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for The Huntsman of Red V2

3/18 c54 kusanagi29
Uff pues empezo con todo este arco
Buen capitulo señor autor
3/18 c54 5Xeno01
Finally the story picks up an interesting plot.
Now Shirou and Ruby will have to deal with all their bullshit and ineptitude of late. From Ruby's sloppy interference in influencing the future to Shirou's passivity in everything else (including spoiling Ruby too much).
Thanks for the chapter.
3/18 c54 Guest
God I love this story, I think it may beat your god one.
3/18 c54 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
3/18 c54 Nine To One
Dam Glynda already being taken out. Shirou is already going for the most useful cards ozpin has.
3/18 c54 Dasgun
3/18 c54 faertios040
Ruby: *arriving only at the end to see how Glynda dies*
Cursed Arm: si, quien tiene hambre?
3/18 c54 3Overlord TH
This… was… AWESOME…!
In most fics the main cast are kept alive just to further progress the story. But, Glynda dieing would make big enough impact to change the entire premise. This might be the turning point for something much greater. For, nothing in this world is free, may it be Peace or war. Life or death.
The suspense is killing me!
Hope the next chapter comes sooner than later.
3/18 c54 1kratsbroth
Low key I feel that is a hard lesson for ruby to learn

Where is is death there will always be death (mib 3)
3/18 c54 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
3/18 c54 5all about party and crazy
Wow Nora is a superpowered Karen. Uncool, but understandable.
3/18 c54 ShuKirisaki
Gahdayum we're at the climax ladies and gents
3/18 c53 RabbitHaremLover24
Summer managed to get Fragranch. Ruby is really trying her best to make sure that Yang keeps out of current affairs as much as possible. Good call. Though that's gonna distance the siblings. Meanwhile Raven left already to protect her tribe from Cursed Arm. Let's hope she will survives. And the drama continues with Yang's team losing to Cardin's. Lol. Hopefully the harem grows for my boi Shirou with Weiss, Blake, and Yang getting in there. :) That being said great chapter, gonna read the latest one and finally return to Sword Order since I've been off reading that fic due to being piled up with life and other stories. :)
3/18 c54 Ezylryb
Great chapter
3/18 c54 Guest
So anybody waiting for Oscar to somehow get pulled in this cause it would be hilarious if he somehow is a main piece in this with him having magic i think
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