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for The Huntsman of Red V2

11/4/2023 c60 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful also phyrra lol
11/4/2023 c60 Average crackhead
I love this story
11/4/2023 c60 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter
11/4/2023 c60 ramul
11/4/2023 c60 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
indirect kiss for the win
11/4/2023 c60 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Yeah… Pyrrha is real thirsty.
11/3/2023 c60 Drake016Pha
Okey? That was a short chapter? But it not bad. I very like this story! So, i hope that you keep up witth your hard work and be healthy! I can’t wait for the next chapters. And more. So, have a awesome day!
11/3/2023 c60 kusanagi29
Y damos por finalizado todo este evento...y ahora a esperar lo que vendrá después, buen capitulo
11/3/2023 c60 ArguableReader
Just a small sidenote but, in the world of remnant, the penny, conveniently, does not exist,
so instead, surprisingly, they would have said, Lien for your thought's...who knew?
11/3/2023 c60 3Gadget boy
It's a bit in the short side, but maybe that's just my own writing sense talking, yet it's a really great and uplifting chapter. Not only did we get a look on Blake's reaction after her call with her dad got cut off, but also what happened when she was told of Adam's success in driving Cursed Arm out of her home. And to put a cherry on top, we got the senior Hero of Light Ozpin giving some words of wisdom to his Junior Hero Jaune as he copes with the burden of the title they carry.

Super excited to see more developments as things will be heating up now that we're all going back to Vale.
11/3/2023 c60 Guest
It's disappointing you've made Pyrrha's character limited to her crush to Jaune. This makes her so one dimensional, she can be more than someone revolving around her crush.
11/3/2023 c60 keybladelight
Really hope the next class that archer do is promise victory I really want him show the legend of king Arthur or a servant with white hair like weiss, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova thar I want to see weiss react to her noble phantasm or the demonic blacksmith senji muramasa so that ruby think that is shirou ancestor.
11/3/2023 c60 shirousagi87
My yandere sense are tingling with the way phyrra is acting, i hope jaune doenst have to suffer against a yandere
11/3/2023 c60 8Jebest4781
Nice entry with how this went here.
11/3/2023 c1 2aquilesvr
shirou goods
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