer/Shirou since to Ozpin's knowledge the memories shown are personal and the fact that childrens are an important art of why Ozpin and Salem are enemies
1/21 c52 grimmangel108
1/21 c52 varvariin
One thing I wanted to note. Blake's semblance isn't really autonomous clones. They don't move at all
1/20 c52 3rick12
So, Summer can see Ruby's future diary? Nice, and she knows how dire the situation is from just reading a few pages of it. This makes her be more active in helping her daughter.

Shirou telling Ruby again that he warned her. Yang and Blake fighting over their Mystic Code.

Qrow tells Ozpin and Raven that the artifact is real, but it's protected by an ancient Dark Champion called the Cursed Arm. Summer comes in to tell them that the Dark Champion that Wrow inadvertently released was the Cursed Arm. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Summer is.

Shirou is playing them all, both sides, and they all don't realize it. This'll be fun.

Great chapter, Parcasious. Hope to see more~.
1/20 c51 Magsarion
Bro is single handedly carrying the entire fate section XD
1/18 c52 Mugen-Muse
Well, at least someone other than Ruby is finally able to read that blasted book. Maybe now the intel it provides will be put to good use, or at least be better utilized than what Ruby did on her own.
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