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5/23 c65 NonlinearWriter
I wonder if the command seals will still allow Shiro to twist Ruby's intention of saving Vale here with his original plans or will it magically override any of his attempts and force him to actually save Vale which would throw his plan out the window?
Also I hope Yang and Opzin sees Ruby doing this just to add some more chaos to the situation. Both would have strong opinions on her having this power that be fun to watch.

Loving the organized chaos of this fic.

Thanks for the chapter, can't wait til the next one and hope you're staying safe.
5/23 c65 Ndun
I might be forgot something crucial, but why would Archer want to save salem again ? And also convinced Shirou for this plan ?.

The most questionable is why did Shirou play hero and villain at the same time, what is he gonna achieve and who is the big bad guy in here ? The twin god ? If not, is he gonna make age of magic/heroes surfaced again by killing(?) countless people?

I think this is why many people including me, not understand what the author cook. By far this is the most confusing story for me
5/23 c65 Quffy
y'know what, this arc is insane and I love it. These next couple chapters are going to be crazy fun.
5/23 c1 Guest
To tanya: well thats paracasious for you they either make the most bland stories or the worst ones there's no in between and for the defenders of them stop meat riding and glazing.
5/23 c65 HalfmoonSilver80
ooooohh... that's going to cause a lot of problem and headache
5/23 c65 Tanya von Degurechaff
the story become nonsense
5/23 c65 AegirHardlette
thank you for the chapter cant wait to see how thos all ends and also the fight with "cursed arm" just got harder with one of them gettinv sent to another battle
5/23 c65 growcraft95
For everyone saying, Why do the Author makes this arc? And why we see Shirou let Salem do this much destruction?

My answer is, just let Author Cook. I'm actually invested in this Arc because it feels like the situation got Real Serious right now. This feels intense and doesn't really drag on as much RWBY is. So, we might actually see the Endgame much more sooner than anticipated. Also, if we go by Salem and Shirou meeting. Shirou know the Endgame is not Salem, Salem merely just preparation for what the real threat that's about to come. So, buckle up boys. This only the beginning.
5/23 c65 ramul
5/23 c65 ZamasuAutonomous22
It sickens me that not only is this the best "plan" Shirou could come up with but that he's bending over backwards like this for Salem. He doesn't see Salem anymore, he sees Sakura. What's the justification in his mind?: Salem's not evil, she just got screwed over and I need to save her. Yeah, no.

Honestly, the only reason I have not dropped this fic is because I'm holding out hope that Future Ruby will somehow show up and knock sense into Archer. Someone has to.

5/22 c1 Passerby
Sorry Pacasious, I love you as a writer and I did enjoy this story at the start to middle. But it's become a hot mess and I can't believe Shirou, EMIYA, or really most any version of him would choose to do things this way. Maybe Salems circumstances are pitiable and at one time she could be considered a victim. But that time has long since passed.

Story feels like it's legitimately full of holes and collapsing upon itself to me with this horribly convoluted plot Shirou cooked up and wonky logic he reasoned to get to it. I don't think I can follow this particular one anymore. I wish you best of luck with your other stories and may you stay healthy. Take care, and bye.
5/22 c65 spartan-140
Oh boy is Chrrsed Arm going to appear as Ruby's summo
instead? Or Shirou, or EMIYA, gets plucked out mid battle with CA
5/22 c65 LockeBelmont
Ruby f'd up, now her parents won't have the reinforcements they expected, it be funny if they blame Salem for that.
5/22 c65 shirousagi87
Are we going to see finally the full might of unlimited blade works?
5/22 c65 royalmist102
The most anticipated battle is here. The legendary Thot Slayer of Ozpin and The Bonk Stick of Salem. This battle will surely go down in history.
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