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1/16 c52 The Combo killer
Kinda curious to see if Archer will challenge Raven to determine whether her willpower is strong enough to counteract the cursed spear Gae Bolg's effect. This could also work in him exposing her weakness in mentality as she's constantly running from her problems. This would in turn expose her true feelings towards her daughter with tsundere act to finish.
1/16 c52 LockedCharm
Thats marvelous...
You are a great writer
1/16 c52 codywhite162
Excellent chapter!
1/16 c52 1PanickingNoob
This is great, though I do wish the history of Remnant really have been the way Archer describe it though, would have feel more impactful to know it real instead of just Archer pulling the strings lol. Not that that kind of development isn’t good by itself
1/16 c52 1LycorisXMyosotis
Ok, ok, we get some plot development- but when where is the main man Archer? Also, does he get " accidentally" killed by Ozpin or something? Cause it certainly feels like it could happen.
1/16 c52 49Spiritblade
Will the First Hassan make an appearance? If Qrow almost soiled himself during meeting Cursed Hand Hassan, he will lose it when he meets Gramps. Hell, I will put money on Ozpin running and Salem noping her way to the other side of Remnant.
1/16 c50 kusanagi29
Buen capitulo
1/16 c52 rogue1Bois
1/16 c52 rogue1Bois
1/16 c52 2DannyPhantom619
Sweet, mother and daughter are working together to save their future.
1/16 c52 1mouseannnymous
Nice chapter although I feel like its a bit rushed and im surprised Qrow and Ozpin didn't say anything over the fact that Raven heard about Harpe from their conversation. Im also surprised Raven didn't say anything or react about it.
1/16 c52 2Gadget boy
Wow... I wasn't expecting that revelation, let alone two of them.

Great job in the conversation with Qrow on just how close he was in being killed and how Raven is now ready to be an active player in this battle instead of standing on the sidelines like what she has been doing all this time.

As for the second revelation of Summer being able to see and read Future Ruby's diary is a very pleasant surprise.

I'm a bit sad that we most likely won't be seeing a memory of Arturia defeating the Gilles at the 4th Grail War, but I can live with it. Very excited to see how mother and daughter could now work together to change the future!
1/16 c52 Imprecise Strike
Fantastic chapter! Really looking forward to where this is headed though I'm still wondering what exactly Archer talked about with Salem that resulted in whatever his current goal/plan is.
1/16 c52 keybladelight
Hope you next archer class lesson chapter you make them show Scathach the queen of shadows and Nero Cladius and well more male heroics spirits in his clas except Gilgamesh not that gold king bastard, and Artoria Pendragon and her knights of the round table so that when they see Excalibur and Excalibur Galante and Arondight the 3 strongest swords in king Arthur Court they see that they need these swords and Caliburn Artoria first sword.

Hope your next lessons chapter you do Beowolf, Hercules, Siegfried ect.
1/16 c52 Nine To One
Damn was hoping to see what kinda fight Cfvy would do but I guess the chapter would get kinda long. Though I'm more surprised Summer could actually see the book I would say its all apart of Shirou's plan except he can't see it
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